Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/13/97

Hugh Channel, Pamela Guide
(Your energies, Master of Spirit, when you are speaking like this, through this body, are some of your energies present with this body you are speaking through?) Yes. (First question involves B.P., a phenomena with her spoons.) Interference coming in, here, from another source. (This source is?) This source seems to be a foreign structure, such as you call visitors. Interfering with communication here. (Visitors, I ask you to stand back. In fact, if you wish to observe, it's fine. If you interfere you are to go. Master of Light please see to it they observe these instructions.)

  Master of Light: When I observe the request, I will inform you they are now moving back. I suggest that you, as a sensitive to spirit entity/energy, detect whether you feel the change in the temperature when they are present and observe that is your signal to take action should you choose to speak to them. I'll be waiting to speak later.

(Yes, thank you. Welcome back Master of Spirit.) Thank you. Your question was about the unusual behavior of the spoons? (Yes.) One Moment. Ordinary spoons. Behavior of these spoons affected by her own spiritual entity she calls Higher Self and they will continue to try to gain her attention and should she completely ignore or become irresponsive to their communication system, they will pull further away from her. And as I observe, they have pulled towards you in the past and should they pull towards you again, becoming more and more focused on your energies, would you want them there or move them out? Would you be receptive? You must make that clear should they decide to come to you. They wish to communicate their knowledge and when she does not use their knowledge or accept them, they pull away and find someone else

[Master of Light enters.] You see what happens when we don't pay attention to the very things there for us to pay attention to author? How clear it becomes! When we don't do what we have promised to do. (Thank you Master of Light.)

[Master of Spirit now.] Is there more? (Yes, the group asked the question of what happened to the dinosaurs on this earth. Was there a time when they became extinct due to a meteorite or some other cause?) There have been many times when the earth was inhabited by different forms you speak of as dinosaurs. They are only animals that are different in nature from yours. They are generally from the reptilian family. There have been many phases of the reptilian dominance of the earth many times - many ages. They have caused confusion in the depicting of a particular time because there was no particular time. Science often - pardon the observance - your science often is confused by its own parameters. An observation only - no criticism meant. (My daughter Bambi is saying she is having difficulty sleeping. Cause of this?) Your daughter is going through a great deal of confusion. One moment please. I'm informed she is moving and shifting into another phase of her life development time. She should be careful. I would hesitate to make suggestions, but determining for her own movement the appropriate path would be of great benefit for her as it would be for all people. (On her paths...) She is confused for she has more than one she is available to and aware of. (Which path is to her higher purpose, her soul purpose?) You should determine that with her as you have the knowledge to do that. It is NOT our place to recommend, we only observe. (She considering buying a car with which Hugh had some intuitive knowledge or warning. Is there Light you could shed on this?) Only that the intuitive messages are usually well founded. Whether they come from the clarity of one's own self, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, other persons - bear in mind, when they come from another person the influence is great as the other person projects their own thought forms into this. (S.S., whom you have read for before, what is her present state of development? Is she in a, hmmm, good place?) Hmmm. Perhaps she would suggest she was not. You might suggest that she is. I would observe she is where she is to learn. She has great ability and talent. You might observe that one of her learning processes is to use the talent and not deny her talent. To make the greatest use of her abilities and not to abuse herself through her abilities. She has many, many talents. And many, many pathways. You have worked with her determining her pathway, is that correct? (Yes.) That is indicated here and did she follow the pathway? (No.) That is indicated also. The observation would be then, clearly, she is learning something that only she can learn. And only she can learn about someone else - would you say rescuing her? (True. Thank you. This question is in regards to our former President Jack Kennedy and his death. If the bullet that killed him came from within or without of the car he was riding in.) We note that there were several missals involved in that incident. The duplicity is great. And no single determining factor would resolve the dilemma that is still in Men's minds. There was a collusion AND separate faction, all happening at the same time. You might call that a phenomena. Members of the government of his own party were involved in his assassination, as well as a radical who wished to assassinate him for its own reasons. (No wonder it was so complicated.) Still complicated.

