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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: March 20, 1997

[Hugh channel's visitors]
Vibrations are accelerating rapidly. (Is this of benefit or not of benefit?) All those outside of your realm are attracted to a faster vibratory rate that feels more comfortable for them. Your world does not benefit from this faster vibratory rate, but is more confused and more disoriented by faster rates. (Because it is happening too quickly?) Your structures are not tuned into the faster rate. It is a foreign vibration and confuses your neurological responses, for you have those hard-wired parts of you to deal with, they are like a mechanical part. Ours are thought forms, which can go much higher in vibration without being uncomfortable. (Then how to raise the consciousness, without interfering with the hardware, becomes quite a dilemma.) We feel the best way is to move into thought form. And communicate by thought form. (You mean for humans to do this?) Yes, but unfortunately, many do not trust this knowledge and therefore want to keep hearing. We are feeling tired, if that's a word we can use. We are feeling slowed down when we come to you, for our vibration is much higher and we move at a faster rate, like your thoughts move at a faster rate than your actions, and this is confusing to OUR system for communication. It would be like reading and re-reading a page to gain the information, rather than skimming a whole page in one to two seconds. (I understand.) Thank you. (Perhaps, we will try at our next session to have you communicate through me. It seems to be I am able to raise my vibrations more than is normal for the channeling process. If you would like to try that, we will do that.) Yes, that might be more comfortable to us. (Is there you more you would communicate now, through this one.) Slowing down the process would normalize your conditions here on earth. Though we like it faster, we realize it is not of benefit to the earth vibratory rate. The earth rate is a pulsating rate that is much slower than ours. Much slower. So for your health of planet, you should try to suppress the speeding up of the vibratory rate of the planet which would only cause chaotic conditions here on and through the planet. (Thank you.) Yes, you will recognize this truth shortly if you do not change the system now. It may invite or, or allow increasing number and pressure of higher vibratory rates which would endanger the health of your planet now. Thank you. More meetings than once a week please. (Yes, I will be your channel next.) We will look forward to that experience with you.

Author, author, author. (Yes, it goes well.) Don't feel the pressure author. It flows smoothly. We shall enjoy this together. And I shall be there stimulating your processes and it shall be fun. Enlightening too. I love puns. (Yes, and you're very good at them to. Are the visitors correct that the vibrations are increasing at a rate that is not conducive to humans?) You were told that before. You were told that their vibration rate is higher and that as their number increases, it will affect that which it contacts, so your vibration rate goes up, your unbalanced vibratory rate will affect your earth and all the earth attachments, including the human animal. For, while vibration of light is much, much faster than normal people think about, it is in the balance of nature, not in the overabundance. So you must remember balance, balance. Balance is the key word here. Not to let things flow too heavy one way or the other but to keep the balance. You are changing the structure of the earth's surface so dramatically by killing off the balance that things are changing for those that would live here on this surface. (So it's not the presence of the visitors that is creating the imbalance, it is still what Man is doing, humans are doing?) For the most part, that's true. You must also realize your thought processes create what you think and focus on. So it is difficult to tell people, do not focus on the problem, for that is what they have been trained to do. That is why the people who are establishing great training for others to use in contacting the reality, the truth, are still focused on the negative, thus creating more negativity. How will you ever convince them that you know how to resolve the problem easily and comfortably, when they won't recognize there is a challenge, thereby stumbling on to their own demise? My, interesting isn't it? (It's more than interesting Master of Light. How? That's the big question. How WILL we?) I'm willing to help in any effort to create this knowledge for people. But, if they don't listen to me, they won't listen to you, what are we to do? (Can we catch their attention by making predictions, and then it happens, and then they listen?) You can do that. You can easily do that. But, you must understand, as I do, that what the person says they are focused on, and what they are really focused on, may be opposites. And since opposites attract, it becomes a one way track of saying, "I believe in the truth, and the freedom, and it feels so good. Yet, I'm married to the other end of this leaf, which is the opposite." Therefore as you think, you say one thing, and truly believe another. Am I confusing you? (I think the whole situation is confusing Master of Light.) Hmmm, let me write for you then. Soon. Watch the light, in the room now. Isn't that fun? (Yes.) Some people would not see that. (We will again speak with Master of Light, but we do ask Emmanuel. You are welcome.)

