(10/17/07) Teleseminar Synopsis

 Need not be concerned with spirits that are in Earth planes to observe without any interest in interfering with the planet or its inhabitants.  Observing spirits do not disturb physical form or physical beings unless or until they (observing spirits) lower their vibrations sufficiently to affect the astral levels of physical form and physical beings.  In which case they are no longer merely observing. 

 It is when spirits affect physical beings that physical beings become aware of them, subconsciously at least.  Concern is with spirits that interfere with physical beings, either wittingly or unwittingly.  Humans know, subconsciously, when these kinds of spirits are present.  So does the body. 

 When humans consciously or subconsciously allow this kind of spirit(s) to attach to them, their bodies do NOT like it.  Especially when spirits attach to the body itself.  The body has a hard enough time adjusting to one spirit’s presence – yours.  Having to deal with the vibrations of another spirit is very difficult for the body and can begin weakening and breaking down the body, causing injury, illness, and disease.   

 We are not speaking of situations where another spirit has come into your personal space at the invitation of or acceptance of your Higher Self for a positive purpose.   Such situations are almost always temporary.  Your body will let you know if spirits are affecting it negatively.  If you are not in tune with your body you won’t recognize its signals/messages until the body begins breaking down physically. 

 Your Higher Self will also let you know.  But again, you have to be in tune with your Higher Self to be aware of its messages.  The Higher Self can bring you messages in dreams, but many people do not work very knowingly with their dreams.  Higher Self Messages also can come intuitively or through a mental dialogue, but once again one must be in tune with one’s true intuition and know which mental messages are from the Higher Self. 

The purpose of meditation:  Train your mind to become silent when you will it to do so, so that you can become aware in that mental silence of the presence of the Higher Self and the vibrations of its communications to you; thereby teaching you to recognize your true inner guidance and through that inner guidance higher levels of guidance as well.

 Many people would say the purpose of meditation is to know God.    But there are many spirits both embodied and not embodied that claim to be God or know God.  Some may even believe this to be true.  How is one to know what a spirit claims is or is not true?  Even lower levels of spirit can produce physical phenomena and miracles.  The level of the Higher Self is the level of discernment.  It is the Higher Self that can discern whether a spirit or a physical being is or is not lying.  It is the Higher Self through which one can ask Higher Spirit, Light and, thus, God.  Thus, to ‘know’ God, one must learn to communicate with and through ones Higher Self. 

 Some people will protest they are psychic or they use the pendulum, or muscle testing, or automatic writing or hypnosis or prayer and other kinds of altered states.  All are good.  However, if one does not test to see if one is free of spirit interference before using these methods and if one does not test to see after using these methods whether the communication was interfered with by self (consciously or subconsciously) or another spirit one cannot trust what one receives. 

Muscle testing is based on the proven premise that the body’s muscles respond to thought.

It has been demonstrated that it is the subconscious mind that controls the body’s muscles.  Thoughts that cause body muscles to momentarily weaken are thoughts to which the subconscious is responding ‘no’ or ‘not true’.  Thoughts that cause body muscles to strengthen momentarily are thoughts to which the subconscious is responding ‘yes’ or ‘true’. When people speak the thought verbally the same result applies.

 People are in the habit of thinking something other than what they are saying.  Examples:  They think of what they are going to say next.  They think I can’t believe I’m saying this or how will what I am saying or about to say going to be received.  Or they are thinking of what they want to say instead of what they are saying or in the case of muscle testing they are thinking of what they want the answer to be or expect the answer to be. 

 When the mouth says one thing and one is thinking another thing the muscle response will be to what one is thinking – not what one is saying.   When someone else is testing you what that person is thinking also affects muscle testing, which is why it is very important for people who muscle test others to keep their minds empty of thought and expectation when doing the testing.  It’s not easy.  One needs to be trained how to do it and willing to do it. 

 There are three ways of doing self-muscle testing:  1) The use of weights.  2) The use of a body part, such as a finger, thumb, hand. 3) The use of a pendulum.   

 What moves the pendulum –indeed what controls all muscle testing - is the subconscious mind.  When you use a pendulum to ‘talk to a spirit’, for example, it is the subconscious that receives the mental communications of the spirit and then moves the pendulum to indicate the ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘I don’t know’ responses of spirit.  When you ‘talk to’ a part of your body, it is the subconscious that receives the ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘I don’t know’ responses and then moves the pendulum accordingly.  When you ‘talk to’ your own Higher Self, it is the subconscious that receives that mental response then moves the pendulum accordingly. 

 How you preface your statements (statements elicit more precise responses than questions do) is what directs the subconscious.  When you preface your statement with “Higher Self “ the subconscious moves the pendulum – or strengthens/weakens the muscle response – according to the Higher Self response.  When you do not preface your statements with Higher Self or Conscious Self or Body or whomever/whatever you want the response form, the response will be from the subconscious mind in according with the fixed beliefs stored in the subconscious.

