Conspiracy Theories & The Year 2012  (4/6/08) 

Today we are responding to a request to ask Higher Spirit or Light about three conspiracy theories as well as a second request for information about the year 2012.    We did the channeling session yesterday.  Dr. Hugh was the channel, Pamela asking the requested questions.  When we do such a session we first test for the presence of spirit entities – other than ourselves – with NMR.  While we have asked our Higher Selves and programmed our subconscious minds to alert us to spirits trying to interfere with the channeling we like to be certain we are alone before we begin or in the case of channeling spirit entities we want to be certain only the one or ones being channeled are present.

Higher Spirit – which we called Master of Spirit for some time – is not a spirit entity; it is the highest level of Spirit Knowledge and thus, second in spiritual guidance only to Light.  Neither is Light a spirit entity.  We called Light Master of Light in our book, Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis, because initially we thought Light was a spirit of light with an incredible mastery of colors.  Even when Light told us, “I Am The Light”, it took time, a growth in consciousness, and Light’s Book:  Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation for us to fully grasp Light’s meaning.     

When we seek information people have requested we usually ask first for Higher Spirit and then ask Light if there is additional enlightenment to give.  

What is not in this synopsis are the discussions by Pamela and Dr. Hugh of several of the answers.  To hear those discussions you will need to listen to the recording.  Subscribers have access to the phone and internet recordings, which can be downloaded.  If you do no wish to subscribe you can purchase downloads or CD’S of recording you want.  ($10 per recording.)    Email Pamela at email below if you wish to purchase a recording or need help subscribing.

 Pamela began the channeling session with Higher Spirit saying:    

Pamela:  “I have questions to ask.”

Higher Spirit:  “Yes, I do recall you do ask questions.”

Pamela (laughing):  “Yes, we are seeking knowledge, information, messages.”

Higher Spirit:  “I just provide the knowledge of the universe and that which is beyond I receive from that higher source.”

Pamela:   “That higher source, which is – what would you call it?”

Higher Spirit:  “Hmmmm, Creative Source.”

Pamela:  “I am laughing because you said you ‘just’ provide knowledge of the universe and that which is beyond universal knowledge you receive from The Creative Source.  That’s big.  That’s big Higher Spirit.”

Higher Spirit:  “From my side it’s not big.”

[Note:  Sometimes Higher Spirit and Light use the pronoun ‘we’ when speaking, particularly when addressing human concerns.  Sometimes uses the pronoun “I’.   As Higher Spirit said in this session:  Words, words, words.  You were wondering a moment ago about language.  You know and I know the best language, the most clear language is thought form or mind to mind communication.  It’s not as confusing as words are.”. 

Pamela:  “You spoke with us before or we spoke with you before. . .”

Higher Spirit:  “Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed.”

 Pamela:  “And you told us, yes, there is a group of people in power for many years in this government and other governments throughout the world.”

Higher Spirit:  “They are not a government.  They are a group of people you might them call a consortium or a group of very powerful people from all different parts of the world.

Pamela:  “At that time you said they had two names:  Trilateral and One World.”

Higher Spirit:  “They’ve had many, many names.  They were written about in the mid 1800’s in a quite knowledgeable manner.  They’ve been there long before that.  They’ve been in one form or another since early civilization, they’ve been the powerful behind the scenes maneuvering of the powerful people to maintain what they would consider a world for their highest good.”

Pamela:  “Do they call themselves a name among themselves, like Trilateral or One World or another name?”

Higher Spirit: “They would never affix a name to themselves because they don’t want any identity.  The names that have been applied to them are by those trying to identify them and they seek to avoid the identification.  Do you understand?  Even in this world of computers and electronics they have found ways to secret themselves for the most part – from the public let us say, from the public.  They were around in the ancient Greeks and Romans.   The publicans if you recall were the leaders of many of those powerful venues.  Ancient times.  They’ve been there for as long as human beings have held power over more than one tribe.”

Pamela:  “How many are in this group today?”

Higher Spirit:  “There are many levels of the group.  The larger levels would be in the hundreds.  The heads – the primary group - would be less than ten.” 

[Higher Spirit makes the comment about words being confusing.]

Pamela:  “Would it be appropriate to ask who the heads are?”

Higher Spirit:  “It would be meaningless.  No one would know their names outside of their own family, friends and close associates.  They make a point of remaining unknown.  They are not public figures.” 

Pamela:  “So are there smaller groups that work for them but don’t know they are working for them?”

