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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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"I want to share with you an experience that I had during one of the times that I joined with you, Dr. Hugh and the many, many other light-senders during the hourly "send the light to earth" activity on Earth Day, April 22. After having sent the light on the hour during the morning, I continued to send the light in the afternoon as well. At the end of the 2 P.M. (PDT) activity, a vision appeared in my mind's eye in which the beautiful blue and white earth (similar to a photo of earth taken from space) appeared on a dark, velvety background. All around the earth, breaking up the darkness, were small individual lights linked together as in a gold chain necklace. The linked light-chains multiplied rapidly encircling the earth, all around in various directions, until they quickly blended together obliterating the dark background and replacing it with ONE unified golden light. Thank you for all the work you, Dr. Hugh and Light do on behalf of the earth and its residents. Elizabeth Pye ( Elizabeth also told us that one day she was feeling very out of energy. Needing some quickly, she thought of the yellow light with the red rays in it the Lighten-Up group has been sending to Pamela. She basked in the thought of these "energy rays" of Light for a moment and said, "I was amazed. My energy picked right up. I still can't get over how well it worked." (From Pamela....perhaps that is why Book II is flying along.:)))))

ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL OF LIGHT Marilyn Loween, a Lighten-Up Light, had a "touch of joy" massage by another Lighten-Up Light whose name is.......Joy! Marilyn remarked on how healthy and beautiful her house and house deck plants were and Joy replied, "You should have seen them before I started sending Light to them. What a difference!

Top 10 reasons why I use white light (Sheri sheri@rsol.com)

  1. It makes me feel better to know that I'm healing the Earth. (The earth really needs this healing after all the damage we've done to it in the past century!)
  2. Sending light also helps to remind me that I do have a kind of control over every situation.
  3. Instead of worrying about the wars and violence, I send light so that the situation is resolved in a manner that is to the highest good. Who am I to direct how this should be done (Which is why I don't pray for peace.)
  4. Sending light to my enemies helps me to forgive them.
  5. My cells just seem to really like the light. It heals my body faster.
  6. It is nice to have something to visualize during my meditations.
  7. I use it instead of other kinds of energy healing because it can do more good since I'm not directing it.
  8. I use it with my hypnotherapy clients to help heal after an emotional session.
  9. I use it to protect my own energy field daily and to clear my house of unwanted entities.
  10. I love the fact that white light is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow and I've always loved rainbows.

"How Sending Light Makes Me Feel"
by Marilyn Parsons
How do I feel when I send "Light"? I feel empowered and amazingly peaceful. My earth is so wonderful and grand that I feel like I am going on a trip through National Geographic Magazine. I see the splendor of all that is and it brings tears to my eyes. I am a part of all of this. I can make a difference and help myself at the same time. When I tell "Light" here it is, do what you will with this, it allows me to understand that I need to sit back, calm down and let my journey of spirit take me where it will. The need to control thoughts that I normally carry with me challenges me here in this moment. They come sauntering in and I must quickly say good bye to them for this is my moment of "Light". This is my moment of empowerment and, together, Master of Light and I are a wonderful team. I feel that he is with me and helping me to surround and protect and empower those I love. Thinking of "Light" also helps me to send positive thoughts to those people I donít understand, the people that have come into my life in order for me to learn a lesson, and learn to let go of my negative thinking. As I get ready to open my home to relatives and chaos this weekend, I ask Master of Light to nudge me, to give me a little nudge when I feel the need to control the weekend. Give me a little nudge when things are said I donít agree with. Help me to remember this moment of peacefulness and keep me in that frame of mind. Hopefully, others will see it, recognize it, and want some of what I have found.

I like to use golden light to surround the earth and the center of the earth and the universe. When I surround myself and others with light, however, I like to use white, golden, and silver light all together. To me, the crown chakra is white circling light, but then I add gold and silver to it because it make me feel good. It feels sparkly and brilliant that way. I think I like to see the crown chakra as white, but as I see it open and allow my Higher Self and Master of Light to join in, I intensify the moment with more brilliance (the gold and silver) which makes me feel all the more special.

