Testimonial Letters for the Allergone Method®

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Dear Pamela, I am most thrilled to tell you that my life has changed dramatically since my allergies went away so "miraculously". Still can't believe it. I tell everyone about you and I thank Dr. Harmon every day for inventing this "crazy" tapping "thing". Thank you. P.D., Palm Desert

Dr. Harmon, THEY (allergies) ARE GONE!!!!! Need I say more? Except, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! R.M., Indian Wells, CA

Dear Pamela and Dr. Harmon, Our nephew has returned to school. His headaches are gone and his stuffy nose is clear. He seems to be studying much better. His teachers have noted the changes too. Thank you. S.G., Cathedral City

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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Method® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.

The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.

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