Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: June 12, 1996

Light Through Hugh, Pamela Guiding

(I even saw the light flicker, Master of Light, even as you came in. I know you are here. I've been working alot with you lately Master of Light. And that's what I have to ask you a question about.) Yes? (We were told, when we send the light, not to direct it, not to tell it what to do. Yet, lately I've been doing things like picturing someone in the Light and seeing the Light make like their skeleton pliable, adjusting the skeleton, moving the skeleton so that it's fixed, it's healed, it's comfortable. Is this NOT what I should be doing?) Are you using the Light as a symbol for a healing process? Do you see Light for energy? Are you using Light for a directive? Are you using light as a message? Many people talk of Light in many different ways. Could you tell us today what you were thinking when you send The Light to do a specific thing? (I think of it as the Creator Energy.) The Creative Energy. (And then I pour that Creative Energy into a person and then I see that person in a positive mode, frame. So I guess I am seeing them in a changed condition, and pouring light into that.) Pouring Light into that which is the changed condition. Is your thought to make them well or to offer an alternative for their stated being? (To offer an alternative, I guess.) [Master of Light chuckles.] (Then to offer the alternative is fine?) There are parts of you that are very interesting. What are you sending them? What is the Light to do? Is it a directive to make them change? (No. It is a Creative Energy they can use.)

It is a Creative Energy that they can use. A very, very powerful tool. A Creative Energy that they can use. That sounds comfortable, how does that sound to you? (It sounds good to me, too, and I would ask, then, seeing the changed image gives them a possibility, too ,does it not?) All thoughts should be directed toward their, the person receiving highest good, but not to force an issue against their will or the direction of their life. So, projecting a positive image should be thought of as a positive event, an alternative that they may choose. If a person or an animal has a process of learning that they are evolving through or in, then it would be inappropriate for any one to try or to succeed in forcing a change. (So when we teach people to create change or to send Light, there are two levels: One, we can mentally, emotionally image a better world, but when we send the Light we simply send it to the world? One is the spirit level; one is the mind level?) When sending a positive message - once heard, may be reacted upon by another level of substance of the Universe. But may not be as it would reject the change as being not included as a part of the learning process, and that may be a material thing, an emotional thing, a mental thing, and a part of any, to the minutest to the grandest of our existing or processes that we experience. The Light, itself, is a powerful energy. We should not abuse the power of energy by forcing its energy into an area that would be inappropriate for its energy to be in. It is appropriate to send an alternative or a healing.

(Master of Light, since you are everywhere, and since Hugh was sending out the thought earlier to locate _______sister and niece, do you know where they are and if it was them seeking to get the message through today with that shadow that Hugh kept seeing?) The shadow was a thought form. Thought forms dense enough to create shadows are considered to be quite strong in focused thought forms for they actually interfere with the rays of the light, or the beams, as you would call them, as they move through space from one point to another. Their density is somewhat like a spirit that has left its body but has not become totally Spirit; you term that astral, I believe. This thought form was very strong, has a query, a quest. A message that would be translated into your thought form from that thought form as a desire perhaps, it would be that they are seeking help, and it was from this person's, not sister, but niece. A thought form that she received bounced back to the source. When the thought form was sent to them and received, without their conscious awareness, the thought form responded with a level of unconscious desire or need expressing itself at this origin of the message. Am I making myself clear? (Yes.) Therefore, what goes out can come back without the knowledge of the person's conscious awareness affecting that thought pattern. It's difficult. Awareness comes on many levels and if you, or any of you, tune into that perfect level it would be like you're sending a radio wave specifically, oh, like dialing a specific number that goes over a wire or air to signal someone at the other end specifically. You know where it's going and you know it's going to be a message to that person. This, in a way, is similar to sending a message over a wire or a radio specifically to a specific number or person. When we observe you using Light, it sometimes is amusing for the confusion that it creates.

[Master of Light laughs and laughs.] But, the nice part is you're learning about it as you do positive things. Don't worry too much, the overall picture is not going to happen instantly anyway. (I poured alot of light into my finances and bank account book and into ours, and our finances are doing much better. I thank you Light. I want to grow our money for publishing the book.) Now, I perceive that as a prime example, you have a specific need, you have a specific desire, you focused your light energy upon that specific desire or need, therefore creating a greater power in the vortex, or in the energy field. That is specific and direct. When energy is put in that form, it responds much more rapidly, much more significantly, and the changes that are desired or expressed, than a thought form that goes out in a vague, un-specific non-focused desire, generally: let's make that well, let's make that better, let's heal the earth. What does that mean, to heal the earth? What do you know of healing the earth that you can be specific about? What do you know of changing your bank account? Well, you might direct the change to increase the dollar value in your bank account. Or the change in your pocket. And that is more specific than saying I want to be rich. You understand? (Yes. So, for the world, to direct the light or send the light to increase the forest is more specific?) Much more specific and when you send light without direction then do not send it with unspecific or negative thoughts or energy. It's much better to send the light as an energy to be used in any way that might be beneficial to the person, no matter if it contradicts your thought or not. However, if you have a specific thought or desire, then you may specifically send that with the energy of the light and expect it to be a process that results your desire. However, sending unknown, vague, or unspecific thoughts might have a negative effect, even for yourself. (Tricky, isn't it Light?) I find it amusing to watch you working with it. You're delightful. [laughing] But you're working, and that is good, and you're working well, and you're doing positive things and people are listening to you. That's very good. I won't let you make too many mistakes! [Laughing] (Oh good, thank you. How can I help Hugh, with you and light, with his lower back and thumbs today?) When he changes his focus and his mental energy changes, his back will heal again. As it did before. (Changes his focus from?) His thumbs are again not grasping the total picture, as it represents his thought. (He's become discouraged, hasn't he?) Yes, he has.

(There are two I would ask about.) Who may they be? (The first is ______. Her health in the ovaries, the cervix.) As you know and as well as she knows, the healing will be effective and lasting when she recreates a pattern for her life that lets the body know she has learned what she needs to learn about that facet of her life that relates to the physical body in that area. And she may hold the dysfunction in abeyance until she learns the process. If she ignores it, it will make itself well known to her in the future. She knows that. I do not think you need to tell her, only remind her, for she already knows and tends to put things in some distance, like "I'll do that later."
(There is another I would ask about, ________, working with her kidneys, her pancreas.) Yes, she has demonstrated for herself the power of her mind, and she knows that she can regenerate the use of her kidneys. IF she chooses to, once she has eliminated her negative focus. She has a duality of thought, one you should pay particular attention to. She tends to destroy that which she creates in a positive way. If allowed to continue in her pattern of self-destructive nature, she is what you call playing brinkmanship. On the brink of destroying the body and yet marvelously keeping it alive.

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