Higher Spirit:  “Oh that is true in many cases.  All who are members know they are members.  They may not know the lack or severity or strength of their influence, but they know they are members.  Even if they are in the outer circle and are proud to be associated with this because of the power they may not know how little power they have but only as a figment of their imagination, which makes them feel powerful.” 

Pamela:  “There are leaders of countries who are members and leaders of countries who are not leaders, would that be correct?”

Higher Spirit:  “That would be correct.”

Pamela:  “It would not be appropriate to ask if this person or that person is a member, correct?”

Higher Spirit:  “Fruitless, let me say, fruitless.”

[Dr. Hugh and Pamela discuss why this would be fruitless.]

Pamela:  “To what degree are they controlling the world markets and economies?”

Higher Spirit:  “To that which you observe.  There would be people in this world who would not even know what the question meant.  And there are those who are manipulating or involved but still don’t know what they are doing but they are still extremely involved in the manipulation.  You have one at this moment, which is very prevailing, and certainly one you can realize.  That is one of the carbon – hmmm, petroleum you would call it, the petroleum industry. 

Pamela:  “So they have great control over the markets of the world.”

Higher Spirit:  “They do, that is correct.”

Pamela:  Is there any country free of their control?”

Higher Spirit:  “Very primitive countries.  Tribes.” 

Pamela:  “Is their power weakening or growing at the present time?”

Higher Spirit:  “That would be very hard to delineate because of the very thing we spoke of; they are all powerful, yes, they do manipulate the world markets, yes they do control the money, yes they do control the banking, yes they do control petroleum, the stock markets of the various countries.  You see it’s limitless.  They control whatever they choose, except Man’s innermost self. But in the realm of the business world as you call it, they are in control.”

[Pamela and Dr. Hugh compare their control to a person riding a horse.  The person has the reins and is in control of the horse because the horse has been trained to be agreeable in exchange for food, shelter, comfort, companionship.  Also the horse has been taught fear.   However, at any moment the horse can throw off the rider; i.e. the controller, because the horse is bigger, stronger, and has that ability.  Seeing a snake, for example, can cause a horse to rear up and throw off the rider.  Thankfully, humans are unpredictable, which makes them very difficult to control.  Humans are also independent minded which is why they are - as yet - controlled through manipulation, not slavery.]  

Pamela:  “Were they involved in the destruction of the World Trade Centers in New York City?”

Higher Spirit:  “To a greater than lesser extent.  They manipulated the terrorists to do exactly what they wanted the terrorists to do.”

Pamela:  “It would not be appropriate to ask which if any leaders of our country were involved in it, would that be correct?” 

Higher Spirit:  “It would be inconsequential.”

Pamela:  “Were there bombs used in the buildings or did they come down only by the planes?”

Higher Spirit:  “They were destroyed by the start of the flames that were created by the petroleum in the planes that had just taken off and were loaded with large amounts of the fuel that the planes engines used.  That as it rained down started melting the super structure, you would call it, of the building and they began to collapse.” 

Pamela:  “Many claim there were bombs planted in the buildings.”  

Higher Spirit:  “They were planted by the pilots flying the planes into the building.  As I have told you there were no other bombs than the plane’s fuel that caused the fire.”

Pamela:  “Okay, let’s speak of non-earth beings, often called aliens or extra-terrestrials.  We know many souls embodied as humans began incarnating on other planets first, but what we want to know today is are there extra-terrestrials on the Earth who are not human who disguise themselves to appear human.”

Higher Spirit:  “Pamela, let me ask you to use your own knowledge here that you have just asked a question you know the answer to.  What would you tell me?”

Pamela:  “I would say yes, but . . . hmmm,”

Higher Spirit:  “They are not the person they represent, they are only attached to the person they represent as a human being.  Is that what you want to say?” 

Pamela:  “Yes, spirit attachments, thank you.  Another question asked is have extra-terrestrials experimented with and affected human DNA?”

Higher Spirit:  “Well, in the process of genetics the DNA goes back as you have proven even to insects, very similar to insects, such as cockroaches, you have recently discovered have very similar DNA to human beings.   Have extra-terrestrials manipulated outside the creature or animal and implanted it in the creature or animal?  No.”   

Pamela:  “So humans are not being mind controlled by extra-terrestrials, except – in a sense - those allowing themselves to be influenced by extra-terrestrial spirits and spirit attachments?”  

Higher Spirit:  “Again, you knew the answer.” 

Pamela:  Are extra-terrestrials controlling the consortium controlling world affairs?”

Higher Spirit: “No.”

[Discussion of why.]

Pamela:  “There are many interested in the Mayan Civilization who wish to know what ended that civilization?”

