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"Only mental blocks prevent you from seeing your pure natures. You are your own light. Look within your own self." His Holiness, The Dali Lama of Tibet

  • The programming of the subconscious mind directs the weight, shape, health, energy, functions, and actions of your body. The programming of the subconscious mind directs your automatic actions; i.e. the things that you do without consciously trying to. The programming of the subconscious mind affects your emotions by triggering brain chemicals that stimulate those emotions. Emotions also trigger brain chemicals. Behind every emotion triggering brain chemicals and behind every emotion triggered by brain chemicals are THOUGHTS that began the whole process.
  • THOUGHTS direct the subconscious mind. Thoughts that have become imprinted as beliefs are part of the subconscious programming.
  • IMPORTANT: Even when you change your conscious thoughts, even when you release cell memory, even when you heal and transform negative experiences and the emotions attached to them, even when you convince the lower self to change its mind, negative subconscious programs of the past often remain until they fade over time - which can take a life time or more.
  • Subconscious programming can be erased and altered by techniques that reach the subconscious level of the mind in which the programming is stored.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you are in therapy or counseling during which you "tell secrets", your subconscious programming will see to it you are punished for telling if it has been programmed with, "Don't tell", "It's bad to tell." "I'll be punished if I tell." "I'm bad." It is important to erase this programming before or at the start of therapy and counseling. It might also become important to erase them periodically during the course of long term therapy or counseling.
  • EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Even when you erase subconscious programming, if there are parts of you resistant to erasing this programming, these parts will need to be addressed or the programming will return sooner - if there is great resistance - or later - if there is less resistance.
  • A confusing point in working with the mind are the differences between levels of the mind and the mind. Remember, just as the levels of a house are not the whole house, the levels of the mind are not the whole mind. Remember also, just as there are many parts in every level of a house, there are many parts in every level of the mind.
  • The mind is very complex. There are three main levels of the mind: The conscious mind, or middle self. The subconscious mind, or lower self. The superconscious mind, or Higher Self. The subconscious programming is a part of the mind that is in the subconscious levels of the mind, it is not the whole subconscious mind.


  • Just as people live in houses, spirit dwells within the mind. You are spirit. The mind houses your spirit. Your spirit uses the mind to manifest its will. Just as there are many levels of the mind, there are many levels of spirit.
  • "Inner child", "inner ages", "past life personalities", are terms for inner levels of ones own spirit that dwell within ones own subconscious levels of the mind. "Nature spirit", "body spirit", "animal spirit", "lower self" are terms for the spirit consciousness of your human body. Your spirit - which is of Light - uses the body of this spirit - which is of earth. The lower self serves you. It will serve you better if you honor, respect, acknowledge, love, and help it help you.
  • "Spirit attachments or spirit entities" are terms for inner levels of spirits other than ones own that sometimes dwell within ones own subconscious levels of mind.
  • "Imps" refers to personalities created by the mind of spirit. Unlike spirit, "imps" have no will of their own and can be destroyed by the mind.
  • All of the above can be referred to as "sub-personalities" which influence the overt, or conscious, self.
  • "Multiple personalities" refers to "sub-personalities" that become part of the conscious levels of self.
  • "The Higher Self" is a term for a level of ones own spirit - and the seat of ones own higher power - that dwells in the superconscious levels of ones own mind.
  • "Spirit guides" is a loosely used term. True spirit guides come and go under the guidance of The Higher Self. People often use the term "angels" or "guardian angels" for spirit guides.


  • Enhance your ability to achieve - and maintain - your goals by changing subconscious blocks (programming) and subconscious resistance (emotional resistance by you or one or more of your sub-personalities) to that goal.
  • If you have tried to achieve a goal before, and failed, changing subconscious blocks and resistance will enable you to achieve that goal - often using the very same techniques that did not work previously.
  • Repeated affirmation set in new programming that can become stronger than old programming. However, if old programming continues to create blocks or resistance to a goal, it will become necessary to change that old programming. Unlike imprinting new programming, this is not possible to with either affirmations or self-hypnosis. You will need the help of a good hypnotist or a hypnosis tape. Your hypnotist can make this tape (take a copy of "How To Erase Subconscious Programming" to them and ask them to follow it) or you can order one through this foundation - 800-403-4325.
  • It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change subconscious emotional resistance of sub-personalities yourself. Hypnotherapists that work with sub-personalities can help change this resistance. The use of NMR (neuro-muscular response) kinesiology can greatly enhance this work by locating the resistance of sub-personalities.
  • "How To Find & Help Your Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist" and "How To Do Positive Self-Programming" are outlined at the end of Chapter Five in "Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis". Available through bookstores, via major internet bookstores, and posted free of charge at
  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a hypnotic technique that can also be used to erase subconscious programming and bring forward subconscious resistance.
  • NLP is a powerful technique for changing patterns of speech and thought that contribute to negative subconscious programming and imprinting patterns that contribute to positive programming.
  • When you pick a goal, write it down. Use: "I am" statements, and "I have" - NOT "I will" or "I can." The mind creates a thought image of what you write, so write the actual goal you want - not what you don't want. Example: "I am rich", NOT "I am not poor." Write down also by when you want the goal. Make both the goal and the time given for achieving it believable to your conscious mind. The subconscious mind (which is the level of mind that manifests your goals) knows all is possible, so it reads your conscious doubt as "don't do this" instructions. If you aren't sure how long it will take, write "now". Example: "I am now slim." Or "I am putting $10,000 into my savings account at (name bank) now." You can use the "now" statements if you realize (and believe) that all happens on the astral levels of form first and then transfers to the physical levels as quickly (or slowly) as your physical beliefs and actions allow. Circle what you have written down, imagine you are circling it with Light as you do. Read what you have written aloud 3 times. Set aside. When doing the "Light Self "part of the "Lighten Up Technique", think of your goal as though you already have it. FEEL excited about this. Emotions add physical energy. Make physical plans for when you have your goal..