(There is a Major Daimes who does remote viewing who has mentioned they have perceived a cylinder from the vicinity of the Comet Hale-Bopp heading towards earth that has a plant pathogen on it, meant to eradicate the food source for humans. Is this occurring?) They have the capability of bringing that at any time. This is not, as you would perceive, a mechanical system such as a rocket. It might be well noted that they are capable of causing mutations that would affect the growth factor and the ability to derive benefit such as sustenance from these plant lives that you formally would have found nourishing, now would find not nourishing. They also have the ability to mutate the growth process, thus causing mass starvation. This is NOT a rocket flying through the air. (Has such a process been put in motion?) There are many, many processes in motion. There are many more than possibly I could explain in a short period of time. There are many influences such as you call the Visitors. There are many, many - would you call Visitors any of those that are not of the human form but tend to have human knowledge? Would that be your word? (I think we call them aliens.) Aliens, thank you. There are many aliens that are waiting to have a greater influence on earth. But you, without even knowing it, have a great power over this earth. (We humans?) Yes, ALL humans. (There are people who came to our Friday night that had a valid point, that said, "if you speak of the future in dire terms, if you mention the future in calamity, this creates fear and puts the focus on that future." They question, is it not better to speak only of possible positive future?) To make choices, one must know all the ramifications. Otherwise, one would not find that a choice. So knowing, then recognizing the knowledge, gives one choice, and from that choice one may choose the focus that they find most satisfactory for their needs. (I agree, thank you. They also mention this positive future is now in place. I suspect this is not correct, that we are still struggling to create that future.) That will never be correct as long as there IS confusion. Opposing forces brought into balance are necessary. But when opposing forces are constantly changing, constantly fluctuating and struggling - there is a continuum of change in the balance - always a threat then to bringing the world out of balance and into chaos. You might think of the old game of children called tug of war. As long as both teams are fairly equal, it can be fun to see who can pull the other, who can pull the hardest. But when a sudden mass of energy is added to one side or the other, the game is over. And the opposite team has lost its ability to create the balance. Do you understand? (I do.) (I see Master of Spirit has left and that energy that aids us in our end of the tug of war has entered - Master of Light.) Author! Author! (I tell you Master of Light, I am ready. My computer, I must have it back. I want this book finished and finished now.) I, too, want the book finished, with my name on that book. [laughs heartily.] (I, too, I read the first chapter. It's GOOD Master of Light.) I, too, think your book is very worthy. And my additions to it will make it even better!

(I am eager to do the last chapter which is YOUR chapter.) Hmmmm. Hmmmm, may I have part in the other chapters? (You have part in ALL the other chapters, which is why I am editing. But indeed, the last chapter shall be Master of Light's.) And IT shall be the MOST enLightening. [chuckles] (Master of Light, enLighten me...my body is changing, I'm not sure it's to the positive. I am working with your red Light, thank you. I am shinning Light on my thyroid and parathyroids, thank you. I am drinking more water and breathing more air, thank you. I am working with any remaining childhood programs and adding vitamins and minerals and I am alarmed that I feel like my hips and abdomen are growing.) A statement, you wish an answer? (I wish an answer.) You body is not in balance and your mind must work diligently, consciously as well as subconsciously, to create the changes you choose. As long as you're focused so, hmmm, worriedly, so distressed about your weight - you are bringing total focus to that which you wish to change. Need I remind you more? (My, how do we fall into those simple cracks so easily? Thank you Master of Light.) You are more than welcome co-author. Shall we let him keep his name on it? (Well, I've put him in second place.) Alphabetically hmmm? (Indeed.) That puts me last. (Well, L does come after H and C. The visitors Master of Light, what guidance would you offer us with them at this point?) Keep them out of your bodies and your minds. For they think they know better and must intercede to save what is good of the earth. They are not correct, but they are determined to have the influence. And they are many and very strong. They think they are doing the right thing so you must accept them as trying to be positive in their actions and keep your communication lines open so they will not use excessive energies in taking charge. KEEP THE COMMUNICATION OPEN AND YOU WILL KEEP THE BALANCE. Close the communication and you will see a rapid change.

