Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 05/05/94

(Master of Spirit, in how do we keep Hugh's mind from interfering in gaining communication from you and other spirit?) Perhaps through practice. He has to eliminate his conscious awareness which troubles his judgment and interferes with his belief system. He must become the absolute observer or remove himself entirely or remove his doubt most completely. He is very cautious and suspicious of any of these techniques you are developing for use to help other people as well as yourselves. I am providing information for the transmission of the necessary. If he puts his knowledge or imprints into the information it would be biased by his thoughts. This is why he is concerned. (Did he do this yesterday with Gloria?) I don't know. Should I know? (I don't know. We seem to think you know everything.) You understand the Spirit is not God, but a part of that same system that we call universal energy. Comes by many other names such as God. We are many levels of knowledge. We are not the total knowledge. That the oneness of the universal creator has used in the past, in the present and will use in the future. We all are happening. We observe as we send information to you for your benefit and the benefit of others should you choose to help them. We are not God. Spirit is of God origin. I don't need help from that which I am channeling through now, so this anxiety is of his own making. (So we ask for you correct?) Not always. I am saying to you I am here. But there are many others who wish to help and do help. I am saying the entity, this body that I am speaking through, oft times puts his information in to help me. I don't need his help. This confuses him, he means well. It confuses me to confuse him for I know that I don't need his information. But he thinks because he thinks the information he's influencing my information. Does that make ? (Yes. You hear his thought but it doesn't interfere with you.) Correct. (If he were to be the observer, there would be no need to even think it at the time.) Thank you. Good. (You know what he knows.) And maybe a little bit more. [Spirit laughs.] (We have a mother seeking guidance in regards to her son.) What kind of guidance? (Perhaps to be more available to him?) As a young adult he is developing his guidance. We will guide everyone to the best of their ability to accept. IF he wants her guidance, let him ask. If he wants ours, let him ask. God answers through many different channels. Mother's love is strong. As the primary creator of the fetus, nurturer of that growing body, she should be primarily concerned. There is a time when they must grow, just as you must let go of people you see on the path of learning. We may wait hundreds of years before asked to help. Isn't that interesting?

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