Information excerpted from Light: The Act of Creation, Book II, Odyssey of the Soul

Copyright:  Pamela Chilton, 2012

 The dimensions of the past are what some name the Akashic Records, others name Soul Records, and Edgar Cayce called the Book of Life.  We refer to them as The Universal Records for they are the records of ALL physical and astral history, not just human history.

 Astral:  The non-physical realm that is closest to and intersects with the physical realm.

 The records are energy imprints; i.e. memory imprints, in the astral realm that can be activated as holographic images that can be experienced, even interacted with; anyone can experience anyone else’s life by experiencing energy imprints of their life.  It is how spirits and souls can learn from the experiences of others.  It is also a way to satisfy curiosity about others, which is partly why many people have memories of being the same person in another life, usually someone famous — lives that fascinate are observed by many in spirit and the records of famous lives attract many.   

Experiencing the energy imprints of another’s life is different than actually living that life.  No matter how intimately one relates to, or even experiences what another has experienced, one is doing so through one’s own consciousness, not theirs.

 When experiencing the energy imprints of the past, it feels as though one is in the past, reliving it.  When interacting with the energy imprints of the past, it feels as though one is changing the past.  What is being experienced and interacted with are imprints of the past, not the actual past or the beings and things the imprints depict.  Neither the past nor the records of the past can be changed. 

 Thought has form in the astral realm, and the thought forms of all who access, visit, experience, and interact with the records leave energy imprints in the records.  These imprints are in a different level of the records, but they can confuse those unable to discern the difference.  The Records are accurate; the interpretation of them can be less than accurate.   

 When lives are still in play and lessons are still unfolding, higher spiritual forces do not intervene or interfere with this.  When information about lives that have ended will not hinder the lives or the lessons of the living, this information is made available. 

Pamela:  “Yet, Higher Spirit has said the Records are open to all and are not hidden in any way.”

LIGHT:  That is true of Records that are completed.  Records that are still being written, if you would, are in a vibration that obscures or blocks them from all who would use them to intervene or interfere in lessons that are still unfolding.  When records are completed, they are released into what might be referred to as public view. 

 Help, assistance, and guidance are interference when they hinder lessons, which are opportunities for spiritual growth.  Spiritual growth is enlightenment, which is greater awareness and understanding of creator consciousness and creator energy.  Spiritual enlightenment is the purpose of life.  It is the reason for Creation.

Pamela:  “Is healing of others also interference?”

LIGHT:   “It is when it results in a loss of incentive or motivation to find the lesson, meaning the message or reason for the condition that was healed.  You can understand this when you consider a condition caused by physical factors.  If one lacks awareness of the specific physical causes, one is likely to expose oneself to them again, thus risking a return of the condition and possible greater resistance or inability of the body to heal it.  The same is true of conditions caused by thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behavior.  If one does not know what caused the condition, one risks a return of that condition and often a greater resistance to healing it. 

To find the origin and contributing causes of a person’s illness, disease, and other undesirable conditions, it is not necessary to access the records.  This information is known by the person’s own Higher Self and subconscious mind and can be accessed by that person or others.  This is also true of a person’s life lessons and life purpose. 

 The future is not a part of the records.  The future is comprised of the astral energy imprints of Spirit’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions, which build the future.

The energy imprints of the past are fixed; the past cannot be changed.  The energy imprints of the future are not fixed; not only can they change, they change continuously.  By examining the records of the past, as well as the choices being made by spirits and souls in the physical and astral realms, a fairly accurate prediction of the future can be made.  The subconscious mind does this as a matter of course.  However, spirits and souls are not robots, and consciousness is not fixed.  As consciousness progresses, this alters the future.  When spirits and souls alter their thoughts, beliefs, and actions, the future shifts.  This is why even accurate predictions of the future can prove inaccurate, even an instant later. 

 As is true of the past, the continual accessing and activating of the energy imprints of the future, as well as the astral presence of spirits and souls investigating them, confuses many, both embodied and in the spirit state, into thinking the future, the present, and the past are occurring simultaneously.  They are not.  The past is what has occurred, the present is what is occurring, and the future is what has yet to occur.

A prophecy can be a spiritual forewarning of unalterable events in the future or a spiritual forewarning of events in the future that can be changed.  The story of Noah in the Bible is an example of the first kind of prophecy.  The story of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of the second kind of prophecy. 

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