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Notes: Words in (parenthesis) in the transcripts are those of Pamela, unless otherwise indicated and words in [brackets] are our editorial comments.

Date: 1/24/97

[During meditation of Hugh and Pamela, two doves on landed on the fence near us and began cooing, a covey of quails landed on fence and began calling, the hummingbirds ALL began calling, other birds began singing. All of this at once. Also, knocking on house, which is always a signal from the Visitors (an alien race). Afterwards we meet inviting in this order: Visitors, Master of Spirit, Master of Light. Hugh is Channel. Pamela Guide]
 (I welcome Visitors to communicate now. ONE visitor is welcomed in the body now for communication. Others may observe and communicate mentally with that one. Good, subconscious, swallow and keep the moisture level of the mouth perfect. As you see, visitor, co-operation with the subconscious is very important.) Yes. Your language is unique. (How so?) It uses words. And we have thought form communication. We think in thought forms and you think in thought forms, yet you communicate in word forms. More focused on word form than thought form, interesting. (We found it necessary at some point to separate or divide the mind.) Lack of trust maybe. (Perhaps, indeed, but I believe we will move back to communicating in thought form again.) More co-operation would be needed. More honesty and openness. More one and alignment of oneness for THAT to be effective. But, good point to work for. (I believe one of our challenges is that, on this realm, we truly like our uniqueness and to find that blend of being one and yet each unique becomes a powerful goal.) It is part of your differential, is that each of you is quite different from the other and focus on maintaining that identity. We, on the other hand, form a more oneness of energy and thereby keeping our focus on the one energy creating more power. You diversify the power and the challenge is, perhaps, the thing that keeps you advancing and being creative. Sometimes destructive, and sometimes constructive, and sometimes neutral. We observe much conflict in your interaction with each other. We observe much secreting and hiding and dishonesty and not just disagreement but dishonesty. Disagreement creates a negative force that you struggle with. Hmmm. (From your culture, with your oneness, how might you advice us that we could best move past this divisiveness that we have, this secretiveness?) We had to develop and openness and a cooperation to survive because we were many, many eons of time developing to the level of this diverse energy, and then it became destructive to us. We found that of equal importance, the feelings of cooperation and honesty. The openness to communicate that way. For if we did not we would have reached a very destructive level, as it appears you are heading towards without change. (This unification you have achieved, this oneness, what has been its drawbacks that we might learn how to proceed on it without...) Lack of development, it slows down the development for there is less challenge and less creative adversity. Adversity develops more creativity. And creativity sometimes becomes null to the common thought or feeling without experimentation and developing of other areas. (Can your experience - can you see how it might have been improved in your application so you didn't lose that activity and development?) We have knowledge that tells us we should have maintained more deferential of thought, more channels of development, without conflict. Letting the interest follow a path without conflicting with the other path. Diversity, in other words, breeds creativity. (So diversity without secretiveness.) Yes, openness at all times. (Very good, thank you. Did you observe our meditation today?) Yes. (What did you observe?) What we do all the time to preserve OUR atmosphere and creative energies, such as they are. We focus our energies as you were doing. We do it without thinking about it. A part of our being depends on focusing as you did. You call it meditation. It is so much a part of our energy, we don't have a name for it. (Did you observe many beings doing it today at one time on our planet?) Yes. (Were there effects that came from this? Did someone just exchange energy? One left and another came in?) There is pain in this left side of the body in the hip area. No, I am the one you were speaking to. I perceive there is another spirit, not one of ours. We will not lie or disagree. It's some other spirit that is moving towards entering this body. We are not a part of this spirit. (I reinforce the energy field around this body. We will find out later who this spirit is and what you want, but you MUST obey, observe, respect the energy field around this room now. Good. Master of Light please keep this energy field of light around this room.) I thank you Visitor.) It was good to communicate openly. (I agree.) We can help each other. We think we are superior in some areas, as we may well be. We realize your diversity can teach us much also. (Yes. I have no doubt you are superior areas as I have no doubt we are superior in some areas and working together what wonderful unity we can find.) That is agreeable. (Visitor, have you a home planet that is intact?) We have the planet we are in now. That you note to be a vehicle. That is our home. That is where we reside and it moves more at our will. You have no control over this planet as its movement depends on other forces. We lost our planet and now its partly a vehicle that is propelling through space at our direction. (Is this satisfactory?) It is satisfactory in that we are still with it, or a part of us are still with it.

