Eat healthy diet.  See HEALTHY DAILY DIET in Health Treasures for general diet and nutritional guidance.  Avoid mirco-wave cooking food as this alters the molecular structure of food. 


See COFFEE ENEMA is Decrease Stress in Health Treasures and do a minimum of three times weekly – daily would be better – if immune system is weak or not functioning properly.  When the immune system, colon and liver are healthy do weekly or monthly.


See LIVER DETOX in Decrease Stress in Health Treasures and do once a month if immune system is weak or not functioning properly, then about twice a year.


See Decrease Stress in Health Treasures for steps to reduce tension and stress.

 Exercise daily – walking outdoors one hour a day is excellent


Get an hour of sunshine – direct or indirect – daily.  (At minimum, 30 minutes.)  You can get sunshine even when there is cloud cover.  During rainy or winter months when sunshine is difficult to get, increase consumption of Vitamin D to 2 mg. a day and sit part of the day at least under a full spectrum light.


Wipe kitchen counters, handles (cupboards, drawers, fridge, freezer, doors) and stove top regularly (once a day best, once a week minimum) to kill germs.  Wipe with diluted solution of real (not generic brands) Clorox.  (About ¼ cup Clorox in a sink of hot/warm water w/ a drop of dish detergent in it.  This is a good solution for cleaning inside of fridge too.)  Don’t use same cloth or sponge you wash the dishes with – use a different cloth or a paper towel.  Never use the same cloth/sponge you wash dishes with for wiping things off the floor or counter – this spreads germs.  Frequently disinfect dish cloths/sponges in Clorox solution.  Air dry dishes or use paper towels, not cloth towels which harbor and grow bacteria. 


Wipe bathroom counters, sink, faucets in sink/shower/tub, doorknobs, and toilet (all parts of toilet, including handle and top/bottom of toilet seat and toilet rim) with solution above of real, not generic, Clorox.   Weekly best, at least monthly.  Weekly, pour ¼ cup Clorox into toilet and scrub inside of toilet . 


Use Clorox solution to wipe away visible mold on windowsills, drawers, doors, walls, raincoats, umbrellas etc.  If mold is on clothes, pour cap full of Clorox into washing machine (for white clothes) and Clorox Bleach for Colors for colored clothes.  Or dilute 3 drops of Iodine in wash water and wash colored and whites together (if colored clothes won’t bleed into whites). 


Mold is very bad for the immune system, it is your enemy, don’t let it live.  Filters of all intake vents for heater and air-conditioning systems should be cleaned or changed twice a year.  It’s easy to do yourself if you have a ladder.  Unscrew vent cover, lift out filter.  If can clean, clean in diluted Clorox solution to kill mold.  If can’t be cleaned, take measurements and buy replacements at hardware stores.  If you can’t do this yourself, pay to have it done.  Mold IS your enemy; it is VERY toxic to immune systems.  Keep radiator heaters wiped and dusted.


Weekly turn on any ventilators in bathroom or open window, if possible (and you won’t be robbed).  Spray Tilex Cleaner (available at $1 stores, drug stores, grocery stores) on shower walls, floor, sides and bottom of bathtub, then close bathroom door and leave for at least 20 minutes.  Can leave all day and won’t do any harm.  When smell has dissipated enough (or put on a mask you can buy in pharmacies), rinse with water.   This is important for killing the mold and fungus that thrives in showers and tubs.


Do not store toothbrushes closer than 6 feet to the toilet (flushing sends bacteria and germs airborne).  After using toothbrush rinse in solution of hydrogen peroxide or Clorox and place in dry place.


To avoid viruses, germs, bacteria in public places and in homes where illness is present, use paper towels (or disinfectant wipes) to flush toilets (if not automatic), turn faucets on and off, when touching doorknob to leave bathroom after washing hands. 


 If you have old curtains that look or smell dusty, clean or replace with blinds.  If blinds look dusty or dirty, clean them.  (Dust mites aren’t so good for immune system either.)


Vacuum under bed and vacuum mattress periodically.  Clean pillows periodically and replace when old.  (Mites from hair and skin eventually add up to 10% of a pillows weight.  Ewwww!)


Run a Kleenex or paper towel over the bed mattress and have a family member or friend tap you to remove allergies to skin and hair on mattress.  See ALLERGONE ALLERGY CORRECTION METHOD®™ or click on Allergy Relief in Health Treasures on how to do this.. 


 If you have allergies, hay fever, asthma, disease or auto-immune disease, disorder, or dysfunction:  Take a plastic zipper bag and scoop up the air in your bedroom.  Following the Allergone Allergy Correction Method®™ have someone tap you to this bag.  Then lift off bag, away from you, then replace bag and tap again.  Repeat one more time – lift off bag, away from you, replace and tap again.  Repeat this procedure every day for 3 – 5 day.  Repeat the same procedure for every room in the house, then for garage, patio (or lanai), front yard, back yard, side yards, car, place of work (or school) especially bathrooms.  Then tap three foods and/or drinks daily until you have been tapped for every thing you consume.  Remember – you cannot tap away toxins like mold, fungus, poisons (and for most people white refined sugar), but you can tap away allergies to food, drink, dust, pollens, pet hair, cleaning chemicals, detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, cosmetics, news print, cold, heat, pet hair. You can also tap away allergies your pets have.  To tap to cold, put ice cube in plastic bag, for heat use hot water (not so hot it burns). 


According to allergy experts, allergies cause and/or contribute to:  fatigue; coughing; sneezing; red or itchy eyes or skin or scalp; stomach aches, flu like symptoms, depression, repressed immune system; irritability, autoimmune disorders/diseases,


Keep yourself happy – do something daily that you (honestly) enjoy. Really!  Really!  Really!  JOY HEALS!  Emotional irritation (fear, anger, guilt, frustration, grief, shame) cause inflammation.


Good grooming and good health are more important and more attractive than good looks.  No body feels good that doesn’t look good and joy is important for a healthy immune system.


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