Best to take vitamins in morning and/or afternoon and minerals in evenings (minerals tend to make one sleepy.)  Suggestions are for average teen/adult of average size/health.  Consult your medical physician for specific conditions and your nutritionist for specialized nutritional guidance.  A good source for reading about (and purchasing) vitamins, minerals, herbs, xylitol and other supplements is (800-777-1324) Even with shipping their prices are much less than most pharmacies and health food stores.  Good algae source:  Kyoto Chlorella:  800-437-4148


Vitamin C :  3000 5000 mg (total) - depending on your size.  Taking too much will cause diarrhea.  When this happens, cut back 500 mg. until you reach the highest amount you can take without causing diarrhea.  Take throughout the day definitely not all at once - with food in stomach.  Take 1000 mg. with minerals at night to help with mineral absorption.  For people with sensitive stomachs, Calcium Ascorbate or Magnesium Ascorbate  are non-acidic forms of Vitamin C and will not upset stomach.

Vitamin D :  500 1000 I.U.  (International Units) EVEN BETTER, get at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight.

Vitamin E:  400-800 I.U. Daily

Vitamin A or Beta Carotene (as you prefer):  25,000 50,000 I.U.

B-50 Caps (or similar Vitamin B Complex):  One Daily

Co-Enzyme Q-10:  60 mg. once a day.  Twice a day for adults over 50. 

 If you have digestive problems take enzymes with meals such as:  Bromelain, Essential Enzymes, Papaya Enzymes, and Pineapple all work.  If you also have inflammation and/or plaque in your arteries then Serrapeptase is the one to take.  A good enzyme for people with circulation, heart and vascular problems (including blood clots) is Nattokinase.  

 Taking Niacin (Vitamin B-3) daily is excellent for Circulation.  Begin with 50 mg and work up to 1,000 mg.  Take with meals.  Should feel a comfortable flush, which lets you know it is working.  Once you are up to 1,000 take for a week then stop for a few weeks and begin again with 100 mg and work way up.  (Once you no longer feel the flush it is time to go to a larger dose.)  

 See Decrease Stress in Treasure Chest, Health Treasures, for adding DLPA, 5-HTP and Probiotics as part of your daily regimen.    Also See Decrease Stress for Coffee Enema and Liver Detox, very helpful for keeping healthy and very necessary for healing.


Zinc:  15 mg. daily  (Do not take at same time as Vitamin E)      

Boron:  2 mg daily

Calcium:  1200 1500 mg. daily                                                           Magnesium:  500 mg daily

Potassium:  200 mg daily               

Selenium:  200 mcg. Daily

OR take a good mineral combination that includes the above as well as trace minerals.  Which will often be less expensive than buying all separately.

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