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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 3/27/97

Seeking to know from Marilyn Monroe's records, born Norma Jean Baker, if she has incarnated in this time period.]

[Intrusive energy here. Hugh's right leg is jerking.]
(You are to withdraw now, this energy, from the body. If you wish to observe, you may do so. But if you insist on trying to interfere, you must go from this room entirely. WE are working with spirit energies that will raise the vibrations that will make it easier for you to speak when we are done speaking with this Spirit. This is to your advantage. You are to withdraw now. Energy fields around this body and myself are clear, without interference.)

[MASTER OF SPIRIT] The energy that you speak of as Marilyn Monroe, original name Baker, Norma Jean, was a multiple personality. Abused as a child attracted many spirits and discarnates. One of these discarnates who came to help the child went on back into the spirit form and immediately attached to another child being abused. And that child is one of those who would remember much of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean Baker's life as an entity, not as the primary personality.

(Have you guidance at this time for Hugh and Myself?)

Yes, not ever to tell you what to do. There are powerful forces that would tend to confuse - to make positive and negative conclusions. You must remain, in the most part, flexible and open to changes for that is what you are here to do. Allow people to see they have choices and may make the changes should they choose to do this. Should they choose to make no changes, the results will be different than should they choose make the changes. If sufficient souls, spirits, focus their attention on that which they which to be changed, and not the fear thereof, hmmm. (You are finished with that thought?) Unless you have further questions. (Are there at this time more than two, or one probable future that faces the ollective experience of humans?) Yes, there are extenuating and differentials that would give you several different possible conclusions in the near future, depending on the focus on those here on this earth, as well as those visiting within this energy field affect this outcome. And those who feel there is no thing they can do to change, or nothing they can do to produce, will focus on that which is catastrophic in the near future, that will probably bear witness to the catastrophic event. That does not mean that events predicted now for the future cannot be changed, for in truth, they can be changed very easily. There is nothing that is etched in stone, for this purpose.

(Welcome visitors to communicate via mental telepathy, projecting your thoughts on the subconscious mind in this body, to be projected from the voice box in our language. Asking the subconscious mind if this agreement is kept, to move the yes finger when speech begins, and if it is not, to move the no finger when speech begins.) We did not intrude. There were others that intruded and became intrusive in the body as well as the mind. Yes, we keep our word and promises. (And they are STILL here interfering. We are speaking with the Visitors. They have an appointment. If you wish to be heard, other energy, you are to get out of the body NOW and wait your turn or we will NOT speak with you. I am insisting on this. You MUST wait, or I will not speak with you at all. There Visitors.) We apologize. They are not what we are, they are different, and yet, somewhat the same. You may confuse the two. (No apology needed. We tend to group you all together as aliens.) Yes, and we don't appreciate that because we are different and have different expectations. (What shall we communicate about today? What have you discovered about humans?) We find it interesting that so many people are confused about the reality of that which is thought form and that which is material form. What is so confusing to most people is that they have lived in such a physical world that they do not relate well to the mental, spiritual, or the unseen, non-material, thought forms. There is information that is worrying many of you about some form of catastrophic plant antigens that are heading towards your earth. And that is not the truth, but here, if you want the truth, I can explain that for you. (Yes.) It is a form that is in thought, thought form. We find it amusing that you do not apply your science to your fears. There is no form of life, as you recognize it in the physical form, even applied to the antigen that could live through the entry heats of the physical form of your atmosphere. How do you expect this to enter? The thought form can indeed create catastrophic events, but through a fiery entry into your state of atmosphere. (This is our own thought form, that we have created?) And others have influenced you to create those thought forms. Not our idea, nor our intent. But there are those who would seek to destroy life on this earth. You must be aware of that. From your own earthling group as well as those which influence the negative thought forms in the earthlings that focus on disaster and disease and so called plant antigens.

[Hugh begins to stretch as though coming out of hypnosis. But does not. MASTER OF LIGHT, hello.] This body is funny. It seems to have a mind of its own. (The movement of the yes finger and the legs, was this the energy seeking to interfere?) They do try to interfere, and what was stated before by those you call the Visitors is, indeed, true. There are those who would cause mischief in negative thought forms if they were allowed, but since you recognized them, they say, "Opps, we can't sneak by this one. She is too cleaver for us." You would be wise not to let them in the body for any length of time. They are not for your good, or his good, or anyone's good, but their own. They are selfish and want to take this earth from you, even though it would fail them also. (Then I ask our Higher Selves, and you Master of Light, to clear this room of their energies.) They are some of the ones that you hear making noises. They think that you're expecting the others so they are trying to imitate them and make you think they are the Visitors and accept their thoughts so they can be intrusive in your thoughts. There are certain people on the earth that they are likened to. Those people who believe that deception, lies are a normal part of life. And that they have the only and sole purpose for existence. Damning all others to be non-existent. Not a good form in spirit or body. You know that, I know. Well, author, we're doing well, thank you. Your energy is up and you're feeling lots of positive things and we're doing well in production of this book. Do not worry for the cause, the money will be there.

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