Marilyn is part of our Friday Night Light Group. We gather for an hour to discuss various metaphysical matters, focusing on Light frequently, and then we send Light to the earth, ourselves, and others. We asked Marilyn to read this before we sent Light. Afterwards another member of the group - Vicki. B. - approached Marilyn and said, "When you read the part about sparkly lights of silver and gold, I don't know why, but I suddenly saw the Statue of Liberty with the Lights shooting up out of the light torch she holds up. I also don't know why I felt I had to share this with you." What Vicki did not know is the Statue of Liberty is a highly personal and powerful symbol for Marilyn that represents to her the personal power and abilities she is working to open. She was even wearing that night, hidden beneath her blouse, a pendent of......The Statue of Liberty! How's that for two psychic hits: Marilyn sending out as she read the force of her psychic vision and Vicki receiving it!


I have discovered a very easy and powerful way of raising your own concious level at the moment, meditate, and anchor and spread the Light of Spirit to the entire planet..

I found it in a book called Odyssey of the Soul, a trilogy - Book I, authored by Pamela Chilton C.Ht. and Hugh Harmon Ph.D.

I don't think about how the Light will do it's work. That would come from the mind, and my mind no more knows how or what the Light should do, anymore than it knows how to make my heart beat, or heal a cell. The point is to just anchor the Light in yourself, into the planet and outward perhaps to the stars. Let the Light go where it will and do It's thing.

It IS in the back of my mind that the Light is healing, mending harmonizing, and ridding the area of energies that do not belong here. I know this, but do not think or ponder on it, or talk the light through it. We all have our own theories and mantras, and what the Light needs now is our focus not thousands of different interpretations.

I agree with the authors of Odyssey of the Soul that the planet needs healing, and our help in facilitating it to do so..

One unexpected sidebar to this is that I have found my own conciousness raising when I do this. My back straightens up, I get a big grin on my face, and I feel good and feel love. This sometimes can last for quite some time, if not all day.

I have at many times in my life practiced, mind focus, concentration, meditation; but I have never gotten such powerful results so quickly and so easily as when doing what I just described. And I know in my heart it is actually doing good for more than just myself. And easy - I do it while driving to work, while eating, while at the movies, working, whatever and whenever. It takes very little effort and time. It can be started and finished in a minute or you can hold it for as long as you like, and then just let it go... I do it 2-5 times a day, just on the spur of the moment, when it feels right. Who is to say that I am not picking up the queue from others who are doing it at that same time, and that also by my doing it, others begin as well?

I hope you all try this, at least a few times. Just think of what we could do if enough people did this on a daily basis. I know you all believe in the power of our focus and the tremendous ability we have to create with love or with fear. This one is created through and with love, and works!!! in my humble opinion. LOL

If you find you like it, tell others! :-)))

Peace and Love to you all!!!



Stephen (CCChakra)
liberate@pacbell.net OR CCChakra@hosts.talkcity.com
Host, Religions & Spiritualities Forum at Talk City
"He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad"
"Visualize often, the World surrounded and infiltrated to its core with LIGHT"

Jennifer, a clinical hypnotherapist we have trained, and we are very, very proud of her skills, her own natural psychic abilities, her incredible writing skills, and her commitment to the helping and teaching of those who seek. "How does sending Light make me feel? The way I feel about sending Light depends on my purpose. Sending Light has become second nature to me. I know that every time I send Light that I'm doing my personal part in helping the Earth and all of her creatures. It is the smug satisfaction that I matter and that I can help. It's being so small and doing so big at the same time. Sending Light gives me the "power" to see situations for what they are. Sending Light to a situation helps me to calm the heightened emotions and become an observer. Light connects me to everything and connects everything to me. It lifts me into the perfect state of consciousness". Jennifer Mc Vey



Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Method® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.

The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.

Email the authors at odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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