 In the Treasure Chest of this website ( is a paper on NMR explaining why it is so important to know if you are free of spirit attachments and spirit influences in your ‘space’ before doing muscle testing, automatic writing, channeling or hypnosis.  Also in the Treasure Chest is “ How To Make and Use A Pendulum”.  Follow the guidelines to increase accuracy and validity of pendulum use AND muscle testing. 

 To keep your mind focused on your statements when doing any form of muscle testing, including use the pendulum, imagine you are mentally seeing and reading each word.   Or for auditory people - listen to each word as you speak it.    Hardest thing to do with all self-muscle testing, including the pendulum, is keep your mind clear of expectations of what you want the answer to be or fear the answer will be.  

 To self-test for spirit attachments or spirit interference state your own name and then your Higher Self.  Example:  If your name is Ann, think and say aloud:  Ann’s Higher Self knows Ann to be the only entity in this body.    The word entity is important.  If you use the word spirit you might not discover the presence with you of an inner child or past life personality that has come forward.

 If the answer is yes, you are the only entity in your body next test three more statements:

1)  My Higher Self knows me to have been the only entity in my body a moment ago.”   This is to know if an entity or entities left your body when you began testing so he/she/it or they would not be discovered.  2) “My Higher Self knows there to be interfering spirit entities present.”  This is to uncover interfering spirits that are present but not attached to you. 

 If you find you are not the only entity in your body, or you were not alone a moment ago or you have interfering spirits present say mentally or out loud:  “I bring in light to remove all spirit presences not to my Highest Good.”

 Test again.  If you are alone, then it is likely the Visitors are some other ‘alien’ spirits were with you.  They must leave when you bring in light as human will presently remains supreme over ‘alien’ will on this planet.  If  ‘alien’ presences were with you (and even if they weren’t) it is a good idea to get in the habit of clearing yourself and your home every morning in this manner.  Muscle Test for The Visitors whenever your defenses are down because of physical or emotional distress and whenever you feel physically drained or exhausted, as their presence is even more physically draining than other types of spirit attachments.

 ‘Alien’ presences like The Visitors are very prevalent right now because of our global crisis.  They know they have an opportunity to establish global dominion if enough humans are willing to allow it.  Humans have known innately – since their beginning - not to allow this.  It is not Nature’s will and it is not human will.  But if enough humans come to believe aliens are the only answer to the global mess we find ourselves in then the aliens be given that dominion.  And humans will very quickly find themselves enslaved.  If you don’t believe us ask Higher Spirit or God yourselves.  [If you prefer to ask LIGHT, fine.  When LIGHT answers it is GOD answering.] But don’t ask while you have aliens with you or influencing you.  Clear yourself and your space of them first and check with your Higher Self – through muscle testing – to be certain all is clear.     

 If using the light clears you of spirit attachments and spirit presences, you can – if you want to do so – do further muscle testing to discover who/what and how many were with you, using “My Higher Self knows” statements.   

 Often, human spirits won’t leave when you ‘remove them’ with light.  They have as much right to be here in the Earth planes as embodied humans.  They won’t leave if they don’t know where to go to, don’t know how to leave, are frightened to leave and just plain refuse to leave.   If you cannot clear your self or your space of all spirit entities, use your name in front of all Higher Self statements as you test to see who or what is there.  Example:  Ann’s Higher Self knows there to be two entities in this body.”  “Ann’s Higher Self knows there to be two entities in this room.”   “Ann’s Higher Self knows there to be two entities in this house.”  

 If there are more entities in your body than just you (anything more than one entity in the body is more than just you) or more entities in a room, house or building than the number of people and pets combined, then you know you have discovered spirit entities.  Test to see how many are there.  (The Visitors and other aliens will have left when you removed them with the light.  They cannot refuse human will on these planes – not yet anyway.) 

 Test for gender, age and whether you knew this person when he or she was embodied and if so what that person’s relationship to you is:  Relative, mate, friend, acquaintance, or stranger.  If you knew this person figure out with further testing whom this person is.  Do this for each spirit entity present.  The answers you get will help you know what to say to help this person – which is the subject of next week’s seminar – move on.   

 To do self-muscle testing with weights or fingers read the paper in the treasure chest on Self Use of NMR and read also here on Self Muscle Testing  

Which ever method of self-muscle testing you use:  Practice, Practice, Practice with statements you know to be true and statement you know to be false (real name, false name – real age, false age – other factual statements you know the answer to) until you’ve become facile with the method you’ve chosen.   When using self-muscle testing you MUST be focused on your statement and MUST clear your mind of expected, desired, feared outcome.  Just make the statement then quickly test to find the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.



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