The Body, The Brain, The Mind, The Soul

2006 Copyright:  Pamela M. Chilton

THE VERY FIRST THING to remember when beginning your healing work – especially if you have been told there is no cure for what you have – is:  There are exceptions to every rule.  Your subconscious believes this because it has been told this since you were a child.  Your subconscious is your healer.   Why?  Because it is the part of the spirit/mind that controls and directs all of the systems of the body, including the brain.  It is also the part of the spirit/mind that directs and controls how the body, brain and the spirit utilize all healing modalities, whether they are ‘traditional’, ‘alternative’, ‘holistic’, ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’.    

While it is your subconscious that does the healing work, your thoughts and beliefs affect your subconscious.  To heal, you must have confidence you can heal.  When you doubt this, the subconscious questions your will to heal and it is the subconscious that carries out the will of spirit.     

You must approach your healing like a scientist testing a theory the scientist believes to be true.  The parameters of the test are set up to prove the theory, not disprove it.   Since quantum physics has proven thoughts affect matter, this kind of attitude is important in proving scientific theories and in healing. 


  The parameters outlined below are set up for you to PROVE YOU CAN HEAL

Approach this ‘testing’ with the scientific attitude it will work. 

This is crucial to your healing.

1) Accept as truth this axiom taught in the finest medical schools:  The job of medical science is to keep patients alive so they can heal themselves.”   The only possible explanation for this axiom is medical science believes people CAN heal themselves.  Embrace this.  Accept as truth the fact there are medically validated records of ‘unexplained’ cures and healings of every possible condition, dysfunction and disease.

2) Attend to proper nutrition.  No matter what triggers healing – spiritual power, mental power, or medical power – it is the body, the mind, and the spirit that do the work of healing themselves under the direction of the subconscious mind.  For all healing and for good health you need to attend to proper nutrition.  See Healthy Daily Diet and Suggested Daily Supplements.   

3) Decrease physical, mental, emotional and, yes, spiritual stress.  While it is true the body, mind, and spirit can heal themselves, it is also true that stress slows down or blocks healing even as it accelerates illness, disease, imbalance and dysfunction.    See Releasing Stress and Stress Formula

4) Talk to what needs healing.  It is true that matter does not have consciousness – it has no awareness, it cannot hear, does not communicate.  HOWEVER, spirit does have consciousness.  Cell consciousness refers to the level of spirit consciousness that is in the cells of the physical body, including the brain.  This spirit consciousness affects the matter of the cells.  The reason you talk to your body, as well as to your mind and spirit, is to reassure them and to influence them to heal and to stay healthy. 

If you accept this, and you should for it is a powerful truth that can heal you, then it is an easy step to accept that everything alive – including viruses, germs, bacteria, enzymes, parasites, tumors and cancerous cells - also have spirit consciousness with them.  Which means you can talk to them too and influence them too.  This is a powerful truth that can heal you.    Also see How To Have A Healthy Immune System.

How To Do It:  Visualization, guided imagery, mental imaging, imagination, affirmations, thoughts and the spoken word are all methods of talking to and influencing the body.  See Mental Imaging.  It is more effective to use these methods when in a state of hypnosis,  which is nothing more – and nothing less – than a state of focused concentration and heightened awareness.  Begin in a quiet place where you can or lie down (without falling asleep).  

!          Getting into a light state of hypnosis in which you can talk to what needs healing is easy.  With your eyes open or closed, raise your eyeballs upward as though you are looking at the top of your skull.  (This alters brain chemistry in a manner that is conducive to hypnosis.)  Next relax your eyes and focus them on a fixed object.  If your eyes are open, this can be any object.  If your eyes are closed, focus on the back of your eyelids, or between  your eyebrows, or just above the area between your eyebrows.  If your eyes are open the object you are staring at will seem to shift or move in some manner, that’s normal.  As your eyes tire, allow the lids to close. Concentrate for a moment on your breathing.  If your breathing is not peaceful, slow it down as much as possible.  Rapid breathing causes your body and you to feel anxiety, which interferes with healing. 

!          Now imagine yourself in a healing place of peace, tranquility and healing presences.  These can be physical healers or spirit healers or simply healing energies.  (Note:  Nature is a powerful healing energy and presence, so for physical healing you may want to make your healing place a nature scene.)  It’s not necessary to visualize this place, although doing so is always an added bonus.  Use your senses.  Imagine what you’d see, hear, smell, feel and sense in your healing place. 

