Mental Imaging, Visualization, Imagination 3/30/08 Seminar

To think of, imagine, or visualize a detailed image or thought.

Dr. Guang Yue - Cleveland Clinic Foundation - 2003 - Officially Proved You Can Build Bigger Muscles Just By Thinking About Using Them In A Study Presented To The Society Of Neuroscience:  30 Adults spent 15 minutes a day for 12 weeks visualizing (mental imaging) exercising the little finger.  All increased the strength of the pinkie by 35% and buffed up the muscle around the elbow 13%. In a second study, 10 adults aged 20-35 imagined flexing one of their biceps as hard as possible in training sessions five times a week.  Electrical impulses at the motor neurons of their arm muscles were monitored to make certain they were not unintentionally tensing.  After a few weeks biceps showed 13.5% increase in strength and maintained that gain for three weeks after training stopped. 

 Major James Nesmeth, Prisoner of War. N. Vietnam for 7 years, imprisoned in a cage 4 ½ feet high and 5 feet long.  Saw no one, talked to no one, no physical activity.  During first few months slept, hoped, prayed.  Realized he had to find something to occupy his mind or lose his sanity and probably his life.  In his mind, selected a favorite golf course and played a full 18 holes every day.  Imagined and strove to FEEL everything to the last detail:  Saw himself dressed in his golfing clothes, smelled the fragrance of the trees and the freshly trimmed grass, experienced different weather conditions and seasons - windy days, overcast days, sunny days, even rainy days.  In his imagination trees, blades of grass, singing birds, scampering squirrels and the lay of the golf course became totally real.  He felt the grip of the club, instructed himself as he practiced smoothing out his down-swing and the follow through of his shot.  Watched the ball arc down the exact center of the fairway, bounce a couple of times, roll to the exact spot he’d selected.   Imagined and felt every step as he walked to the ball.  Took him just as long in imaginary time to play 18 holes as it would have taken in reality.  Not a detail was omitted.  Not once did he ever miss a shot, never a hook or a slice, never a missed putt.  Seven days a week.  Four hours a day.  Eighteen holes.  Seven years.  First time he actually stepped on a golf course after his release and played 18 holes he had improved his game by 20 strokes.  He shot a 74.   

 In the Soviet Union in the 1970’s, a group of Soviet athletes was brought together and divided into four groups.  One group spent time training for their sport.  Group two was asked to train only 25% of the time and spend the other 75 percent visualizing the precise movements and outcomes that they wanted in their performance.  The third group spent half their time in training and half in visualizing.  The forth group spent 75% in training and 25% in visualization.  At the 1980 Winter Games in Lack Placid, New York, the group that excelled was the group that spent the highest amount of time in visualization.  The lowest improvement was among those who spent all of their time training.  In each case, the group with the higher visualization (mentally imaging) periods did better than the other groups.” 

 Each of these three examples, plus additional examples in the Mind Power Paper in the Treasure Chest demonstrate the importance of spending the same amount of mental focus and time mentally as one would physically to accomplish the same results. 

 We have been doing mental imaging of physical exercises to increase energy, strengthen & tone muscles, flatten the abdomen (Pamela slimming the whole body) for about 6 weeks now.  Results:  Muscle soreness in beginning.  More energy.   Increased strength.  Pamela 10 pounds slimmer, eating better, feeling better.  

Example of Merrien H:  Played Jane Fonda’s Workout tape while walking to work lost weight and toned her body. 

Judy D. Had lots of exercise videos she would start to do physically then ‘burn out’, after learning about mental imaging told herself daily, “I can at least take the time to do it mentally today.”  AFTER finished hypnotherapy to address her resistance to losing weight, she mentally imaged along with tape every day and in beginning physically follow along maybe once a week.  After a month, physically worked out 3 times a week with tapes, mentally image 3 times a weeks.   After three months reached her goal of 27 pound loss and down 4 dress sizes.

T.V. Show I Can Make You Thin:  Callahan Tapping Techniques for compulsive eating, addictions, cravings.   If no emotional resistance to the goal can work very, very well.  Try the tapping as shown on T.V. and in his book:  Tapping The Healer Within, by Roger Callahan.   If it works, great.  If you find yourself anxious, disturbed, in physical or emotional distress when you do it, stop.  You have inner resistance you need to attend to using the techniques we have taught you for self muscle testing, self hypnosis, talking to the subconscious self, erasing and replacing old programming or seek out professionals like us who help you to do this.   