(It occurs to me, if we do move into this wonderful future, and the planet remains and human beings, then they can be born in our process and TRULY experience the body and its sensates in the way they seem to want to.) They are doing that and have been doing that. You will note the difference in the generations. The quandary that the more adult, the more aged, have with the very young. The young are bright and sharp but don't have the compassion, nor respect for life or elders. Everything is equal and they don't respect the elements that were of great importance to you [humans] in the recent past. (How do we, what is the best way....) Demonstration that you are in control, not the younger generation. When people say, "I give up. You can't change them. They say, 'you are right. We are in charge.' (When it makes more sense to say this is how the world is set, this is how you meet if you wish to come here.) That is true. (Thank you very much Master of Light.) Send your daughter Light and I will complement that with my Light. She is a special spirit. And needs reinforcement in her life form now. (Thank you, I will.) Like your father? No, not your father - be focused on your daughter. You've not maintained focus with your father. Please hear what I am saying. I will take care of your father. If you will add your thoughts to your daughter. Your daughter needs your thoughts and feelings and energy now. (Thank you.) One further thought before we burst into the enLightenment - S.S. could benefit greatly from the essence of Light in stimulating the healing process in her body. You might want to bring her attention to that. Many types of Light in many parts of her body. There are ways of determining which might be more helpful to her. By trial and error. You might find it faster with your Neuro Muscular Response. She could lie with her part of the body being enLightened with lamps of various colors for stimulating the healing of her body.

(I thank Master of Light, and there seems to be another energy to communicate as this channel has kept open. I feel the cold. If you are going to communicate Visitor, we will do mental telepathy as you project your thoughts upon the thoughts of this one, and the voice box speaks your thoughts. Is it a Visitor I have here? Yes, alright, remember, out of the energy space of Hugh and me, and project your thoughts and speak. Hello.) Your hello, hello. Yes, I am communicating. Why do you keep me far away from the physical body? (When your energies come into the physical body energies, it is extremely depleting to our bodies.) We are using too much of your energy field, I believe, and your system is not used to that depletion of energy that we place. (That is correct. That is why, since we are able to communicate with mental telepathy, that is just as well for us. For our energies are important to us as yours are to you.) Are you creating a healthier thought pattern for your people about this earth process now? Can we expect greater focus on the healing?

(Yes, we are spreading that message to spread Light, to focus, to take responsibility for the earth and human processes. This is a valuable planet, visitor, for the pathway of will and choice. We would like to keep it that way.) You see what will and choice have brought you to - the very edge of chaos. (Because we have made wrong choices, is that not part of the learning process?) We observe that. (Then, if we have indeed learned, ah, this is where these choices have led us. It gives us the opportunity to make the other choices, positive choices.) We observe that. (You are powerful energies. I am seeking in my mind to know how your energies and our energies can work together to keep this earth a place of will and choice, and uniqueness and personal development. Your people like it as well. There was mention made of many of your people having incarnated and with your powerful focus of equality somewhat upsetting the balance of this realm and the necessity for teaching these ones, this is a realm of consequence - of choice and consequence. Perhaps you can aid us in communicating with the young people.) They want to recreate what they have become accustomed to, but they enjoy the elements of emotion and feeling you have in your body structures and mind structures. (How VERY human to want the pleasures without the responsibilities.) We see that change when they enter into your realm. (Then it does behoove you and us in finding a good communication, and means of teaching, a way that they respect.) Yes. We agree with that. (Perhaps as you have fine minds you might make suggestions about that at our next meeting.) Thoughts will be collected and we will present this. We appreciate your communication with us. Thank you. (You know visitors, it is a challenge, to keep the communication from you open with people without instilling fear, but I think it can be done.) We will be available. (I will note the temperature changes when you wish to communicate and make arrangements for that.) We will use that signal to keep the communication lines open. Thank you.

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