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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 6-13-95

[Edgar Cayce Pamela Channel, Hugh Guiding]

(We invite him to speak to us now.) Well, it's quite a struggle today. (What's the struggle?) With Pamela's mind. It seems as though she has so many thoughts, so many voices, I suppose she has trouble trusting. (And when you were in body, did you have a hard time getting all your thoughts, feelings and emotions out of the way? Or did you go into such a deep sonombulistic state that it was just bypassed?) I believe I was quite like you. I just closed my eyes, and that's all I knew. Pamela is either blessed, or handicapped, in that she's extraordinarily conscious. (Yes?) I, uh, might, as an aside, communicate to her that there is a reason that she might trust more deeply, in that there will come a day when she will be quite aware that it is unfolding for her as it should. Her mind is so busy. She's recognizing that with this alignment that we have here, she's feeling my aches and pains. A strong pain in the right shoulder blade, the lungs are heavy, and she's remembering that I did, indeed, die from water on the lungs, and her therapist-mind is saying, "Oh, dear, Mr. Cayce has trauma that is unresolved in his subconscious mind." Oh, my, she is busy, busy, busy with her thinking. (Do you still have that old trauma of death that clings to you, Mr. Cayce?) I must; my lungs are feeling heavy, especially the right lung and the right shoulder, there's a lot of pain. As I align with bodies, I do seem to bring that pain in with me. And now the right head, there's a headache in the right side of the head. I've had others complain of this as they channeled my energy, so I'm assuming it must be powerfully imbedded in my sub...oh, yes, now there's that headache I use to get, right in my forehead, right up here. (Right up there, huh?) Yes. And it occurred to me that this is precisely the kind of work you do, and it might be possible, I don't know, to clear this in my soul state. Now, I'm not certain I want to take a chance on coming back in body and not finding someone quite as good as yourself. I don't know. It should be possible to clear this, since it's in my mind.

(Is there for a reason for keeping it, maybe?) Perhaps it's just that I don't know how to let go of it, what it is, even. You're the psychologist; I was a seer, a prophet. (And an excellent one, too!) But my field was photography, not the mind. (Yes. Well, if we can relate it to your field of photography: from a negative we make a positive print.) Ah, well put. In a dark room. (Uh, huh, in a dark room, with a very light, red, glow, so that you can see your hands and the film and the process and the paper. Now, let's imagine, if we can, that your body is much like that dark room. It has all sorts of things that are imprinted and recorded on film and papers and so forth. You have a developer there, a developer and a stop, and you can develop the thing to just the right way, and then you put it in the stop path, and you rinse it off, right?) Uh, huh. (Well, what if we were to do just the opposite of that, Mr. Cayce? What if we were to take that film from the picture stage, back through the developer, and back into the film, and back into the undeveloped film, and leave it perfectly clear, ready for a positive picture versus the negative picture that you're experiencing on now? Can you imagine reversing the process of developing the film, and then printing the prints?) Yes. (Okay. So let's ask you today if you can imagine that the imprint that you had as you left your body was p-a-i-n, is that right?) Yes. (And as you left the body, you clung to that feeling because it made an emotional impression on your memory banks of the wonderful retentive mind of yours, huh?) If you'll pardon me, young man, I believe you're barking up the wrong tree. The pain was before the death, and I believe it's pain I carried with me in my life, quite a number of years, and if I understand your work correctly, it's possibly a pain that came from the past. (Pain that came from another life?) Unresolved trauma is what I hear Pamela saying. (Okay.) It seems to be all on the right side; the back of the neck, the right lung, right shoulder, there's a pain now in the lower right calf...(Uh, huh, so it's all in the right side, and you've had it all of your life, is that correct?) It seemed to...yes, it gets stronger as I grew older. I keep getting flashes of Egypt. Yes, I do believe that's where it began. (Well, maybe you're resolving your own problem by finding the past life from whence that came, understanding what it was all about. Can we go and do that now, at this very moment?) I believe it's guilt. It seems to me I'm watching the slaves, the serfs, the young men. They toil, carrying enormous weights across their backs and shoulders. They would often balance it. And I'm feeling helpless, a great deal of guilt. I've got a great deal of power and, yet, I'm hardly in a position to stop the activity. If we stop the activity, then it would be impossible to build what it is the King wants built, and I, myself, want to build. How would our temples exist? It's quite a dilemma.