Pamela: [I observe at this point that the Visitor leaves. I ask subconscious to verify this which it does so with a "yes" finger indicator. I reinforce the protective shield of light and repeat to Visitors that they are to respect this shield and remain out of the life energy field of Hugh. I then ask Master Spirit of the Records to enter.]

( I welcome you Master of Spirit and I have questions for you.) Yes, and these questions are. (First, do the records note the planetary or global meditation done today on this planet?) Noted. (Is there positive effect noted from this global meditation?) As stated before, these focused attentions of energy focused in positive ways produces positive results. More energy was lost by personal direction instead of total focus on the balance of energy through earth and the other planets. Diversity of thought kept the full impact to much less than it could have been. (I shall communicate this to as many minds as we can reach.) A part of the heritage of the human is to have total control, not be directed. (Master of Spirit, is it seen in the records what is creating the phenomenon we refer to as crop circles?) Yes. (What is creating this phenomena?) These are messages being relayed to earth in hopes that the earth energy will be receptive to outer energies that are liking more open and conscious communication. (Who is relaying these messages? From one planet or several sources?) There is a cooperative effort of several communicators using this method. Once it was observed that humans were fascinated with this. There are patterns of thought symbolically sent, hoping the communication system will be recognized as a benefit to the populace of the earth as proposed by those who send them. (Is this why several symbols from our past, from Christian, and Egyptian, and Hopi, and other cultures are being used? Hoping we will recognize them as friendly messages, symbols?) These symbols are not from the area that you have mentioned. They are universal symbols that have been used by various peoples [beings] throughout time. (How are the crop circles made? Is it with thought, energy, or some other form we don't know?) They are energies sent directly to those energies of flat fields of grains that are easily used for symbolic creativity. It is easy, easier for them to move the grains than it is for them to create it in a more solution form or harder form, for it is very receptive to the energy that is being used. (Is there a reason it happens so frequently in England?) There are other places on earth where it is being sent. The focus on England seems to bring the focus of the message. There are other areas on earth that have noted these patterns, but nothing was amplified so they're now focusing on the English countryside.

Pamela: (I welcome Master of Light and Master of Light's observations of beings of light meeting in light today.) The enlightened one speaks of the light that you experienced in your focused meditation hmmmm? (Yes!) Wasn't that lovely? (It was very lovely.) What did you note of the light that was focused on you at the moment of your meditation? (Red in it. It was beautiful. It was everywhere.) Good. It was the life energy that the sun creates on the earth and in your animal body you were seeing the wonderful full red energy so important for your body. You noticed all the animal life around you very excited? (I did notice!) So are all the living organisms such as plant life. They just don't speak as loudly. (I was wondering, when we meet like that as one, does the planet shine brighter?) Thought creates. Therefore, when many, many spirits are focused on thought of the same likeness, it increases the energy radiating from that area. It is only normal that human beings scatter their thoughts. Had they been totally focused you would have seen even greater results. When you can teach people to focus their attention without fear of losing their individuality, you will find magnificent results - predominantly in balancing and affecting the health of this planet. (Even my thoughts wandered.) Yes! And so did this ones, whom I'm speaking through, but you were very focused on the light and THAT will be helpful for others if they would allow me the courtesy and privilege of being their focus. As I have stated before: The Light WILL bring balance. The Light IS the focus for balance. The Light IS the energy that will bring the balance. (That is SO clear Master of Light.) So clear. Clear as the laser light you worship in many technical ways. It is SO clear. (The light IS the balance. Thank you Master of Light so very much.) And thank you for continuing your efforts to teach. Even though your group is small, you must realize that your thoughts are so powerful collectively that they reach many others outside the group you speak to. Remember, your thoughts are the power. And they're not limited to the room or the audience, but spread throughout the universe. Now we must remain focused on finishing this very important document you and I share the authorship of, with the worthy one I speak through..

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