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Date: January, 1998

PC: What causes the sneezing?

Subconscious: A knowledge or intelligence from outside the body, when they leave the unattended body want to bring it back to consciousness. Altered rapidly by the sneezing sensation.

PC: You mean the being that is not normally in the body?

Subconscious: Yes.

PC: Wanting to terminate the state of being of the body?

Subconscious: The state of being of the body in the altered state. They leave by returning the body to a conscious level.

PC: Is there a way to do this more gradually?

Subconscious: I presume. I don't know.

PC: Would it be avoided if other beings remained outside the energy field?

Subconscious: You'll have to ask them.

PC: In mental telepathy, does the being communicate through you or the voice box?

Subconscious: It uses part of what I control, that would be part of my energy that controls the body response to the thought form that comes into this mind.

PC: I would like to speak with you at another time subconscious mind.

Subconscious: You undoubtedly will.

PC: Now, bring forth spirit present now, Mr. Edgar Cayce who wishes to speak.

EC: Hello, it's been some time.

PC: Are you outside of energy field or within it?

EC: You asked me to leave, so I'm outside now. It's working fine.

PC: Have you done it this way before?

EC: Well, when they spoke through my body when I was in the physical body, they kind of got inside of me, but I understand what this body wants, to keep its own energy field and not have it polluted with somebody else's. Even a spirit can pollute it, I guess.

PC: Was that you our cat was acknowledging the other night?

EC: Perhaps. I was there. The cat thought it knew me and I guess it did from before. I don't remember the cat but the cat seemed to remember me.

PC: I'm eager for information you have to share today.

EC: Several things I wanted to talk to you about. Let's take them in order. Let's talk about the body first. You were talking about what makes the sneezing. I think what that is, is the different levels of spirit you talk to, they leave an untended body that they've been speaking through, they want to bring it back to a state of awareness so it can take care of itself. It's a kind of self-preservation. So they create a sensation in the body so that it can reestablish communication with itself. It doesn't want to leave it unguarded so it brings its consciousness back. If you recall, people would try to move through my space of energy when I was unconscious and it really upset my whole balance. And that's why I think your idea of keeping the energy fields separate from one another would be better. Because that is, somebody would move their hand or sweep the energy field and it would really upset the balance. A really fine balance, very sensitive balance has to be maintained.

PC: Now, what is the next thing.

EC: Your concern about the state of the earth and the state of the world, the population on the earth. The state is in chaos, it's changing. You can see the weather changing, you can see the elements shifting and changing. When you get Siberian cold into the Indian Ocean area, that's a very dramatic change, and now you can begin to understand what the animals inhabited the earth in those early ice ages began to feel. Dramatic sudden changes began to bother them and destroy their lifestyle and their comfort zones and their hunting fields and their plant types and, you see, it's not that some giant hand grabs the earth and squeezes, punches, pokes it or shakes it. It's a changing that you'll notice, fairly rapid changes; but not instantaneous or sudden changes that you can't be aware of and try to cope with. So the changes, while moving towards themselves in this moment can be altered and changed as you've proposed. But you see, hmmm. I thought it was interesting that so many people who are really educated and highly intelligent people understood what was happening while I was in my body and wanted to use this knowledge and take advantage of the knowledge that's pro-offered to the populace, and the populace, many intelligent thinking people thought it almost obsessive to deny it. They were obsessed with trying to destroy it. They were focused on we were so wrong and they were so right and they were what we used to be called chest beaters, you know? "I am here to save the people from this charlatan!" And nothing, NOTHING in any of this what you're doing and what I did and now MANY other people are doing that is anything but positive. So, if you can form a so called link of intelligence that can penetrate the density and denial of the populace, you'll find that you have done great things to thwart the dramatic changes and allow the population to prepare itself and adjust and even bring positive, POSITIVE, results from the physical changes of earth. You might tell this body it needs to clear its sinuses.

PC: Please drain those sinuses. Relax all the muscles that will allow the flow of that natural life force to the nasal cavities. Asking Light to help as well. Clear, clearing, clearing.