(And who are you? Can you tell me who you are?) Ra..Ra-man...Raman. I am the High Priest that worships Ra, and the people call me Ra. I am the god incarnate. At least according to our traditions, our culture, our teachings. The High Priest takes the Ra name, and it is taught we are the earthly embodiment of that Sun God that we worship, and we build temples, and we care for our people and, yet, I do see, too, how we do, indeed, work them to death. We teach, of course, that death is a release, and that it is welcomed and, yet, I do pity them. I would, if I could, stop, but I would be upsetting the balance of an entire civilization. There must be other ways, but I don't really have any time to consider the other ways and, yes, I do believe it is guilt. Weighing...in fact, this whole civilization seems to weigh on my shoulders. (And as you're watching, are you aware that you have the power to change your own feelings? With the knowledge you have now, do you realize that you have that ability, Raman? Can we go to the time when you perceived unusual sensations in your right side?) I think it's Ahman. I'm having trouble getting the name. Atman, Ahman, Ra...hmmm, I'm sorry, what were you saying? What is that sound? (Sounds? Outside, or inside?) Your sound, the pen? (My sound, yes, but let's picture now that you're in that Egyptian life, and keep our focus where it should be, there. That Egyptian life time...we're not concerned with names so much as we are with the sensation in your right side. Can you allow yourself to go to the time and the place when you felt an uncomfortable, powerful, perhaps painful sensation in your right side at some time in that life.) I've spoken of it, watching the slaves. I feel it. I can feel their pain. (You can feel their pain. And along with the pain, do you feel the guilt of not stopping their pain?) Yes, and they're out in the glaring sun, which gives them headaches, eye strain, blindness...many of them. This god, that we worship and we serve, for many it brings hardship and pain, blindness. It is the men, only, that toil in this manner. Perhaps that explains the right side? (Uh, huh. Is there anything you can do about that, at this time?) While I was embodied? (Yes.) I don't think so. It was their lot. I did, even then, rack my brains. I did institute practices that, as much as possible, eased their discomfort. (Is there any reason to bring that feeling forward with you to the time of your leaving that body?) I don't know this. (Let's go to the time you're leaving your body. The time that you're ready to leave the body, or your Spirit was ready to leave. If you can move to that time...) I'm thinking that there could have been more balance, that I could have, along with Ra, brought in more of that moon goddess that the women love so much. I could have elevated, with my power, more of the priestesses, of the women, and we could have balanced more, even for the workers. We could have provided times and shade and rest. I believe I could have demonstrated to the over seers, to the pharaoh, that by balancing the energies - just as the night and the day are balanced - by balancing the hours of work with sufficient hours of shade and rest, they would have even produced more labor, more results. This could have been done, yes, I see this. And, in fact, it would have brought forth the women's position with more, equanimity, than there was. Yes, that would have been a possible solution, I see. In fact, this is part of the message, not only for myself, but a part for yourself, and Pamela. (Right, right.)