 Symbolic Imagery is the language of the mind, it is the language your subconscious mind uses when it speaks to you mentally.  Examples: 

Pamela:  I was lighting my goal of increased financial prosperity.  When I finished I had an unbidden image of a brick wall.  Obviously my subconscious telling me it would like to manifest my goal but I had a block to it doing so.  Did self muscle testing – validated with later NMR with Dr. Hugh – to find those blocks so I can work on them.  Also been working on improving my eye sight.  Sat down, counted down from 5 – 1 so I would be in a focused state of concentration and heightened awareness; i.e. hypnosis and most specifically cognitive hypnosis, and mentally asked my eye cells what more they needed me to provide them for perfect vision.  Immediately saw a large fat woman sitting in a booth at a fast food place.  She was intently staring into my eyes, then four other large women squeezed into the semi circular booth with her and she shrugged her shoulders and said to me, “I guess I’m not that tuned into you.”    I knew this was a message from my eye cells.  They were telling me they were ‘tuning me out’ my request for perfect vision.  My next step was to find out why not which I found by self muscle testing the images in the vision:  The five fat women in a fast food place represented my not taking proper care of myself.  When I tested I found my eyes needed five things from me:  1) A better diet.  2)  More water.  3)  More sunlight.  4)  More sleep.  5)  Less stress.  

 Dr. Hugh:  Several years ago, when chemo was more deadly a nine or ten year old girl with a cancerous tumor was brought to me because her parents did not want to use chemo.  The child had already had an earlier tumor removed with surgery at Loma Linda Hospital, but it was now growing back.  I asked the girl if she wanted to be rid of her tumor.  She answered yes.  I asked if she knew how to do that.  To my surprise she emphatically said yes.  Asked her how:  She said she would get into her convertible Cadillac and run over the tumor.  Then she would put the tumor into the back seat of the car and take it home. Then she would cook it in a skillet on the stove and eat it.  Then she would use the toilet and when it came out of her body she would flush it away.  It worked.  Her tumor was gone in a matter of one or two weeks, as validated by medical testing.  I wanted to continue working with her to find the origin/causes of the tumor so it would not reappear again.  Sadly, the parents refused my offer and when I saw her mother a few years later she told me the tumor had reappeared, they had used chemo and their daughter died from the chemo treatments.    The girl’s mental imaging – visualization – imagination – call it what you will had gotten rid of the tumor.  I know if she had been allowed to discover what kept causing it she would have never gotten it back again.

 Interactive Mental Imagery:  A term popularized by Dr. Andrew Weil for talking to the mind and/or body with mental imagery and paying attention to the messages of the mental imagery used by the mind and/or body in response.  Much more effective in cognitive hypnosis. 

Cognitive Hypnosis:  Present consciously, but not interfering or blocking consciously.  Sensation is one of floating above oneself or shifting from the center of oneself.  (Pamela:  Feel myself shift to the right of my brain.)  State one needs to be in for therapeutic benefits. 

 Will sometimes happen in cognitive hypnosis that the person will see images and when asked to interpret them or give meaning of them will do so.  Also can ask person to interpret meanings of specific symbols in their dreams and give message of the dream. 

Spirit has no form of its own.  Spirit is light:  consciousness and energy.  To see pure spirit is to see a light.  However, both the light of spirit and the mind can create mental images of forms people can relate to:  Examples:  Dead friends, relatives appearing as themselves in order to identify themselves.  People in altered states describing being in the spirit state in terms of form:  Books, buildings, people.  These are all symbolic mental images the mind uses to ‘describe’ spiritual experiences.  Cayce described going to a library and reading the books of people’s lives.  Symbolic.  The Records are not books, not records, not physical:  they are impulses of light that can be converted into words or holographic images – mental images of the forms humans use and relate to.  People in altered states, including death, near death and after death experiences, speak of seeing God on a throne, gardens of peace and tranquility, buildings where they can sit and learn from master teachers.   All are symbolic images created by their minds for ‘describing’ experiences in spirit for which there are no words and no form.  Difficult for us to relate to, which our minds understand so our minds create mental forms - symbolic forms  - to represent what we would see if what we saw had form. 

 Next week:  Is the world being controlled by a group of super wealthy, super influential people?      Who directed the attack on the World Trade Center”  Have aliens been doing  DNA-experiments with the human race since early history and what is the danger of becoming a mind controlled society? 

 What Light and Higher Spirit have to say.  

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