!          Imagine yourself surrounded by and filled with a white light.  (All vibrations of all colors are in white light, which is what makes it so powerful.)  Imagine a protective shield of gold light surrounding the white light that encircles you.  Imagine the white light shinning in through the top of your head, then out through what is popularly called the third eye (middle of your forehead, just above the space between your eyebrows) as you surround and fill the Earth with white light.  This helps to restore balance to the earth and adds to the healing power of your own body, mind and spirit.  Imagine also a protective shield of gold light surrounding the white light that encircles the earth.  

!          Now mentally imagine this white light shinning on the parts of you that need healing.  This white light is creator energy.  You are providing this powerful energy to the parts of you that need healing as you talk – aloud or silently – to these parts.  Tell these parts how important their health and well-being are to you and to them.  Review the steps you have taken, are taking, and plan to take for helping these parts heal.  Reassure them they can heal.  (They may know this, but they need to know you know this too.) 

!          If you have a virus, germs, bacteria, tumor, cancerous cells, cells that are over 50% damaged, parasites, fungus, harmful enzymes in your body, tell your immune system the light will help it search out, destroy, and remove (what you want removed) from your body.  Next talk to what you want removed.  Explain to it that it may have thought it was needed or wanted but this is not true, not now.  Tell it that it is no longer welcome in your body and you are returning it to the light for ‘reassignment’.  (We have successfully used this technique many times to help people heal themselves.)

!          Now imagine healing forces are ridding you of what you don’t want.  (Play a tape of ocean waves, or a waterfall, or rain and imagine a virus being flushed out of your body, for example, or anger washing away.  Use the imagery that works for you.) ALWAYS follow this by imagining these healing forces filling you with positive, healing energy that feels good to all parts of you.

!          For physical healing, clear your mind of negative images, including x-rays and other medical pictures, of the parts you are healing.  Think of, imagine, and visualize these parts as healthy – look up pictures of healthy parts if you need to.  Keep in mind physical changes occur in the energy levels first then filter to the physical and what you think/image directly affects the energy levels.  If you are too much of a realist to think of or imagine what needs healing as already healed when you know it isn’t, think of/imagine it improving daily.    

!          Thank your body, mind and spirit when you are through.  Thank the light too.  Then sit in silence a moment.  You may receive a message on the progress of your healing.  A mental image of a wall, for example, could indicate an inner block to healing. Or you could receive an image that indicates acceptance of the healing or an image or thought of something your mind, body or spirit need for healing.  Pay attention to your dreams, too, which are also ways in which your body, mind and spirit communicate with you.

!          Do this talking to the parts of you that need healing daily (minimum three times a week) until healing is accomplished.  You might make a tape recording – beginning from the eye fixation – of this so you can lean back and go into a deeper state of hypnosis.  (Do not play while driving or anything else you need to pay attention to.)  Or have a tape made for you by a professional hypnotist (like us!).  Moodiness, anger, irritation and other distress after doing this process are indicators of inner resistance or blocks to healing.  Read (5) below.   

5) When what needs healing becomes worse, does not disappear entirely, disappears only temporarily, or is replaced by a new condition that needs healing and/or when one resists doing what one knows is good for one, and/or when one receives messages of resistance or blocks, one must address: 

What if you do ALL of the above quite thoroughly and healing has still not begun?  Consider the possibility you have not done all the regression therapy needed.  (This is especially true with repeated or deep-seated trauma.)  NMR, if carefully done, and messages received in altered states, if not interfered with by the conscious mind, can indicate when therapy or regression is not or is no longer needed as well as whether not healing provides spiritual growth for self and/or others. Even in such cases these steps for healing are valuable for increasing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.   

ADDENDUM:  Can you alter the body - make it fatter, thinner, stronger, shaped differently, younger and so on utilizing these same steps?  Many have done so; many are doing so.  The degree to which this can be done depends on 1) your conscious/subconscious beliefs, 2) your steadfastness in carrying this out (just like healing) and 3) the willingness and ability of your body to alter its programming.  Nature DOES have a say in this.  Then again, so do you.  We know a woman who altered her nose so drastically with mental suggestion friends think she had plastic surgery.  We know she didn’t as we saw her twice a week during the three months in which she gradually altered her nose and we watched it change weekly – without any signs of surgery.   

 Note:  Making the body younger, even making it healthier, does not guarantee it will live longer – souls have agendas.  When the soul’s agenda is completed, it leaves and the body returns to nature.  Also, you don’t want to make the brain younger – just keep it healthy, balanced and functioning perfectly

This page and all contents are copyright by Pamela Chilton 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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