Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/19/96

Pamela speaking to Master Spirit Through Hugh
(There was one here the last time we met with you. I have had a personal, emotional reaction to her and her energies and I am seeking understanding and knowledge of my fears with this woman.) Yes. (She's a woman of great ability that sees colors and information around people. And I seem to have felt my faith in self diminished by her and her abilities. This is due to a past life connection between us?) You've become familiar with that ancient spiritual energy you call Rahma. Rahma also was a part of the Gods that ruled another time and place, in which you knew this one known as _______ today. In that realm you knew her and you also were aware of her power then as you relate to her today. She has no power over anyone, except that which is given her. But her presence creates a feeling of, what would your word be, fear? No, you don't fear her. You have issues that are unresolved from this time, very ancient time. Back before any history of this plane of earth that we know today in our records. These records precede the Records of Man that are known as the Records of Time. (Her energies today, they are beneficial to the work we do today?) They are beneficial to teaching the people the empowerment if they chose to accept that power. She does no more, no less than you do. Only she states what she experiences, which invites others to try to do the same. (That is good?) That is only good if they are not too fearful. But, that's not her position. (Are her energies beneficial to working with Hugh and me with FREOMM?) You have issues, as was stated, that are unresolved with her from the time of the Man Gods. You have not resolved that issue. Our records bring those issues to your feet today. (Is it appropriate to ask through you what the issues are?) The issues evolved from conflicts creating fear and subsequent resentment. (And resolving these issues with her, from my side, would open her to being a beneficial person to work with?) The personal differences, with understanding, would open a better communication. We cannot judge whether it would be more beneficial or not. (In regards to her and others, would it be wise for us, before we named members of the Board of FREOMM, to check with the levels of knowledge that you are?) The information about all the records of ours that we may relate for you. (Would the records indicate her purpose and the purpose of FREOMM, would be good?) I'll repeat. We will give you the information on anyone in the files and records. We do not make decisions for you. (When she was watching this, she said that in the aura of this one through whom you speak, she saw a jovial faced being in a jacket and ruffles. What was she seeing?) [Spirit laughs.] I have no knowledge of that image. (Then may I ask from the records and the records of her path if working with the Board of that entity we call FREOMM is part of her Higher Purpose?) She has great knowledge, as we have indicated, from the past. And has no indication of malice, at this time. The choice would be yours. (In my records, my lifetime as Hagar, what were the lessons of that lifetime not yet understood?) One would note that bringing the negative emotions from that Man God period - resentment, fears and resentment - and yes the anger - yet unresolved would have a strong influence on many lives, many, many lives you have experienced. And will continue until those negative emotions are recognized and put in value of learning. Hagar carried ALL of the movements of emotions with her and, left unresolved, moved further into other lives. Even into this life today. (The time of Rahma and Rahmet, they were flesh or not flesh in the body?) You use the word Man Gods. I use the word for you again, Man Gods. They were not of human but could be human. They were of a different dimension, but could assume the form of a human being. Larger and more powerful than humans of that time were. They could easily influence the physical body, and I'm sure did many, many times. (What was the relationship of Rahmet and Rahma?) Sometimes playful, and sometimes antagonistic. Their opposites of nature would oftimes bring that personality conflict that you may observe in human forms, in God forms, as like their counter parts in human form. (Thank you for your patience Master of Spirit. We do, I know, struggle with understanding at our levels of knowledge.) One would remind you that it is part of the learning process that the human being experiences and completely ignores all the higher knowledge that goes with that called the Higher Self, which is the collection of knowledge from the beginning to the present but in Spirit becomes more open, like the doors of the library, opening up with all the information. But when the doors lock shut, it's as if the information was reclaimed and experiences teach again. (Why did I have such difficulty in opening the doors today?) When considering the power of the Man God's emotions coming through eons of time, manifesting in MANY human life times, it would appear, without judgment but with observation, a VERY powerful unresolved emotional issue remains to challenge you. And will again, should you not resolve. (I welcome you Master of Light. Hugh wishes to thank Light in helping with the healing of the thumbs. Yes, feeling that light now. Which always makes each of us feel so good. I welcome you Master of Light.) Hello, with more light for you. Hello here, hello there, hello there and everywhere. The light cometh to you as you attract that light, let that wonderful light heal every part of your physical being and flow into every cell of your bodies, so that you feel total comfort and energy and vitality and peace and harmony

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