Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 3-14-94

(Spirit, I would ask you a question about the consciousness. When we cross into our death experience, when the body dies, does the conscious mind remain aware? What happens to the conscious mind?) The conscious mind remains but becomes inactive as if in sleep, resting without processing information obtained from other levels of the mind. (Does it remain always, even as we move into the Higher Self?) Does what remain always? (Can it ever become activated again after death?) Yes, it can become a part of the knowledge cumulating from Spirit as the spiritual essence of life moves from the body that has become deceased. Then the conscious mind becomes a part of the subconscious and other levels of mental activity, but serving in a different capacity, only to add dimensions of curiosity, desire, much like you would assume would be on the level that would be closer to the earth plane than the higher levels of spiritual being that is a remnant of being embodied. (I see. Thank you. I would ask, Higher Self, we have been doing regressions to the aspect of yourself that lived in the 1400s as the Padre who suffered at the hands of the Inquisition?) You're addressing the question to Hugh's Higher Self, and not Spirit? I'll be moving away then. (Is this Spirit?) Yes. (Then I would ask what I need to ask of you first, and later to the Higher Self. Thank you, Spirit, for letting me know what level was here. I thought I saw the indicators of you coming in. I do have some questions for you as well. In the seminars our NMR indicated it would be best not to have any channeling at the seminars, but to share messages that have come forth in that manner. Correct?) That appears to be the best course of action at this time. (Is there any guidance you would offer us from your level in regards to the Omega Project and the seminars?) To trust that through their involvement they will become more active in teaching what they have learned even at the expense of incorrectness in many areas. You must trust that they will become excited, that they will become interested in bringing others the knowledge that you impart to them. (Good.) Do not fear their incorrectness. One can never find the perfect student when one thinks they become the perfect teacher. (Thank you.) (Master of Spirit, I channeled the following: "In the beginning was the Creator, and within the Creator was the Word..".) Very good. (I was asked to explain what is the Word.) The Word you refer to is the thought form that creates all form you know as substance, material that you perceive and believe to come from thought. The use of Word has been used, has been popular for that use for hundreds and thousands of years, in one form or another. It is still most descriptive. People should try to differentiate between thought as a frivolous passing to the activity of mind to the focus of direction of creation. The Word of God is the Word of Creator. You are correct in using that. (It continues that "within the Word is Spirit." Is this correct, or would it be from the Word? How is Spirit the same as, or like unto, or different from, the Word?) The Spirit, I have noted for you, is God the Word, came from God, and the thought, albeit called Word, is what started the creation of material things that we have created from the thought form that you call Word. Why is that confusing? (Then Spirit and Word are interchangeable?) No. There are many levels of Spirit. I am not God. (Right. Okay.) It is God's Spirit...(I see)..that creates the Word or thought form that creates material substance. (I see...oh, I see. Thank you.) Welcome. Is there more? (No, I thank you.) (Master of Light, in the seminars we are teaching, are you aware of changes that would be beneficial for us to make in the format of the seminars?) I will be glad to help you, perhaps influence and create certain phenomenon, as I have promised in the past. (How do we approach that?) You have the candle ceremony which is a very positive experience. If you would have them stare into the light, their own candle light, until their eyes become so drowsy and sleepy they close, then let their thoughts begin to flow and keep their drowsy, heavy, lids closed as they let the phenomenon of thought pass through, and visually or perceptually evaluate that, and share with the group what message they got, and you might note that there will probably be a great similarity, a thread of thought that runs through them all at that time, which would create a demonstration of focus and how powerful it is and how great it can work for the benefit of earth. (Thank you.) Your welcome. (That's very powerful.) Yes, it is powerful. (Master of Spirits mentioned that the opposing forces are active as well, around us, around the home and in the seminars, and I would ask, from your level, what is the best action or manner to keep the opposite energies from over balancing, from deluding, the positive and the good that is there?) I cannot eliminate the opposite, for that's what you would seek as balance, that we would invite them to bring balance into our world, and not to deny them, but let them participate on a positive plane of creating balance, the balance of light and the balance of thought and the balance of intent and action bring perfection. Let them become a positive part of balance. (So before the seminar, I pray silently, or I pray and invite and focus on the balance?) As you demonstrate in your talk, you might ask the others to participate. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of something, invite it to become a positive part of the program. Balance. Simple. (Frightening to people.) Yes, but not to you; you are an enlightened one. (I'm afraid of frightening people and thinking that we are inviting the negative energies in. It's a very delicate balance.) Oh my, we must not talk about it in negative terms, but merely promote the balance. Only when you invite the negative influence of fear in do you create problems. But that, too, has its place in balance.

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