Messages From Spirit

Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 2/4/94

(I thank Master of Colors - Light - for being here with the wonderful colors. Now, as Hugh slides aside, just steps aside and allows Master of Spirit to use the vocal chords of the body to announce its presence and alignment. Spirit, are you here?) [Yes indicator] (Need more suggestions for alignment? Vibratory rate inside Hugh, getting higher and higher. Just allow it to happen within. Meeting the vibrations of Spirit there and moving aside so it can occur. Breathe in the Spirit that is all around. Breathing it in. Spirit is all around, breathe it in through the nostrils. Yes. Again. Ah yes, Spirit enters in through the breathe. Now the alignment. Yes. ) Hello. (Welcome) Yes (We asked for your presence today.) Yes (How would you advise us on our path at this moment?) The advice has not changed. (To teach?) To teach. To dedicate your lives to taking the truth to the people. You must move now. If anything is to be done it must happen soon. (Does teaching techniques such as muscle testing, in order to contact the inner cells, is that part of the teaching?) Any form of positive communication is beneficial. Between all parts of the universe. The problem is the segregation and separation of the mind, body, Spirit. There is no connection now for many of those on this earth. There is absolutely no connection with Spirit, and they live a very hollow, dangerously destructive life. The earth is slowly dying of its own garbage. This will kill the planet for many years to come. It is like a death warrant being issued every day. (So Hugh's path is to teach that there is a connection to Spirit?) Indeed, why do you ask the question? (I believe he is having difficulty figuring out how to do this. If he were to just go out and start talking, none would listen.) Probably right. People don't want to hear their responsibility in communicating with Spirit and are unwilling to embrace the joys that come with that. We are not here as symbols. Why do we frighten people? Why do people avoid us? Why do the very people we help in every possible way seek to avoid us? Maybe they seek to avoid the truth in themselves. Maybe they refuse to recognize the Creator of the Universe and the powerful balance that's needed in the Universe. (Maybe they are afraid that you are figments of our imaginations. How do we help communicate and teach that that is not so.) One of the best and easiest methods for them to assimilate and understand and embrace is the so called quantum theory. That is simple, direct and can be embraced by most people as it is so simple and direct as they are very simple minded. Indeed, direct, simple approaches. Complex, very good for the person or persons who give that, but they are the ones who benefit. The others must learn to embrace their wonderful power and ability. And avoid the defeatism and idea their responsibility is nil or nothing. You ALL are responsible. Many peoples are choosing to leave the earth. For they have no faith. We give you faith. We provide you with power. You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us. We need your power with our power. And this is how it will work to save this planet earth. Earth is a very important link in the chain of development of the Universe. There are other planets equally as important, but they're all very valuable and important links to the development of knowledge and the affinity for all things to work in harmony. Balance is the important aspects of these things. You had a question? (So we should be putting our advertising and actions towards the teaching of Spirit, rather than matters we have been putting our minds to?) The message we bring to you is clear and you are correct. What more do you want from us? I hear the word power and money. Money is a facility for you. Why don't you accept it? All of your group must be willing to accept money or it will never be forthcoming. (Spirit, what to teach and where? Clubs? Organizations?) Any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, and bodies to take action to carry this message forward are all valuable starts, are all valuable sources of distribution. (I see Master of Light is coming in now.) Yes. You want me? (Are you aware of energies in the room?) Yes. (Any energies we should be particularly concerned about?) Yes. Me. (I love having you around. It was so wonderful for Hugh's energies when you told him to brighten up and lighten up.) That's what he needs. Light energies and light path and to work with light energy and to work with those energies that are all around us. Everything is light, how can I tell you more of the energy and the power you have with light? For example, would you like a demonstration of healing? Let light glow right into your sinuses and nasal passages and into the throat and right out into those tubes into your ears, the Eustachian tubes. See the light flowing in, breathe in that pure, perfect, whole light and let it flow through every part of your nose and throat and with a few deep breaths of light every hour your congestion will be cleared by the morrow. [Note: It was.] He who feels defeated needs to use this energy. I give both of you lots of power with light ,and nobody has used it. Why? (I don't think we know how to use it.) Well, that's what I'm here for, to tell you about that. I like to talk to you, I like to be around you, but I'm here for a very valuable lesson for you. Light is the source of all power. It's like the thought power. Light can heal the body. There have been studies done with light therapy that have been very successful. Light is the source of energy. Well, isn't that a very powerful tool then for you to use in your quest to save this planet earth? (Yes, but how do we use it? What do we do?) Oh my dear. Goodness. I just heard you ask the same thing of Spirit. And what was the answer. You have to ask and take action. We'd love to help, because actually you see, we're all working together you and me. Spirit. We're all working together. (Why would they believe us if we go out and speak of light, speak of the powers. So many trying to make money and gather people. How do we do this?) Excuse me, but let me remind you that you just had a visitor who uses light in a most profound way in surgery, did you not.? Well, is that not a powerful demonstration of what light can do when it's focused and concentrated? And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy. Find a way to change the vibrations of people and you will find a way of healing them. When their vibration rates are off, and light controls vibratory rates since all spectrums of light are vibratory rates, then you will be able to teach people healing, and that's a very important factor in getting people's attention. They all want to live a happy, healthy, and unfortunately many want to live a long life. (Can you bring this knowledge to Hugh so he can teach it?) Yes, I can bring the knowledge to Hugh, but he must use it. Perhaps he'll learn though the use of light the power he can demonstrate to people. We'll have to work on that won't we. So lighten up and see the light.

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