Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: Feb 10, 1996

[Hugh has had coughing, sneezing, stuffy, runny nose for few days. With NMR located 4 allergens: Mimosa, yellow flowers in front, Mineral Juice, Spores.
Symptoms do not abate. NMR says Spirit (not attachment) message. We access Hugh's Higher Self.]

 (Higher Self, what is the cause we have not found as yet?) The emotional cause of this is not an infection, but confusion. And the confusion is the lack of preparedness comes to enlightenment through the manifestation of sinus condition. (Feeling lack of preparedness in what area?) Confusion and lack of preparation in dealing with the healing process that you promote for the world. Confusion as to the next important thing to do. The next important part of that healing, that you call balancing process. (He is to train other in how to promote the healing process?) People who are willing to work with this process. To train, to teach, to instruct them so that they may teach others of the choice and balance all Men have before that choice and balance are no longer a valid option. (What would be the process that he would teach them?) Performance is what you observe as you believe and think and focus your attention, you manifest in your life, demonstrating through the manifestation process. [There are some] new and uncharted areas in this and he has fears and doubts in the process of teaching them. Not doubts about teaching the truths that he knows, but the demands to teach truth he is unfamiliar with leave him fearful,. (How can he become more familiar with these processes?) Rising early and meditating during the spiritual part of the day, the dawn, the predawn, the break of dawn, when the spirit energy is the highest. You would say charging his energies for the day with that contemplative time would help him and we would be able to help in the guiding of his program. (What would be helpful to me in this as well?) More than one can observe the energy of change early in the morning. You, too, may open your mind to that forceful spirit energy that precedes the rising of the sun. When the sky is tinted with its color. When the dark recedes into lightness. It is the time, that's right. (What is the part I am to play in his teaching of others?) You are not to take a secondary role, but as a teacher also. You have more faith. His programs are affected by his experiences in other lifetimes. He abhors the rejection of people. When he speaks the truth, he expects them to embrace that. When he speaks the truth, he expects them to benefit from that. When they turn from him, in their fear and denial, he feels that he has not done his job well, and then he suffers greatly for his lack of ability to convince. His fears are grounded in many lives and many occasions. (I would ask you Higher Self, when we do past lives, or are working with lessons, and he has not much conscious, cognizant awareness [of these during the hypnosis] is this a handicap?) A handicap. Only means that he is unable to process that material to its maximum benefit. Therefore, the more he processes material, the more benefit he derives. (Is there a meaning in my having burned my fingers in the past week?) You will find evidence of that message in the hand that was burned and the fingers that were burned and how it relates to your personal being at this crossroads of your life that you resist. You will benefit from lay knowledge demonstrated in the pain that you're causing yourself by resisting the change that was meant for you to proceed through at this time. Look closely and you will see exactly what the message was and clearly understand it. (As we teach and talk to people, it disturbs me that we speak so little of the God energy. I don't know if that is being wise, if it may turn away others to speak of it, or if it is being...) I have heard no denial from you. (No, there is no denial, but we don't speak specifically of it very often.) You may use the bio words to describe it, or the truth, and God cares not. Only the work that must be done, are choices you must make. God will not punish, only provide. And you must do with these provisions what you will. God is not a thing. God is not a person. God is not what you can conceive of a being or a constructor of things, God is … [Hugh comes up with a mighty cough.]

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