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For Those Who Are Pregnant

Don't do sonograms unless your doctor suspects a problem with your developing child. Sonograms damage the brain and the nervous system. The womb has been made secure for developing life and we keep finding ways to invade it and introduce unnecessary vibrations before the child is even born. If you don't believe us, read DR. Willix in Health For Life (1994): "Studies show ultrasounds produce cell damage. A 1984 study showed higher dyslexia among children exposed to ultrasound in the womb."

Avoid a cesarean delivery as well as drugs during any delivery. If this is not possible, ask a nurse to do this for the baby immediately after birth: Press two hands all along the baby's head and body to simulate delivery through the birth canal. Nurse is to say, aloud, as doing this: "You are alive. Breathe now. You are alive. You did well. You can feel now. You are alive. Breathe now. You did well." (The numbing from the drugs confuse the cells and the mind, causing the baby to feel subconsciously that it has died. Nurse is changing this programming.) If you cannot get a nurse (or father of child) to do this, then do it yourself as soon as you get your baby.

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