You are indeed opposite, much like the Ra god, Sun God, and the moon goddess. But Pamela, as much as she loves the sun, is also very much an energy of the female side, the goddess side, the moon, the night forces of the creative spring. Her energies differ vastly from yours, as yours do from hers. And your energies do serve to teach her to find the balance, even as, young man, I might add, her energies can teach you, also, to find the balance. There is a balance to be sought here between the two of you. Yes. Understand each other's energies more; this would be loving. Yes. That, I see, I could have...well, what is it they say? Live and learn. Die and learn! Yes, the shoulder blade feels much better, the back of the neck, the eyes. Now, what about this right leg. There's something there; a dragging, an image of dragging, of a foot dragging. I believe it's another lifetime. I feel there's chains; I'm in chains. And I have a weakened limb, an injured right leg. It's being dragged in the dust behind me. In fact, I think there's trails, blood...pools of blood. I have a heavy yoke...ah, again, I have a heavy yoke across my shoulders. Don't tell me that I punished myself in a life for what I must have done in my day...yes, I did, indeed. How reminiscent it is of them carrying their heavy blocks of stone. Here I am with a heavy yoke, and I am pulling chain, like a human cattle, and my right leg is dragging behind me, and I am feeling rising panic, for if I am found useless, and I can no longer work, it shall go even worse for me. And, in fact, it does. For I am found out, and the manner of death in this time and place, is far from humane. It would be humane to be beaten to death, but instead, we are left out with no food, with no water, in the searing sun. Isn't that interesting, Hugh Harmon? I, the High Priest of the Sun in Ancient Egypt - an unimaginable power, unimaginable wealth and power and worship of the sun - here am I now, humbled, lamed, worked, dying under the full power and glare of that very sun. My, my, what is to be learned here? (Perhaps it is again that balance?) Balance, yes. And, again, comes in the image of the moon, and it's coolness, as I die here under the sun. How I do thirst for the cool of an evening. Hmmm, balance. Oh my, is that not what your and Pamela's work is about? Bringing the balance of energies into the world. (Yes, that's what it is about.) The rising of the female tide, hmmm. Yes, and how I thank you; I'm feeling that release. And I see that part of my message...oh, my, we aren't quite done. The right lung just spoke. Yes, there is my death as Cayce. I did die from what is called 'water on the lungs' - yes, pneumonia. Sadness, there, weeping.

(What caused the weeping and the sadness for your departure?) Oh, from looking into the future. Yes, towards the end there, I became more cognizant of those readings that I gave, and there was more questioning in regards to future events, and my heart became heavy with what was seen and spoken. It's a fine line, isn't it? Warning people of what is seen and, yet, trying not to be part of the force to make it happen, because you've said, 'here what is seen.' Yes. (And as you think about that now, is there more information that you could give us to help us understand how we can help bring that balance to the world and its energies?) Patience, a great deal of patience. For the male energies, of which you are one...patience is called for, and understanding. The female energy tide is rising; this is necessary for the balance. But men are frightened, for many men of lower consciousness, they are frightened that the women shall now treat them as they have treated. And for many of the women, this is indeed the instinct and the feeling to return...oh, the expression becomes 'tit for tat,' and Pamela says 'Oh, don't give him that line.' Yes, much understanding. Much like the two of you; much understanding of the other's energies. The women are angry. They blame much of what is happening in the world upon their men. The men are frightened, for things are changing for them too rapidly. They have lost control, and what is more frightening to a man than to lose control? And they sense the control of the women beginning to grow, and perhaps even more frightening to a man than loss of control, is to be under the control of a woman, a female energy. Now, the females, too, must remember, the balance is necessary, for when the sun has too long a time of power, the crops die, people suffer, flesh is burnt, there is death, starvation. It would be so if night were to be over balanced, too, for without the sun, if it is only night, again, the crops would not grow. Man must have light of day and cool of night, and the balance is so important, on all levels. And as the tide begins to rise, there will be many angry voices and many fearful energies. Mark my words, I'm known as somewhat of a prognosticator - there we go. That was meant to be a little irony, there. Yes, I do have somewhat of a reputation of that. This time is now here. Women shall seize many positions of power. The reigns of government shall fall into women's hands. Many men shall be frightened, angered, and revert to their male traits, seeking dominance, violence, testosterone at play. But this is how it is, and when it becomes unbalanced, the scales again become balanced. Now, the women shall need, require, a voice, an energy of balance, of power, of love, of understanding of power, and then it can become a powerful part of finding that scale. And yes, you may answer the door, for I am finished for this morning. I will leave, and Pamela shall come back up.

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