  1. Write down all possible negative beliefs you may have about yourself in general. (See Samples.) Write beside or after each one the opposite positive belief you wish to have imprinted. Do the same with any likely negative beliefs you may have about each specific goal you are having difficulty reaching. (See Samples.) Obviously this can be time consuming, so don't try to do it all at once.
  2. Find a good hypnotist. What is a good hypnotist? One who has been trained. One you trust to follow your instructions explicitly. Remember: Hypnosis is not turning control of your mind over to another person. Hypnosis is shifting control of your mind over to your own subconscious mind. You do this every night when you sleep and every day when you nap or day dream. You can trust your subconscious mind. It will block any suggestion given it by a hypnotist that is contrary to what it knows you would disapprove of - and it knows you very, very, very well.
  3. Take with you five beliefs you wish to erase and five positive beliefs you wish to replace them with. Tell the hypnotist you want a 15 minute, or 20 minute, or 30 minute hypnosis tape (your choice). On this tape, you want A) to be guided into hypnosis, b) guided to your programming center using the guidelines on HYPNOSIS TAPE below, c) given the positive suggestions you and she/he agree upon for the remainder of the tape. The hypnotist will probably spend 30 minutes getting to know what "works" for you in hypnosis. So plan on an hour session. You will use this tape at home for erasing your negative programming at home. (OR, you can work out a financial arrangement with your hypnotist that makes it affordable to go over your whole list in a series of sessions. When working with a hypnotist in this way, the actual negative suggestions to erase can be given by the hypnotist while you are in hypnosis and the positive ones given to replace these. More can be done in this kind of session, including using a no indicator finger to indicate when there is resistance to removing the belief.) If you would like to order a tape through us, call 1-800-403-4325.
  4. Why not use self-hypnosis? Because it is very difficult to achieve the level of hypnosis necessary for changing subconscious programming while remaining alert enough to direct these changes. You CAN make your own hypnosis tape. How? You can take a self-hypnosis class to learn how to do this, you can pay a hypnotist to teach you how to do this, you can follow the suggestions your hypnotist has used on the tape made for you - as well as the way in which they were given - or you can keep making tapes to hypnotize yourself until you make one that DOES hypnotize you.
  5. BEFORE the hypnotist hypnotizes you to make this "generic" hypnosis tape and every time before you play the tape at home, cross out on your paper each of the 5 negative beliefs you wish to remove in that session. As you do so, you say to yourself (aloud or silently), "I am removing this belief from my mind today and replacing it with (circle name the opposite positive belief you wish to have).


  • Suggestions are given for relaxing and moving into a good level of hypnosis.
  • Once you are in hypnosis this is what the hypnotist says: "Go to the programming center of your mind and move a yes indicator finger when you are there. Good. Locate the first belief you are removing now from the programming center of your mind, and replace it with the belief you have circled. When this is accomplished, move your yes indicator finger. (Hypnotist does this for next four beliefs.)
  • Positive suggestions you and hypnotist have agreed upon for your health, wealth, and "whatever else" are given and you are brought to full conscious focus.


  • As the tape begins, suggest to yourself your subconscious will alert you to any emergency while you are in hypnosis and you will come out of hypnosis simply by opening your eyes. Next, suggest to yourself what you want to do at the end of the tape. Sleep? If so, suggest how long. Stay in hypnosis? If so, think how long. Return to conscious awareness? Suggest this.
  • In general, erase negative beliefs only once. Once you have been through all the negative beliefs in relation to a specific goal (like losing or gaining weight) and you find yourself doing the things you know work to achieve that goal, it is working. (Example: Exercising more or better and making wiser food choices.) If you find yourself doing the things that sabotage your goal, you may want to repeat the process again. Or you may have emotional resistance to this goal Seek out a hypnotherapist.
  • Emotional resistance to letting go of specific negative beliefs in relation to yourself or a specific goal are often indicated by the inability to achieve that goal (you'll notice you keep avoiding steps to make your goal a reality), and often you feel "uptight", "stressed", "tense", "angry", "frustrated" "depressed" after using the tape. Check the negative beliefs you worked with on that tape. There is probably emotional resistance to removing one or more of these or to the goal itself. Seek out a good hypnotherapist.
  • A person trained in NMR (described in chapter four of "Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis" and on the website can help you find your subconscious blocks and subconscious resistance, which, of course, speeds up this whole process.
  • There are genetic programs (though not all genetic programs) and programming put in by ones own Higher Self that cannot be changed. NMR can be used to find these, or ask your Higher Self or subconscious - in hypnosis or meditation - to inform you of these.