EC: Yes, to continue now. The book you wrote. Fine work. I feel sorry and derelict that I didn't write more. I was depending on others of the more educated level to write more about what we did. And now I realize we could have done more if I had maintained focus and felt more positive about myself. You see, I didn't feel too sure of myself because I felt, hmm, oh, I don't know, criticized. Alienated.

PC: You know Mr. Cayce, there are so many books written about your work. And were it not for you and the books written about you, I wouldn't be here.

EC: I appreciate what you're doing and telling me and I'm telling you that I surely appreciate the work you're doing. We all interact with each other and the spirit world has a greater, perhaps, appreciation of that than when we're in the bodies learning about the things we're about to learn in the bodies. Anyway, I know that I was there for a reason. You're here for a reason. We know all about that don't we? We need to stimulate, light fires, send signals, get people to open their minds to the possibility they may be something greater than that which lives in that physical cellular structure they call themselves. Furthermore, the more open and receptive they become, the less they affect the world in a negative way. The negativity in this world today is abominable. It is shocking. If you were in spirit now and looked at what we see; we see a tremendous negativism force, the negative force is so great it is turning neighbor on neighbor, person on person, friend on friend. I should say. Land a'goshin. It's appalling. In fact, it goes back, I don't know whether you're a bible student or not, it goes back to the tribal wars of the areas of civilization of that day. The tribes of Israel and the different tribes at that time, fighting one another. For what? There was plenty for all. They just wanted to hoard land, steal people, enslave people, kill people. And all saying this is for the right, the might of the Lord. The Lord is my God, I shall go and kill for him. My, my, my. And we're seeing it today in a different form. We need RE form. We need to reform our thoughts, minds and physical approaches to things. My predictions are true. If nothing changes these peoples attitudes, the populace of the earth, as the rich get richer and the poor become subjected. I say to you, you're doing fine work, but you need 10,000 more and each book you send out there is going to be a messenger. A messenger that's powerful and great, a messenger that invites open minds that participate in the healing of the earth and the feeling of camaraderie and the sharing with others, and I need not go further. You understand as well or greater than I, but I am shocked every time we really get down and see what is really going on. The whole world is shocking. We need to change that. If change is made now we can have a paradise. If not, I don't know, but you and I suspect it's going to be something other than paradise. Well, that's all I guess. I don't want to bore you.

PC: You don't bore me at all, Mr. Cayce.

EC: Thank you. You know, I selfishly say this - I love to have these little conversations and I'd like to have more of them if you could find the time.

PC: I would like this. I believe Hugh would too.

EC: You know that fellow that you call light - the Spirit of Light? Very good. Very good spirit. And if you use that light, you'll have tremendous, tremendous energy and a great communication tool for others, for the population. Use it. Don't let him escape your use there. He's willing and eager. I know you're getting ready to write another book and I want to see that book out in less than six months. If I can help in any way in my humble, humble way, I will be happy to.

PC: Perhaps you would be writing to write the, um, whatever they call it, that they put, you might want to write this book, um, a quote.

EC: [Laughing] I'll endorse your book anytime.

PC: Yes, endorsement. Thank you Mr. Cayce. That ought to get it some notice pro and con.

EC: Yes, it will probably get a lot of attention from my relatives in Florida.

PC: I don't think they'll be pleased.

EC: Well, contact them, if you choose and tell them you've been talking to me.

PC: I'd love you to do that.

EC: No, I said it would be good for you to. I talk to them all the time.

PC: No, no, can you tell them you've been talking to us to sort of prepare them, and then I can contact them?

EC: I'll do my best. Sometimes they don't listen too well to me, they think they know more than I do. And they're probably right.

PC: [Laughing] Goodbye for now Mr. Cayce. Now, Master of Light, I wish to thank you for your Light. I sometimes think if it weren't for you, I'd be on a beach somewhere ignoring everything.

ML You might be on a beach sooner than you think. In Montana.

PC: Alright, I'm ready to begin Book Two.

ML If you only write, Dear Folks, I'll be happy.

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