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Date: Jan. 27, 1998

PC: Is there further information that we did not get from NMR about the Electro therapy with Hugh's body and my body, or did we get any of the information incorrect?

HS: Pulsing the muscles at that rapid rate is not natural to the body and it cannot accept that multiple contraction and relaxation at the speed at which they are applying it without damage to the cells. The electrical stimulation to the body is minimal in itself to the damage in the body, but the excessive vibration of the muscle causes many problems in the future, much as electro-stimulation from electrical high current wires. It is not recommended for prolonged use. Only for short periods of time.

PC: Hugh asked about the pain he feels periodically in the right elbow along the heart and small intestine meridians. Cause of the pain/sensation?

HS: Yes, the meridians that run through that are irritated, irritating the neural points along the inside of the elbow where the muscles attach to the bone. It is primarily of emotional energy manifesting as a physical dysfunction in the right elbow. Emotion is fear. Feeling unappreciative of the things he should be appreciating and letting go of the fear of that which has not occurred.

PC: Asking for another. Name is _______ Question if: How can he rid himself of herpes virus?

HS: Very difficult to rid the body of the herpes itself as it gets in the Milo sheath in the nerve tissue, underneath that sheath, hiding from the immune system until the nerves are irritated by an emotion or many emotions, then they come out and attack the cells of the body, taking some time for immune system to build up and eliminate the activity. If one were to eliminate the stress, the activity of immune system should keep them suppressed and out of the way of the reproduction system of the virus.

PC: Is it possible to talk to the herpes virus and convince it to go? Or is it their job to let the body know when it is over stressed?

HS: All things have a function and their function is exactly as stated.

PC: Asking for Master of Spirit now.

MS: You called?

PC: Yes. Information for two people. One is a female client.

MS: Yes, I know her very well.

PC: She has had sexual relations with a man and is concerned as to whether she has picked up a virus from that man that is dangerous to her body.

MS: None, that we can tell. Of her body's imbalance - she seems to be stronger and healthier and her immune system working more perfectly. She does toxify her body with her emotions, her statements, her feelings, and her suppressed anger. But it is better than it has been for some time, as you people call time. It is suffering no great challenge at this time.

PC: The gentleman she was with, he made a comment to her that he had betrayed her in some manner. Is there any knowledge of what was meant by this remark?

MS: There's nothing that seems to be of threat to her. He made lots of statements to her. Some true. Some untrue. Perhaps he refers to the untruthful statements. I want to remind you that life experiences are for the people that are experiencing them. And for them to understand them, they must move into the area, being open and understanding. The message is whether they come in their form of omens or physical dysfunction or emotional dysfunction. We are not here to give advice about the actions of people meant for their education and learning. We are not meant for that. I don't mean to be rude. But people need to learn from their own experiences and that's what life and death and living in the form of the body is all about.

PC: There is a young man who has a blood condition that requires frequent transfusions. What is the origin of this imbalance in the blood, if that's what it is?

MS: The physical is a genetic dysfunction between the genes of the male father and the female mother. The lessons here to be learned - not to be misinterpreted by my statement, but these are for you to know - when things are of blood disorders, they are usually meant to be focused on life force. When life force is challenged.

[tape turns over]

This is to you, it is not meant to be made an issue with the party. But for every physical dysfunction there is one or more emotional or spiritual challenges. So if they are to find what would seem to be a cure, that word is taken out of context, bringing into balance the imbalance - that would be better - they would look to an emotional origin and when righted the effect on the physical would be noted.

PC: Is there a lifetime - present or past - where they would focus their searching?

MS: Past lifetime. There's three that would be influential on the dysfunction that's focused in this lifetime. Should the young man who is in this state of imbalance be open to that, you might be able to let him discover the origins of past and apply them to the present, which is very simple to understand. When he goes to the past he will see that there is something challenging in the present that he can change. That he can care for.

PC: Are the dates of three past lives known?

MS: Oh yes, they're all known.

PC: Could you give me the dates so the hypnotherapist for the young man will know where to regress the young man to?

MS: In this particular case, I am not refusing to give you information. I am inviting you to develop these with your neuro-muscular-response. It will be more exciting and enlightening to him than to tell him. He's been told for many, many years - most of this life - what to do and what not to do, over-protected. It's better to do some self-research and discovery, giving him part of the lesson that he needs to create the balance in his life.

PC: And the NMR would be best way to find correct kind of light therapy too?

MS: Yes and that would be the next thing that he might benefit from.

PC: Thank you Master of Spirit

MS: People oft times ignore light therapy, but since light - as you know - is the beginning of the beginning, then different parts of that light affect different parts of spirits as well as beings in human form. Most powerful tool.

[Master of Light]

ML: Part of what his imbalance is letting him be in charge of his life. Over protection often debilitates instead of facilitates. I can tell you that I will be there and help you when you choose to talk to him. But please remember, if you're dealing with any living creature, it is better to speak to them directly instead of through another creature of living form. Even in speaking to your cat.

You should be hearing from the printers today. If you do not, give them a call and stimulate their activity. This being that I am speaking from has developed quite a friendship with the lady who can help you the most there.

PC: He's good at that.

MS: Yes, he's very good at that. Let me add some words for you about your own physical body. I know you seek to change the configuration of your body, which you will do. But, as you advise others, if you would gain the cooperation of all of your experiences in this life at the different age levels, you would perform what you would term a miracle.

PC: Thank you. Now this body (Hugh's) is a good body. Fear, I will take this opportunity to speak with you. What are you fearful of still fear? Yes, come forward. What is on your mind fear? Are you fearful for the survival of this body?

Fear No

PC: What does create fear for you? Are you fearful for the reputation of this being, Hugh Harmon?

Fear Yes, partly. Fear for the kind of reckless things people do. Fearful of interfering with the relationship that he has with you. Fearful of people trying to destroy you as well as this being. Fearful of so many possibilities. I know, as I watch others, who try to be what they are meant to be and do what they can do, they are cut down. And then I wonder why? Why do we set ourselves up to be leaders and way showers and teachers? But, I know, from past experience, that this is a very vulnerable position to be in. It puts you right up where you are the prime target for the baser kind of mentality that would have you stepping stones for them to climb higher on your bones.

PC: When you ask why do people do this. What answer do you get?

Fear The questions you are querying, is it why do people become leaders or why are they defeated?

PC: Why do they set themselves up to be leaders and way showers when so frequently they are defeated?

Fear Cause they're all, they're playing their role, they're here to do that.

PC: What happens when they are done playing their role, when they move into spirit? What happens then?

Fear I don't know. Sometimes they feel defeated and when they move past that they see why they were in that role. Nevertheless, when venturing into that role again, the old models begin to feel the fear creep up.

PC: Has it occurred to you fear that it is like a magnet? It tends to draw more fear to it.

Fear That is true.

PC: What is the answer?

Fear Ask somebody besides me, I'm the fear. I'm doing my job. Who's doing yours?

If you want not to talk to me, you have to talk to someone else.

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