  • "I can't", "I won't", "I'll never" and "It's impossible" beliefs in relation to any goal. Examples: "I can't lose weight." "I won't ever have money." "I'll never be good at this." "It's impossible to heal myself."
  • If you have been abused (includes being ignored, spanked, yelled at, abandoned, ridiculed - even jokingly, sexual abuse), remove all negative verbal suggestions given you or that you may have given yourself. Examples: "I'll be punished if I tell. I'm bad. My body is bad. Bad things happen to me. I don't belong here. I'm a mistake. I make people do bad things. I'm dumb. I'm stupid. I'm too ______. I hate what's good for me. I'll never get what I want. I'm not good enough. Everyone hates me. No one cares about me. It's dangerous to be happy. I'm weak. I'm powerless. Being a (girl/boy) is bad. I should have been (boy/girl). No one likes me.
  • Image/Food beliefs: "I'm too skinny. I'm too fat. I hate my body. I hate (name body part). I'm ugly. I'm dumb. I'm stupid. (All "I can't" or "I won't" or "It's impossible" beliefs about altering your image.) "Eating makes me fat. Eating (name food) makes me fat. Food makes me fat. Eating (name food) is bad for me. (If you KNOW a certain food is bad for you, erase the "bad" belief and in its place put, "I hate the taste of (name food)." "The older I get, the more wrinkled I get and more my body sags. My parents look old, I'll look old. All old people _________________." "As I age I __________________."
  • Sex beliefs: "I hate sex. Sex is bad. I can't orgasm. I don't feel anything. I don't want to feel anything. I hate (men, or women, or sex). I have no energy for sex. Sex makes me sick. All men/women are ______.
  • Money beliefs: "Money is bad. Money is hard to get. I have to work hard for my money. There is not enough money. Money upsets people. Money is the root of evil. Money is dirty. (If you heard fights about money as a child, you have these beliefs. Remove them.)
  • Psychic beliefs: "I can't read other people's minds. I have to keep out of other people's minds. It's dangerous to be see or hear spirit. I don't want to see and hear spirit. The future can't be changed. It hurts to be psychic.."
  • Spiritual beliefs: Beliefs about hell, punishment, guilt, evil being more powerful than good.
  • Health & healing beliefs: ALL "I can't", "I won't", and "It's impossible:" beliefs.


A Simple & Deep "LIGHTEN UP" Technique All Can Use
To Protect, Heal, & Transform Oneself, Ones Loved Ones, The Future, and The Earth

There is a universal energy. LIGHT. It is the energy of creation. It is the energy of transformation. Thought has mental power. Spoken thought adds physical power. Emotions have emotional power. Light adds spiritual power to all of these. To manifest into the physical planes all these powers are needed. This is a Powerful Tithing Technique For Physical Manifestation. It can take 30 seconds.

Or as long as desired.

Repetition Adds Power Too.

Helpful Hints:

  • Breath brings in physical & spiritual power. Breathe deeply throughout the process.
  • Raising your eyes, open or closed, to middle of forehead or top of hairline or top of scalp releases brain chemistry that enhances relaxation, visualization, and creative power.
  • Think of The Universal Studios Logo Of Light Filling The Earth To help Visualize


Breathe Deeply. Think, say, and/or visualize as you imagine you can feel the Light spreading from you in all directions: "The Light of my spirit surrounds the earth and joins the light of all spirit to Light The Earth." Then think, say, or visualize, "Light fills the atmosphere, the surface, the crusts, and the magma of earth. Light shines from the center of earth into the Universe." (To give unselfishly of your Light increases the Light of your spirit. Imagine then what giving to the world, without the thoughts of your own ego will do! You may think you know what is best for earth. The intelligence behind the Light truly knows.

Even adding thoughts of "peace", "love", "harmony", "balance", "healing" when lighting the Earth dilutes the power of the Light to bring those things to the earth!

Sharing your Light, without interference from your ego, adds tremendous power to the Light.

Light SELF

Breath deeply. Think, say, and/or visualize: "The Light of the Universe fills my body, my cells, my entire being." Now imagine yourself as already having achieved your goal/s.

 FEEL how this feels. Feel excited about it. You can be as detailed and directive about this as you like!


(And Anyone and Any Place You Want To Fill With Light)

Breath deeply. Think, say, and/or visualize: "The Light of the universe fills (visualize them or think or say names.)" (You don't really know what is best for others, though you and they may think you do. The Light in them does know. You are increasing their connection with their Light. Think only Light."

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