Every event that occurs to every soul is recorded –imprinted – in the energy levels of spirit.  

These are not physical records.  They are non-physical energy imprints. 

These Records are given various names:  Akashic Records, Soul Records, Book of Life.

Higher Spirit and Light call them The Universal Records as they record the physical experiences of all souls – not just humans. 

 Our knowledge of and access to The Records are through Light and Higher Spirit. 

LIGHT:  Named ‘Master of Light’ in Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis because we did not know then what LIGHT Is:  God Consciousness.  God Energy.  God Communication.  Creator Consciousness.  Creator Energy. 

HIGHER SPIRIT:  Named ‘Master of Spirit’ in Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis because we did not know then what Higher Spirit is:  The highest level of spirit consciousness and highest level of spirit  guidance.  From Higher Spirit:

“You understand that spirit is not God, but of God origin.  Part of that system called universal energy.  We are many levels of knowledge.  This is a level that has never incarnated and never will.  This level is free from bias and judgments.  We seek only to guide.  Not direct.”

 Energy Imprints In The Records are images similar to holograms.  They appear ‘real’ (physical) but are not.  This sense of ‘realness’ of the images in the Records and in dimensions of the future confuses many into thinking past, present and future exist simultaneously in physical time.  They do not.  Past and future dimensions are not physical; they are non-physical.   

 One can seamlessly move mentally (and in spirit) between past and future without even realizing it.  Thought moves spirit and the mind.  When one wonders about or asks about the future that thought projects one’s consciousness, or a part of it, into a dimension of time in which there are energy imprints (non-physical images) of future possibilities and future probabilities.    

 When Edgar Cayce, for example, looked into the future and saw the planetary upheavals unfolding today he wondered to himself just how severe such changes could become.  That thought instantly projected his consciousness into the past where he saw his answer.  Only Cayce, like many psychics and seers, was not aware of the nuances of ‘time travel’ and he did not realize he had switched from looking at visions of the future into looking at visions of the past.  As Light writes:  “The mind is not a car.   It does not signal when it is changing directions and it changes direction at the flick of a thought.”

 We have spoken with Edgar Cayce through channeling.  Cayce feels deeply chagrined that his predictions of the future – which were partly visions of the past – caused such fear that many feel paralyzed by it.  Cayce, like Light, wants people to know the future is not ‘set in stone’.

  What we think, feel and do today does affect the future.  There are solutions and there are people embodied today who can find those solutions if given the support and time to do so.  This is why Light’s Plan of Sending Light To The Earth is so important.  The Light people send to the Earth helps restore the balance upset by global warming and helps to lift the consciousness of all people so that the necessary solutions are found more quickly and embraced by the public more quickly.

 Another confusion caused by The Records is any spirit can observe and experience the energy imprints in The Records of any soul.  People sometimes do this in past life regressions, as well as in visions and dreams.  Spirits in the spirit state do this.  All of which can give spirits – and people – a ‘memory’ of being someone they were not. 

 How can one tell which memories are one’s own and which are the memories – The Records - of someone else’s life?  One can ask Higher Self which are memories are of one’s own past lives when one was physically embodied or present as a spirit attachment or spirit observer.  Asking is through self-muscle testing with pendulum, fingers, weights or through automatic writing and altered state channeling of Higher Self 

 [Self-muscle testing is important to use before and after altered state channeling and automatic writing to assure information not interfered with by conscious/subconscious self or by other spirits.]

 True ‘Angels’ are spiritual messengers.  A non-physical symbolic image is projected by the mind of the messenger or by the one receiving the message to indicate the message is from higher spiritual  guidance.   

 True ‘Spirit Guides’ are helpers that serve the Higher Self (and often are a part of The Higher Self) and Higher Spirit (and are often part of Higher Spirit).  

 True ‘Light Beings’ and ‘Enlightened Beings’ are teachers of knowledge. 

 The Higher Self is the direct line/link for each soul to ‘enlightened beings’ and to higher spiritual guidance from Higher Spirit, Light, God.  (By whatever name one names God.)  

 Higher Spirit is the highest level of spirit and thus the highest level of spirit knowledge and guidance (is second in knowledge and guidance only to God’s Light and God).  The greater one’s own awareness and understanding, the greater ability one has to become aware of and understand the messages one receives from Higher Self, Higher Spirit, Light and God.

 One can ask God questions directly.  God does answer.  Knowing how God answers leads to greater understanding of God Communication and greater understanding of how such communication becomes adulterated by lower consciousness. 