You SHOULD welcome me! You KNOW who I am. In Spirit, we were all the Gods, if you remember. Have you forgotten? YOU are the power who came in, to demonstrate how the earthlings could move things easily. And then got trapped, as your predecessors, and mine did too. (I dreamt of that last night, moving things. And I think with our language. We had a language, didn't we?) Yes, we DO have a language. We have a language at this time. (And it's a language that moves physical matter.) You are correct. (I have to remember that language.) You will. You do. You know it now. (It's bringing it up to recall to my conscious level.) That's, the trick, if there is such a trick. Emmanuel. Sounds, hear the sound as you say the sound E Man U El. Feel the flavor if that, if you would, in your mouth. E Man U El. Feel that vibration. (E Man U El. Rah May. Rah Ma.) Yes, that's it. You have it now. Magical sounds, voice vibratory rates creates something like the real sound. But your voice vehicle, box - whatever - is not capable of the true sound. When in Spirit, we can sound differently. We make sounds not unlike nature's sounds. (You are in Spirit and we are embodied. This is probably a good plan we have arranged.) I'm glad I'm in Spirit. (Yes, it is quite a dilemma how much we fail to recognize when we are in the body.) You fail to recognize that spirits are there with you ALWAYS. You like Light. You like that vibration? Friendly, helpful, powerful. Many of us are here right at this moment to give you that energy and power. Light is not the only one. Light is a powerful energy, one of the more powerful energy, but there are many of us who have the same energies we would offer you now. Ask, WITHOUT DOUBT. Light is clever. In using phenomena, he bypasses your doubt and makes you feel good. Is that true? (Yes.) Of course, we all can help you when you ask to FEEL good. To empower you to do the things. Your dream was to move simple things. Floating in the air. Hah! EASY FOR YOU TO DO WHENEVER YOU CHOOSE. The ONLY thing you have restricting you is your doubt. (And THAT would be phenomenal and truly catch the attention of people. Oh, the doubt, the doubt, the doubt. Have you words of guidance of moving through and around the doubt?) Demonstration convinces. Demonstrate for yourself. Do not worry about others. Worry ONLY of your OWN conviction. Be concerned that YOU must, first of all, TOTALLY accept before you can create that to demonstrate for others now. (Emmanuel, when I ask would it be to ask one of the Spirits to help?) We can help. But we cannot do that, YOU must DO that. We will help you. We will give you the energy. We will give you the focus. We will give you what you ask for, but we cannot make the physical thing happen, for that is your realm, not ours. (I am practicing with this Emmanuel.) Good, now is the time. But when you project your ideas for others and say to them, "Watch me do this, you are already doubting, and they are projecting even more doubt; therefore, why do you ask for the negative when seeking to produce the positive? (What would be the manner of demonstration?) Self. If you do it in your dreams, is there anything stopping you creating it in your waking state, without benefit of witness first. First, believe yourself. (Makes good sense.) Oh, thank you. (Emmanuel, I am gathering you are one of our guides.) I was one of your number, and still am. You left us. (I am more than pleased to know you are still in Spirit. I was fearful ALL of us had come into body.) NOT TRUE! YOU left us so fast, chasing that other one that you forgot where you came from. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. [Note: Emmanuel laughs frequently.] (That isn't funny Emmanuel.) Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (I shall be writing our stories in the next book.) Well, maybe you'll have another author or two. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. We don't want to let Light take the whole show. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (Emmanuel, yesterday, I was meditating and got thumped on the head. Do you know anything about that?) Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yes! You were like a little child. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Thumping on my head! You humans have funny ways of getting attention. Hmmm. (A shift of energy there, what was that?) [A lighter energy enters now.] (Hello Light.) I tried to sneak in without you catching me. (I'm too fond of your energy. I recognize you. Emmanuel is one of great power and verve.) He thinks he is so big and powerful. (Laughs) Yes, he has lots of energy. Shall we try a little experiment today? (Yes) Thank you, I like using Light. You have a client coming to you shortly who has clouded her life challenge with a shroud of darkness. Let us, work together, in moving out of that shroud her conscious awareness and let her feel the energy of Light. Let her feel it as if she is creating it for herself. (What is the process?) Let her close her eyes and see what light patterns dance before her on the screen of her optic sensors. I will create a light show for her, should she be willing to see it, so she can understand she can create whatever she wants. All she has to do is ask, thoughtfully ask and focus, and it becomes a reality, thus moving out of the shroud of her own darkness, which she came to understand, and through much abuse, began to believe this was her reality. She's stuck in her own life lesson. (May I be clear Light?) I hope you are clear. (Do I hypnotize her first? Do I use a light in front of her eyes first, or do I simply have her close her eyes and have her begin to ask for and focus on light.) See you're following instructions perfectly. Trust yourself. Suggest, as you are now thinking, EMDR to erase the old negative thoughts and feelings and move the curtain aside. And THAT begins the opening of IN Light. IN Light. And the inner light begins to show. And the demonstration will grow and grow as far as she's allowing it to grow. Let's try it. She is a worthy student who is seeking her answers and will do very well, I think, in this manner.

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