Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/24/94

(Master of Spirit, what would you have us teach? Is there a particular message to share?) As I've previously stated, the practical aspects of the quantum theory are probably the most useful and acceptable to those you'll be teaching. Not the technical aspects of it or how it was developed, but the simplicity of it will appeal to the masses. They want a simple direct answer. They want the truth and nobody is admitting they're comfortable with the truth and so we find many of the controlling agencies hiding the truth and manipulating the people, causing great confusion, and eventually destruction of the people. The people are angry, but fearful. And in their fear, they will begin to rebel, only will rebel in a most negative way, perhaps destroying themselves in the process of trying to save themselves. For they know not how to change without being combative and destructive. They need to use the mind, as we call it, the power of the mind, and their ability to focus that power as they were demonstrated many times in the past. Why do they not observe the truth? Why do they resist the simple, powerful , and most wondrous demonstrations they have witnessed. Ah, maybe it is because they're always taught it must be complicated. For the last many hundreds of years, the industrial complexes of the world have taught scientific complications to completely confuse and suppress the masses. At the same time using their strength and abilities to forward the cause of science and the business communities of their world and of national and international energies. These do not match the laws of the universe. And destruction shall be the end unless these great changes are made to align themselves with the universal energy. Teaching the masses must be done in a way they will find amusing and acceptable. And most of all, as Pamela said, reward them. Give them what they want and teach them what they must know. Very good Pamela. That's the easiest way for us to let them know their benefit is now. (So the quantum theory will be a way of teaching people they affect matter? They affect all things around them?) Thought, thought forms. (How are thought forms?) So easily demonstrated as you will find tomorrow. Amazing the people. Show them what thought does to the human body. In the workshop tomorrow. Move please. For our time growing shorter. (You said once Spirit, to achieve demonstration, to ask you as though you were directly there, believing it.) You both have doubt. Then you will learn from your teaching. Doubt, that insidious naysayer who creeps into everyone's positive, powerful good. To limit them. But that's what the learning process is all about. And that's what your teaching is all about. (The new energy that has entered?) Do you know where I am? (Where?) You said you could see me. (Hello Spirit of Light) That's right. (Thank you for helping me with colors lately. I've had a lot of pleasure asking you what colors to put on.) It's a pleasure to give you the colors that match and feel good for you. (Does Jeremiah work directly with you?) Not directly with me. (Is he a Spirit in your alignment?) Jeremiah is more individualized with energy. However, he was never as the Bible quoted him to be. Jeremiah was light and full of energy. Not down and negative that those that passed the information were perhaps confused as they were NOT in the light. Just as many of those leaders today who claim they are wayshowers are following the path of darkness, disease, and gloom. Paths of destruction, creating more of the negative to be overcome by your teaching of the positive. So let us light the way. And show people. It's so exciting to watch people see the light. [After this session, several past life regressions were done with Hugh to a time in the 1400's when, as a Catholic Padre, he wanted to bring to the populace the message that spirit and God were accessible directly by all. Though he was closely aligned with Isabelle, the Queen of Spain, she was unable to protect him from being tortured to death by the Inquisition for this heresy.]

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