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Date: Feb. 14, 1995

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide

 (I ask for Spirit, for Higher Self, or Spirit that is aware of state of the body. Please give state of physical body and its needs at this time.)

This physical body is in transitory state, becoming more aware of its change in energy. A healthy body. There are changes that will facilitate a future activity. Yes. These changes occur. The creature, the being, will become upset for there are physical needs that are not being met as it changes into a different vibratory rate. It needs also to change physical form to increase the energy levels. Glandular secretions must be adjusted and body functions also. An increase in the physical and emotional/spiritual compatibility. This body has many instructions given it. Some ignored and others responded to.

(What would be his best actions now to help with these changes?)

Conditioning the muscular and physical, healing the joints that produce challenges. (How best to heal these joints?) Instructions may be given the body and supplements provided for its healing process to be accelerated now. There is a need for cleansing at this present time for the changes are causing much refuse to be cleared away in the body. (And his best method of cleansing?) The ideal body has to be stronger. More Active. And to eliminate all toxins possible. (What toxins is he currently ingesting into his body?) The food is good. Needs more clear, pure water. And eliminate alcohol from his diet. (ALL alcohol?) All alcohol. For while it feels comfortable in its process of intoxication it leaves residual toxicity the body that is not easy for him to eliminate at this time. Hot baths. Enemas. And more clear, perfect water will help him eliminate the toxicity at this time. The foods he eats are good and healthy. (Were list of vitamins, herbs, and minerals we mentioned in NMR sufficient?) Additional attention to the trace minerals.

(Spirit, as he moves into this change and into these more spiritual levels, is sexual activity positive, not positive, beneficial, not beneficial?) When one part changes, the others must adjust to that change, creating change in all aspects of his energy flows, but that does not eliminate sexual energy from his being. It only makes it a lesser import to his physical, emotional, spiritual being, but a necessary part of the balance.

(Thank you. Now I ask seek level of Spirit that has access to Universal truths, Universal Records, that Master Spirit that guides us.) Yes?

(I have question in regard to teaching we are to do.) [Pamela note: I observed here rapid changes of energy on Hugh's face. A twisting and the "ugly" face he makes when negative energy is near or entering him.) (Spirit?) Yes. (Are you still here?) Yes. There is also a negative force here. (Yes, what is that?) It is that which would block you if it could, but we will not let it do that. It is not to be an interference with you although it seeks to block. Right at this very moment there is a struggle going on. (Yes, I see that.) We WILL prevail. Please, for a moment, sit and surround yourself with positive thoughts and protect yourself. We will be back in a moment.

[Pamela whispering: I bring in the Word in the name of God. And God forces. The God that is within me and within Hugh and within EVERY minute space of this Universe. That God force and God light and Master of Light. There is the might. There is the strength. I surround us in this room with white light. With God's light. God's power and God's light. With the Archangel Michael. And with all the forces of good. (Hugh's voice chuckles briefly and energy seems to leave) And God light.]

Your recognition did something, for it seemed to dissipate rapidly at that time. Thank you. Your question. (Was that presence what is bringing us our little stumbles along the way.?) Challenges are always there. Brought on by yourselves and some brought on by old programs and some brought on by, hmmm, you know who he is and what it does. (We were speaking of that and of the Anti-Christ. Is that a force or thought made by man's patterns of thoughts?)

Since Christ was a form of energy brought to Man, for Man, to Man to work with for Man, the anti-Christ is also brought at the same moment to challenge and to bring that balance Man needs to struggle with in his effort to find the truth. The anti-Christ is the same energy level as the Christ and will indeed be present from time to time as Man focuses on the negative, the anti versus the positive. Which will they choose?

(Is there an Anti-Christ embodied today?)

Em-bod-ied. In all aspects of thinking. Even you, too, think in positive terms and negative terms. We must remember it is our volition, our choice to embrace the light or the darkness, the Christ or the Anti Christ. It's neither good nor bad, but part of the balance you seek to bring into the world of human being and conscious awareness. I would make note that what you are doing at this moment is still thinking how to get rid of the antichrist versus how to create more of the light of Grace. Is this not true? (Yes.) You see how this works insidiously in our everyday world of human thought. (Then as we shift our focus, as we focus on the God and on the Christ and the good, even numbers such the 666 we seem to be focused upon lose their significance. Lose their power.) They are only symbols of that Antichrist. Which many of your religions of today are focused on versus the positive aspects of the light. How to get rid of the evil seems to be the focus of most religions versus how to see the light, which was brought to you by the Christ who saw the evil only as that to be ignored or left behind in the course for the enlightened human being. How simple. How direct. How confounding to Man's complicated scope. How not understanding.

(Guide us then Spirit. I am going to ask people one, two, three, or four times a day, at 6 A.m., noon, 6pm, and midnight, they sit in one minute of focusing on the light and spreading it out from their own being, through the room, through the country, thru the oceans and countries north, south, and east and west, around the globe, and into earth and back to them again. Would this be positive, powerful, protection, focus shifting of the balance?)

As you spoke before, yes it is a powerful tool and one we have been asking for many centuries. So simple, yet the ancients knew it well and the modern mind seems to ignore as being too simple to work. I feel your very positive approach will be enormously successful as you will find backing coming from most unexpected and unorthodox areas. Do not deny them their right to aid and abet in this teaching of focus on light and become enlightened each and every one of us in ALL forms and benefit from this. Only good can come to you and ALL of Mankind and Spirit form. And do not think if one can focus on the positive that we need to eliminate the negative for that refocuses the energy. Please remember that. (Is it more powerful to focus on the light from the heart, or the crown, or the third eye chakras?) As Man is an individual, one must choose their own. You must suggest different approaches. But ultimately the final decision is laid at the feet of the performer, for they will perform best in their own state of comfort. Thank you. And God does bless this work.

(Master of Light! How wonderful to see you. Certainly I want you with us as we work with people for healing and lifting of their vibrations.)

Light will be with you there, as it is everywhere, and I know, when you ask for me, it brings joy to you and joy to me. I like to be with positive energy when it's appreciated in the lightning of the mind and of the body and brining light into the spiritual realm. (You can help me too with my body Spirit of light. I, too, wish to enlighten mine and let go of the heaviness.) Let go then of the focus on the negative experiences of your childhood. And re-establish the change of RNA and DNA that gave you the physical configuration. That can be changed also. I'll help you do that. Change your RNA and the whole physical configuration that you combined from your mother and her father that gave you a combination that you desire to change now. It can be done. And a good experience for you I perceive to be. (Do I speak directly to the cells?) Why not. We'll enlighten them too. They are alive and active within your body at this very moment. Have you ever tried that? (I've spoken to my teeth and bones. Now I speak to the RNA.) You may find wonderful results. Ask me, I will be here to help anytime.

(Feel that wonderful light Hugh.) Yes, he wants more energy. We'll give it to him. He's asking for energy every day. Prays for more energy. Don't know why he doesn't accept it. He is resisting. (What would be source of that resistance now?) He still has the fear of rejection. Hmmmm. (Perhaps as we begin to teach and demonstrate with you and he begins to perceive the acceptance that is there and embracing, this shall change.) Perhaps. It is only a matter of time.

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