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Self Hypnosis For Healing, Rejuvenation, Magnetizing of Goals

Natural sounds, like the rhythmic sounds of nature, are relaxing to the body and less likely to trigger subconscious anxiety then music with words. New age kind of music and spiritual music are good, unless you find them irritating. There are many levels of hypnosis, and you are more likely to go into a deep state when you feel complete trust and faith in your environment, the hypnotist - whether yourself or another - and the process of hypnosis. It is unlikely, unless you are very trusting or feel safer in a group, that you will go as deeply in a group as you will by yourself in a safely secured room where you are unlikely to be interrupted or disturbed.

Whether hypnosis is light, medium, or deep does NOT affect its effectiveness. I'll repeat that since even some professional hypnotists tend to disbelieve this. Effective hypnosis can be done at light, medium, and deep hypnosis. What increases the effectiveness at all levels is the passivity of the conscious level of mind. When the conscious mind doubts, judges, or tries to figure out what is happening, this interferes with trance states of mind, which is to say hypnosis. ALL trance states are states of hypnosis. Prayer and meditation are states of hypnosis. Drumming, prayer, chimes, mantras, deep concentration, deep breathing, listening to a speaker drone on and on - all of these lead to hypnosis. In fact they are more likely to lead to hypnosis as the conscious mind is less likely to interfere when it is not on guard.

To let go of your guard with self-hypnosis or when being hypnotized by another the best attitude for success is that of a true scientist: Once the experiment is in progress, let go of pre-conceived notions and observe what happens without bias or interference. Next important point: there is a level of hypnosis that is a very powerful healing state. Even more healing than most levels of sleep. The degree to which you can enter this state is the degree to which both your conscious and your subconscious mind can let down their guard. In this state your body will feel very heavy. As the heaviness deepens, you will become aware of a light feeling. This light feeling is your spirit. To reach this state, the body must be free of tension and stress and the mind free of thoughts that bring tension and stress.

You accomplish this by focusing your mind on the thoughts:

  • Heavy and Relaxed.
  • You can lie down, recline, or sit up comfortably and securely.
  • Lying down is more likely to lead to sleep as lying down is a natural cue to the subconscious to sleep.
  • You can begin with your eyes open or closed.
  • Now fix your eyes on a single spot, which is telling your subconscious you are tuning inward.
  • Your subconscious automatically responds to cues like this.
  • Pick a spot that raises your eyeballs as high as is comfortable for you.
  • So you avoid sleep as much as possible, think or state: Hypnosis now.
     Think or state how long you wish to be in hypnosis.
  • Now slow down your breathing.
  • After a few slow, easy breaths, think of a goal you are programming.
  • Just one goal.
  • See or feel yourself as already having your goal.
  • Feel the excitement, the pride, the joy of having reached your goal.
  • Think of the symbol trigger for this goal.
  • Think to yourself, every time I think, hear, see, or speak this symbol, I am drawing what this symbol represents to me, just like a magnet.
  • Now think of the magnetic energy of light and fill your energy field with light.
  • Simply think of a kind of mini-sun right in the middle of your forehead.
  • Imagine the light from that mini sun glowing and flowing outward to fill the room, gathering more light to itself.
  • Now the light flows outward, gathering even more light to itself as it surrounds and envelopes the earth, attracting even more light to itself.
  • The light fills earth's atmosphere, then fills the surface of earth, then flows down, down, down, through the magma into the center of earth.
  •  Now the light bounces outward, up through the magma, and the surface, and shoots out into the stratosphere as earth shines like a brilliant star.
  • Now imagine all that light flowing back to you, entering your body through the crown of your head, magnetizing your thoughts with light and filling every cell with light.
  • Think good health.
  • Think every cell young and healthy, in perfect balance and harmony with all other cells.
  • Now focus on the scalp of your head and think: Relax.
  • Heavy and relaxed.
  • Focus on your forehead.
  • Think relax.
  • Heavy and relax.
  • Smooth your forehead.
  • Pay attention to the area between your brows.
  • As you think of each part of your body, you note whether there is tension there and let go of it as you think relax, heavy, and relaxed.
  • Focus on your jaws and chin.
  • Relax your chin and separate your upper and lower jaws.
  • Think relax, heavy and relaxed.
  • Relax your neck and your shoulders.
  • Heavy and relaxed.
  • Go down the body focusing on arms, hands, chest, back, pelvis, hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, tops and soles and toes of your feet.
  • All the while thinking relax, heavy and relaxed.
  • Let the heavy feeling be pleasant for you.
  • It tells you this is working.
  • At some point you may become aware of the lightness of your spirit as your body grows heavier.
    * If your body needs healing or comforting, think of that area and this will direct your subconscious to direct the flow of blood with its healing life force into this area.
  • Think of the light filling that area of your body.
  • When you are ready to shift your thoughts from your body, think of your goal once more.
  • Think of the trigger symbol for your goal.
  • Feel joyful.
  • Think of your home filled with light, now your vehicle.
  • Think of loved ones.
  • As you think of them, know they are filled with light.
  • Think of the money you want, imagine you have it and feel excited about that.
  • Think of your place of work and the people in it and all of this fills with light.
  • YOU are filled with light.
  • Think once more of your trigger symbol and let your thoughts drift into thoughts of having your goal or let them drift into a pleasant peaceful restful feeling.
  • Listen to the sounds of nature.
  • When it is time to return to full conscious and social awareness, do so slowly.
  • Think of wanting to be out of hypnosis now.
  • All heavy feeling disappears.
  • Think energy.
  • Good physical energy.
  • The energy flows through your body.
  • Free to stretch and move now.
  • More and more energy.
  • Clear your eyes.
  • Think clear and bright.
  • Cup your eyes with the palms of your hands.
  • There is lots of healing energy in your hands now.
  • Open your eyes and look deeply into that healing energy.
  • Think, I see clearly.
  • I see past, present, and future clearly.
  • Now remove your hands and think, wide awake and feeling great.

*You can use this hypnosis procedure to experience being out of your body and for astral travel. At the point when your body is heavy and you become aware of a light feeling, concentrate on the light feeling and begin to think you are lifting up and out of your body. You direct your spirit by your thoughts. Thinking of the body now - or at any point in your out of body experience - will draw you instantly back to your body. Your subconscious and your Higher Self will protect your body and bring you back safely to it. Be sure to surround your body with light before the hypnosis and ask that your body be protected from all intruders and intruding energies while you are out of your body.

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