 Light defines consciousness as awareness and understanding.

 God communicates to Spirit through Light and the direct line of this communication to one’s soul is through the inner light of the soul.  The more one grows in awareness and understanding, the more one can understand what one receives and the more one continues to grow in awareness and understanding the higher the knowledge one receives becomes.

 When you seek guidance, when you seek spiritual answers  - ask directly.  You don’t need an intermediary.  Ask within your own self.  You can ask Higher Self, Higher Spirit, Light, God – it doesn’t matter.  The line from Higher Self to Higher Spirit to Light to God is direct.

 For personal guidance you do well to ask your Higher Self, which has intimate knowledge of your soul and you and a greater understanding of your past and presently embodied states of being.  

 If your Higher Self does not have the guidance/answer you seek ask Higher Spirit.  For example:  Higher Spirit has a far greater access to and deeper understanding of The Universal Records of other souls.   Higher Spirit has a greater awareness and understanding of events beyond the personal scope of your Higher Self. 

 If you seek an answer/guidance you think only God can provide, ask God.  God will either answer or leave the answer/guidance to your Higher Self if that is the best source for you for what you seek.

 When you receive answers and guidance you can – if you need or desire to - ask for the assistance of those of greater knowledge, awareness and understanding to help you better understand what you receive.  You can also continue to increase your own knowledge, awareness and understanding so you better understand what you and others receive. 

 Another confusion in accessing the dimensions of the past (Universal Records) and future is the ‘overlay’ of events.  What one perceives and experiences when accessing these dimensions creates ‘new’ energy imprints in them.  This does not change the original imprints, but does create an ‘overlay’ of new ones.   

 Which is the point of ‘regression therapy’.  One regresses into a dimension of the past to find out what has negatively affected the present.  When the originating event is found one finds the negative thoughts, beliefs and actions triggered and created in that event so one can alter these in the light of greater awareness and understanding.  Of course when one is re-experiencing, even re-examining, the original events one is likely to get caught up in the original thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions of those events.  This is why one needs a professional therapist well trained in hypnosis and regression therapy.  With the help of the therapist one can release emotional energies still triggered by the original events. Then replace ‘negative’ thoughts/beliefs and actions with positive, empowering ones that create a ‘new’ overlay of events. 

 LIGHT likens this to painting a new painting over an old painting on the same canvas.  The old painting is still there and one can find it if one removes (denies) the new painting.  But if one focuses on the new painting, it becomes the ‘reality’ that affects one.   

  It is difficult to separate the imprints of ‘overlays’ in the Records from the imprints of the original events and souls in them.  Higher Spirit can do this and Higher Spirit is available to everyone.

This is why many people can have a different version of what is in The Records and one of the reasons many people can ‘remember’ being the same person in the past.   

 Pamela asked Light in Light’s Book:  “Is there any difference between the soul that truly lived a life and those that have an intimate awareness of it?” 

 Light answered, “Yes, two hundred thousand people can closely identify with the same character in a book or a play or a movie yet each will relate differently to that same character and to the events in the book, play or the movie because no two souls are exactly alike.  No matter how intimately one observes or experiences the life experiences of others one is doing so through one’s own consciousness, not theirs.  This changes everything.  Souls can learn from the experiences of others but what they learn may be quite different from what the souls that had the experience learned.”

 The primary life lesson for each life is in the Records, but Higher Spirit rarely will give this as it is part of the purpose of each soul to live that lesson, recognize it, and overcome it.

 Life Lesson and Soul Purpose are not the same thing, although it is part of the purpose of a soul’s life to learn the lessons of that life.  Think of the life lessons as what a soul learns and the soul purpose as what a soul gives. 

 Another reason many souls may think they were (or are) the same person is spirit attachments.  Spirit attachments are souls that attach themselves to another soul.  When the soul they are attached to is embodied spirit attachments can come to believe it is their body.  This is a mental perception, not a reality. 

 From The Records:  Marilyn Monroe had several spirit attachments.  Which is one the reasons there are several people embodied today who ‘remember’ being Marilyn.  One of whom was a client of Dr. Hugh’s.  This person regressed to ‘being Marilyn’.  The Universal Records reveal she was a spirit attachment to Marilyn Monroe.  Higher Spirit says Ms. Monroe is still in the spirit state and she is as confused and emotionally distraught as she was when she died.  Her death was neither murder nor deliberate suicide.  It was indirect suicide in that Marilyn was driven by a powerful subconscious program of self-punishment and self-destruction that led her to unconsciously overdose herself.

