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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: September 6, 1996

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide

(Subconscious, please tell me the present condition of physical balance.) Some imbalances interfering with balance. (Such as?) The lower back is degenerated and is causing some pressure. The upper back is fine, and the bony structure of the muscles need more exercise. And the middle back has some trauma that is healing nicely now. (Are you able to regenerate the lower back?) When he allows it. (What would be important to aid in this allowing work? The belief system in regards to support?) The belief system would help the tissue maintain the strength and balance and integrity that it needs in the very lower part of the back. But some of it is also muscular. (Would exercising aid in that muscular regeneration? Would heat compresses be helpful?) Need stimulation to take energy through that muscular bony structure in the back. Energy can be provided with magnetic energy or electrical energy to enhance the normal flow of energy in the body. (Are human hands sufficient for the magnetic energy?) That depends on if the person is holding magnets in their hands. Stimulation helps focus the energy for healing. Thought is the greatest stimulator, but not always focused long enough to encompass that which can be enhanced by the physical. (I now ask subconscious to bring in alignment of the Higher Self. I welcome Higher Self of Hugh.) What do you wish to know? (I wish to know if you have guidance, information for Hugh at this time that would be helpful and important to us in our work.) Your focus is becoming better aimed and better powered. You are accomplishing your mission in this activity of healing earth and therefore activity levels of income, as well as your physical and mental activities, will be increased many fold in the near future. (This is good news.) Yes. (Is there important information in regards to his health and energies, in addition to what subconscious has brought us?) There is a knowledge that many powers are coming together and your power, being the stronger energy, will attract the weaker energies, but they will support your focus, and not to be encumbered or entangled, but merely to teach and refocus and refine their energies. Do not embrace their energies too closely or you will lose some of your energy. Bring theirs up to a higher level without their energy affecting yours. (The message of the rabbit. Shall I ask Master of Spirit?) Yes, if you choose. Always higher information may be helpful for all in this path of redemption.) (Thank you Higher Self, I love you.) And, I observe your love with great and wondrous acceptance and re-institute more energy to you when you focus through meditation.

(Through the Higher Self alignment and connection, I welcome in Master of Spirit with love, with light.) It seems good timing, for you have several questions in your list to ask today. (Beginning with, the experience of the cat bringing in the live rabbit to Hugh.) A simple metaphor. Played by the cat. Demonstrating the animals are truly, truly always trying to maintain balance and begging humans to be of service in this area instead of the opposite, as they [humans] , in great numbers, do many things to destroy the earth balance. And increasing energies of anger, frustration, and greed encroach upon the balance at such a great rate that the animal - and the animal knowledge, the Higher Self, sometimes called collective - is very focused on getting the energy (aid) from those in the human realm who would help to speed along their energies and to teach those who have no knowledge or need greater knowledge for their interest. The cat in your household communicates with the person Hugh all day every day, even when he is asleep and does know of your energies, therefore was given the nudge of instruction to show "We, too, understand the healing process. Here, healer, heal the world of the animal." It may be noted the animals kill only the food source to nourish themselves. Human animals do not follow the rule of nature. (Is there a further message in the manner of death of the rabbit?) The first rabbit was injured by a vehicle wheel and was put to its physical death very humanely by the two persons who are truly concerned with the earth and its environment with the universe. The second rabbit was brought for the same reason, to demonstrate animals are aware of what's going on in the Universe and are trying to show they will put all of their focus and energy into maintaining that which sustains life on earth, asking only that humans in their very confused state would focus simply on maintaining positive, negative balance of the earth's sphere and the earth's sphere of influence and not pursue destructive path that you may witness on all sides of you at this time. Not a judgment but an observation. And you know the outcome. (What was the message of the cat bringing the second rabbit while I was present and unable to help the baby rabbit and calling for Hugh?) Were you capable of reaching down and calmly taking the rabbit as a gift of knowledge, or did you allow your energy as the human being to become excited and diverted from the truth that was before you? (Yes, I did.) A simple demonstration that humans do that, losing their focus on the truth of their endeavor. Neither bad nor good, but demonstrable need for focus, not to veer from the path. Animals are dying at a rapid rate as we destroy the environment. We kill them faster and faster. We offer at one hand, all the encouragement of being kind and gently and supporting our wild friends, and at the same moment bring about their destruction by our own actions. One would wonder what our focus would be if we were all humans instead of Spirit. (And the message of the many crows being noticed.) Were you to open your thoughts, messages will come clearly. I will reassure you, if you see the messenger bringing a message to you, do not be diverted by the messenger, but merely be open to the message. Crows, hawks, hummingbirds, sparrows, rabbits, coyote, and little babies of human origin bring lots of messages. Are you listening? (My spirit had an experience....) I know. Were you open to the message, or were you focused on the messenger. (Focused on the messenger.) Yes, my dear. Focused on the messenger. It is recommended you listen to the message that you have asked for over and over. The message clearly says you have the ability to create and destroy, and you chose to become excited in an area that is focused at this moment. Your healing process is not moving as rapidly as you could move that process, but it is there to observe if you choose to change the speed and pace of healing. You can do that also. Is there more? (No, I thank you at this time. Oh, Master of Spirit, are you still there?) I am. (Perhaps I would then choose to ask about B.S.) I was waiting for that. Part of your mind is always open. You must remember that we know what you're thinking, even when your consciousness forgets. You ask, it would be observable to note that you might also ask her message from herself that was delivered to her some time ago. And you may, at any time, you are able to get your conscious awareness - your confusion in conscious awareness - out of the way, you may listen to her guides as well as she will listen to her guides for it appears that she chooses NOT to listen to her guides. She wants to kill the messenger, NOT listen to the message. (I welcome Master of Light, whose presence I note in more somber colors today than is usual, though still beautiful. Ah, here comes that rose color. So many colors present at once. I have used your presence many times as late, I thank you.) The more the communication, the better the information. Yes, we have many things to do and you and Hugh are very influenced by outside sources, I would hope that you stay on the path of your very powerful work and call on us always, daily. We ARE available to you. PLEASE listen to this message: We are available to all that which is right and good in the path. And we support you and you must use our energy or you will NOT in time do that which you are focused to do. You must remember the power that you have and use that power. For we can give you great, GREAT energies and are most willing to do that. Do not find ways to divert your attention to those who would follow a different path, but focus on THIS path that you have promised to fulfill and promises accepted in the Spirit world are not easily lost. But we, truly, truly embrace that which you do and focus our attention on you. Ask and you will have all the help you need. Be of great joy. Even in times of despair and challenge. Be of great joy. For you are here and we are here.

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