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 Just because a psychic does not close her/his eyes and do an induction does not mean they are not in an altered state.  To get psychic messages, one must be in an altered state.   Some people (naturally psychic) can do that naturally with the use of a trigger or focus such as tarot cards, crystal ball or anything else they establish – often without realizing they are doing so as their trigger.  Others need to be trained (see numbered steps below.) 

THE PSYCHIC YOU IS YOUR HIGHER SELF!  It has the cumulative knowledge of all your spirit has experienced and learned.  Your job is learning to receive the mental communications from the mental voice; i.e. thoughts, of your Higher Self and interpreting them as accurately as possible.  The other option is to channel your Higher Self – see numbered steps below.   To get information for others, your Higher Self will access their Higher Self and/or subconscious mind for that information, which is that person’s own personal “records”; i.e. the memory imprints in their own mind and spirit.   

I have taught many to access their Higher Self and trained professional psychics with following general steps

1.  I find a hypnotic induction that works best for a person to shift into his/her Higher Self. (This induction will include directions to relax physically and to allow conscious and subconscious thinking to drift or fade away, much as is done when silencing one’s thoughts for meditation.    

2.      After a person has experienced their Higher Self channeling (which is what this is) a sufficient number of times to be clear on how their Higher Self speaks/sounds, we choose together a sentence or word or trigger (see addendum) to quickly move into the altered state of consciousness that is their Higher Self. 

EXAMPLE:  For one person, now a working psychic in San Diego, we chose:  "I am in the middle of my boat in Lake Tahoe.  I feel that feeling in the air that I love, and I breathe it in.  I remain here, relaxed in mind and body until I am called to return."  I had, of course, prior to this programmed her in hypnosis to imagine herself there, using the words she’d given me about how she felt when there:  safe, relaxed, content, spiritually serene, surrounded with silence, in tune with nature - everything she loved about being there. 

3.      I then make a recording of the chosen sentence or phrasing, preceded by minimal instructions.  In the above example, the recording was, "It is now time to give the reading.  You invite in your guides (which she preferred to Higher Self and her Higher Self accepted this).  As your guides move forward, you happily find yourself in the middle of your boat in Lake Tahoe.  You feel that feeling in the air that you love, and you breathe it in.  You remain there, relaxed in mind and body, until you are called to return."  This was the point where her Higher Self and its guidance (guides) would then begin speaking.  The first time she did a professional psychic reading, I was with her to quell her nerves and step in if the recording did not work for her.  I had already told her to tell her client before she began the recording:  "Ask me now all the questions you want answered.  My guides will remember them and if they need you to elaborate on them or speak with them during the reading, they will indicate this."  She had two recorders:  One to play the recording of my induction, which lasted less than a minute, the second to record the reading for her client.   After the client asked the questions, she nodded, reached over and turned on both recorders.  As soon as my voice ended, her guides were present, and the psychic reading began.  It was excellent.  After that first time, she no longer needed me to be present.  She also found after the 3rd or 4th reading, she no longer needed the recording of my voice guiding her into the altered state in which her guides gave the reading.  All she had to do was turn on the recorder for recording the reading, and take a deep breath as she did so, saying to herself her sentence of going to Lake Tahoe, where she would be mentally until her guides/subconscious “called her back.”


4.      When adjusting this to your own training, use a professional hypnotist if at all possible or take a self hypnosis class or training so that you truly learn to enter into an altered state “on cue”.  We offer this via mp3 recording downloads.  We can also help you find the induction that works best for you, record it for you, and make the 2nd shorter recording cue.  

NOTE:  There are other kinds of cues one can program such as focusing on tarot cards, or any other kind of cards, or crystals, or stones, or a crystal ball, or anything else you want to program as that cue.  Can be a particular piece of clothing, such as a cap or shawl, anything you choose to program as your focus point and trigger.  There are people who give entire readings by writing them; this is often called automatic writing. 

5.      Giving “readings” for yourself at home: Use two recorders, one for your induction and the second to record your Higher Self channeling. Ask your questions aloud before you begin the induction.  Your Higher Self will remember them.

6.      Ask that your Higher Self end the session if other spirits interfere with it or if you begin inserting your own conscious or subconscious beliefs/opinions/thoughts into it. 

7.      VERY IMPORTANT!  Before you begin your session, whether for yourself or another, mentally or aloud surround yourself with a gold light, saying or thinking this gold light is a protective energy shield that keeps all spirit entities and energies not to your highest good out of your body and your energy field. 

NOTE:  Some people have spirit guides other than their Higher Self that they use to give readings.  Sometimes what they think of as their spirit guides actually is their Higher Self or their Higher Self and its guides. It is our belief and experience that the best and most balanced psychics have a very clear awareness of their own Higher Self guidance and use this guidance to ascertain whether any other spirit guides they want to use are or are not to their own highest good.

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