 Note:  God, Light and Higher Spirit will not interfere with unfolding life lessons. Which is why they will not ‘tell’ the names and details of present day murders, kidnappings and other crimes until all parties involved in or with them have resolved their part in them.

 From The Records:  There was a man named Noah who did build a large, sea worthy vessel that was considerably smaller than what would be needed to hold even one of all the animals on the Earth in his day.  It barely held his own domesticated stock.  There were others who did the same for the signs of an impending flood where clear to many. Many others ignored those signs, preferring to believe all was well and they were not endangered.  This is a human trait that can be seen in every age, including this one.

 Note:   The Biblical Story of Noah is symbolic of the importance of paying attention to physical signs when cautioned/guided  by your inner guidance to do so.

 Additional *XTRA* Material For This Synopsis That Is Not On Spoken Teleseminar:

 From The Records:  Assassination of former President John Kennedy.  “We note that there were several missals involved in that incident.  The duplicity is great.  And no single determining factor would resolve the dilemma that is still in Men's minds.  There was a collusion AND separate faction, all happening at the same time.  You might call that a phenomena.  Members of the government of his own party were involved in his assassination, as well as a radical who wished to assassinate him for its own reasons.”

 From The Records:  Princess Diana was formally Queen Victoria.  Some of Queen Victoria’s unlearned lessons were learned as Princess Diana in this life.  As Queen Victoria learned how to deal with strong emotional feelings when dealt a rather uncomely body.  And then – as Princess Diana – was in a very comely body, having to deal with the same emotions, in contrast with the other body and physiognomy.   When in the Victoria body she did have sexual energies.  There were many varied activities at the time.  It was a very sexual awakening for many of those people at that time.  And as she became embodied again as Diana she again felt sexual urges awakening, only to be turned off by the man who she married.  Not dealing with those well, she became ill.  Ofttimes, denying and destructive with her body.  Still moving through many of those emotions, became free and aroused by the very sexual animal body which she lived in, found a sense of freedom. 

Son William in this life was one of her major advisors as Queen Victoria.  He was a consort of Victoria.  Son Harry in this life was not in her life as Victoria.  There is evidence he had information of Mary, Queen of Scots, but he was not that person.  Mary Queen of Scots was a past life incarnation of soul Diana knew in this life as Dodi Fayed.  When Princess Diana was injured in the car crash she had a option of living, but she chose to move into spirit where she felt she could do more to watch over her sons and other concerns special to her. 

 From The Records:  Former President Bill Clinton was Cleopatra the Fifth.  (Cleopatra the 7th was the one involved with Julius Caesar.)  (Is this the one that knew Caesar?)  No, that was the 7th.   His soul was also – in another lifetime - Nero, Emperor of Rome.  His mother then is his wife, Hillary, today.  His soul was a woman in his most recent past life.  Name was Sally Fornworth, born in 1836.  She was one of the women who followed the Confederate soldiers from place to place during the Civil War, providing comfort in the soldiers’ lives.  She survived to die of tuberculosis in Illinois in 1878.

 From The Records:  Oprah Winfrey had two life times as a slave.  The first a female, a slave/servant in the house of an Atlantean as these peoples moved from their failing continent across the Mediterrean and into that upper African area, into what is now called Egypt.  And further east.  They held all that territory.  Names of those times often not recognizable to us today.  Sounded like:   “Onnngung”  Was treated well.  Become part of the family.  Died of old age at 48.    Second life was in 1200 B.C.  A black African Male.  A slave of another tribe of people, further into the interior, the slave traders brought people up to a more civilized Egyptian countries. Worked for the elite, not as a household slave but a field slave.  Badly used and abused in work conditions and living conditions.  They were treated like camels, like animals.  Maybe better than some animals.    Worked on the pyramids.  Name sounded like:  “Na ra ha”.  No children.  Died at age 36.  Breathing disorder disease such as tuberculosis.  Probably brought about inhaling large amounts of sand and dust in the fields.  Had a life time in the United States as wife of a small plantation owner in the Carolinas.  Born 1697.  Named Anna Carmel.  Married name Spencer. Husband’s name:  Joseph Spencer.  Raised tobacco and grains.  Had a small number of slaves.  Treated well by the standards of the day.  Two children that survived birth.  Names were:  Robert and Mary Ann.  Two children died after birthing. Husband was  involved with the slave activity.  She was director of the house.  He was a successful farmer.  They had an uneventful life.  She died in 1742 of Consumption.  Probably tubercular. 

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