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Date: 6/18/98

Master of Spirit: (Why causes what is called spontaneous combustion of the human body?) A signal or thought form of the force that creates heat within the body causes the body s cells to rise in temperature until spontaneous combustion occurs. Burning the cells' energy that will burn leaving an ash behind. When you have de-materialization - all the energy is taken from the material and converted back into simply energy, energy that does not have a physical form. (Why have there been cases where the clothes haven't burned?) When the heat starts from inside of the body - as it normally does - as the body begins to decompose from the heat into an ash, the clothing, the material covering the body quite often falls away from it, not coming into contact from the heat that makes the cells spontaneously combust. (There is a relic referred to as the Shroud of Turin that is rumored or believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus. It has an image of a crucified man on the burial cloth. What has caused the image of the man on the cross and is it the image of the man we call Jesus The Christ?) That piece of cloth that Christ was wrapped in, is still very intact, as you have seen pictures of it. The impression or imprinting of certain features on that comes from the energy field that affected the cloth and as the cloth grows older they become more and more visible until they reach their maximum visibility. When that body of the Christ that was killed on that time of crucifixion, that was a decomposition of the body in it spontaneously moving back into spirit and then it reformed itself again. (In spirit or in physical?) It was a physical form that was created from the spiritual energy. It was denser than the ghost like images people see when a person moves out of their body in very obviously physical form. When we see the management of reforming, it becomes denser with a thought form that can create more of the spiritual energy. That which is of lesser spiritual energy is less than defined, but merely an image that you see through the thought form. (The denser spiritual energy, is it what we refer to as astral matter?) Yes, but denser than your form of astral matter when it was created for the Christ body because that became a physical being again before it dissipated and disappeared. (So it [Christ's body]manifested, materialized all the way into physical form?) Yes, that is so. (Perhaps this is also a good time to ask some one else's question - whether there are UFO's or space ships from other places that travel in our realm and have the ability to materialize and dematerialize and if so, how?) They are capable of materializing and dematerializing. Their energy field moves through what you might call a pattern or form that is thought and energies that would compare to your magnetic fields. It would compare to the gravitational fields that you can experience. Those are only energy field, never to be made manifest in thought and form, but it can be used to transmit thought form, thus giving thought form greater energy to manifest into a physical form. (What is gravity Master of Spirit?) Gravity is an energy field. When gravity can be actually understood and managed, you can have an anti-gravitational field also. That which eliminates gravity while still in the form of the gravity field. (Hmmm, we have a lot to learn, don't we Master of Spirit?) All in the appropriate time frame. (I am certain there are people who have more knowledgeable questions than I so I may bring them up again.) (I also have a question from Hugh on why there is trouble with the brakes of the car?)

Master of Light: This is Light and I'm telling Hugh that you need to be careful of your physical bodies. Protect them. As you would make all vehicles of your thoughts in space and time secure and comfortable, solid and powerful. You must build your bodies more rapidly. You will need MUCH more than you have now to cope with the upcoming energies that will DEMAND that you move into the fields. You will not be excused. You will be made to fulfill your missions here. As we are all aware of. You've been told many times. (Any comments on the book?) We must keep the book exciting and simple. The first book we wrote was more complex and difficult for many people to understand. This should be light. Light and simple and direct and easily assimilated into their lives, their activities, and their growth. (Do you have more to add on spontaneous combustion?) The simple explanation is, when you realize you can materialize and de-materialize all substance through thought form, when you can move large masses with thought form, then it is merely an extension of that knowledge that allows a temperature change which is minor, really, to create an energy which consumes the physical energy and converts to non-physical energy. You can call that ectoplasm or spirit or whatever you choose. It's merely changing from one form into another. It's not destroying, nor is it creating, it's merely changing. The person's whose being changed obviously would disagree with that statement. When a person who chooses to leave their body in a dramatic way, pours a flammable liquid on the body and strikes a match to set that afire, what are they doing to their body? (Burning it. De-materializing it.) The materialization and de-materialization is augmented by the heat. It's created by that flammable fluid, is it not? It leaves a residue. (What does it happen that way with people? Because it is rare.) More rare than the commonplace activity. But when we see vehicles in physical form manifest and de-manifest in front of our eyes, is it not a lesson we have yet to learn? Thought forms can move a vehicle from a great distance to a closer distance. It baffles the mind of the human because the human has not yet captured that thought to harness it for its own direction. And at this point in time it would be far too destructive. (Thank you. Oh, before we finish. Is Mr. Cayce around? This is Thursday.) Edgar Cayce: And good day to you, how are you today? (I'm fine, I have questions about the astral world, since you are there.) Well, I have questions about the astral world too! There are a lot of things I still don't understand. (There must be more about it you know than we know.) Hmm, perhaps. (Like, when people die and their spirit does go to the Light, what happens then?) What are you asking - what happens when they go to the Light directly? What happens then? You have choices. You may stay and work through the material you developed through this past life and how it correlates to other past lives and to future lives as we might say. Where they're all just probes into the unknown as a learning process. If they have a need to move on rapidly and are so inclined and focused, that's what they'll do. They'll stay. The process of moving out is not difficult. You can move in and out of that at will. You can re-establish a different energy form in the astral world and do work there, communicating with people quietly, behind the scenes, be under the conscious world, if you would. (So people living in the astral world have sometimes been to the Light?) Correct. (When someone hasn't been to the Light, when they stay at this earth levels, are they also a part of the astral world, or at a different level of it?) They may be a level of it and moving in and out of it, just as you have noticed other people move into the Light, out of the Light, into the astral world, back into the physical world attaching themselves to physical body. Not healthy, but oft times occurs. So the changes are more easily accomplished when you're out of the physical body, but as you've noted, many people who abide in the physical body can also demonstrate a movement out. (Mr. Cayce, would you know my mother Janice Chilton and whether she has been to the Light? Mr. Cayce?) I'm trying to contact this person, and I see she's busy with her projects. I, just a moment, I'll ask her. Hmmm. She's kind of feisty. She said "yes and it's none of your business". Is that your mother? (Yes, that's my mother. Maybe you can tell her I'm asking.) She says she's already told you that. (Well, then here is a good question for you, Mr. Cayce. How would we in the body know when a spirit is being truthful or not truthful? I've had spirits tell me they've been to the Light and I've been fairly sure they haven't been. How do we know?) If you ask them about the process of the Light and what they might do there, that might give you some clues. But they could, reaching deep into their memory have experienced that prior to this lifetime. So they could also describe what they have experienced before. (How is the state of the world, Mr. Cayce.) Still moving in the direction of great change. But as we've stated before, there are many, many, many people - MANY hundreds and thousands of people who are focused on maintaining the balance as this process continues its normal course. These changes are ongoing. Have been for millions of years, literally. We are in this cycle of change now. It will continue to change and then major change will occur from time to time. I don't know of any way to communicate to everyone - when many are blocked with fear - that those that are moving past their fear and finding love and fascination and interest are open. Those people are the ones who will be reading your book as well as many other books. People have such power. People could live much longer in their bodies than they do. But you know, people are not prone to take care of their bodies. They tend to think it is all taken care of magically. People love magic you know.

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