Higher Spirit:  “Those who would maneuver and conquer and abuse those in the powers of the Mayan Civilization plus the disease that was brought to them.  The next question will be the calendar.” 

Pamela:  “Yes, yes, people want to know about the calendar and more so about the year 2012.” 

Higher Spirit:  “Do you remember only a few years ago, little more than 8 years ago, there was much ado about the year 2000.  Dire predictions were made and all sorts of precautions were taken.  Even you and this one I speak through were talking of the possibility computers would fail and computers would break down.  Do you remember what happened?” 

Pamela:  “Nothing.”

Higher Spirit:  “Well the same thing will happen at the end of the Mayan calendar.”

Pamela:  “So the year 2012 is?”

Higher Spirit:  “Moot.  Even the Creator Source does not know what will or will not happen in any year, month or day.  Discovery is what keeps CREATION exciting and valid.  There are at any given moment indications of developing trends and events in the future, but the future is not known.  You know this.” 

Pamela:  “Any indication of a developing quantum shift in human consciousness due to the positive influence of beings of higher consciousness?” 

Higher Spirit:  “No.  Humans are progressing.  But they remain fearful and in denial of their own power and eager to believe and follow those who tell them what they want to hear.” 

Pamela:  “Thank you Higher Spirit.”

LIGHT:  “I’m very pleased you are working on the book.”

Pamela:  “Oh Light!  There you are.  I am pleased too.”

LIGHT:  “Can we do more?  Now?” 

Pamela:  “Yes.”

LIGHT:  Good.  The content is all there.  Some of it needs to be tweaked for clarification and we are doing that now.  We always want more speed and accuracy, which you are very good at.”

Pamela:  “Are either Hugh or I consciously or subconsciously or unconsciously blocking the monies needed for printing and promoting the book?”

LIGHT:  “How can you block me?”

Pamela:  “Oh Light you always give the lightest answers with such depth! Thank you.  I am relieved.  Oh, speaking of relief, how many people are sending light – lighting the Earth – on a regular basis?”

LIGHT:  “Oh, we’re up to over three and a half million.  Wait a minute.  Hmmm, over three million, seven hundred thousand.”

 ADDENDUM:  Not included in the audio recording of this seminar are the following excerpts from previous sessions with Higher Spirit and Light regarding the topics discussed in the seminar.  In each of these Dr. Hugh is the channel and Pamela the questioner.  Remarks in [brackets] are Pamela’s. 


Higher Spirit:  “For the last many hundreds of years, the industrial complexes of the world have taught scientific complications to completely confuse and suppress the masses.  At the same time using their strength and abilities to forward the cause of science and the business communities of their world and of national and international energies.  These do not match the laws of the universe.  And destruction shall be the end unless these great changes are made to align themselves with the universal energy. 

 Pamela:  “What would you have us teach?”

 Higher Spirit: “As I've previously stated, the practical aspects of the quantum theory are probably the most useful and acceptable to those you'll be teaching.  Not the technical aspects of it or how it was developed, but the simplicity of it will appeal to the masses.  They want a simple direct answer.  They want the truth and nobody is admitting they're comfortable with the truth and so we find many of the controlling agencies hiding the truth and manipulating the people, causing great confusion, and eventually destruction of the people.  The people are angry, but fearful.  And in their fear, they will begin to rebel, only will rebel in a most negative way, perhaps destroying themselves in the process of trying to save themselves.  For they know not how to change without being combative and destructive.  They need to use the mind, as we call it, the power of the mind, and their ability to focus that power as they were demonstrated many times in the past.  Why do they not observe the truth?  Why do they resist the simple, powerful, and most wondrous demonstrations they have witnessed?  Ah, maybe it is because they're always taught it must be complicated.  For the last many hundreds of years, the industrial complexes of the world have taught scientific complications to completely confuse and suppress the masses.  At the same time using their strength and abilities to forward the cause of science and the business communities of their world and of national and international energies.  These do not match the laws of the universe.  And destruction shall be the end unless these great changes are made to align themselves with the universal energy.  Teaching the masses must be done in a way they will find amusing and acceptable. And most of all, as Pamela said, reward them.  Give them what they want and teach them what they must know.  Very good Pamela.  That's the easiest way for us to let them know their benefit is now.”

 Pamela:  “So the quantum theory will be a way of teaching people they affect matter?  They affect all things around them?”

 Higher Spirit:  “Thought, thought forms.  So easily demonstrated, as you will find tomorrow.  Amazing the people.  Show them what thought does to the human body.  In the workshop tomorrow.  Move quickly please.  For our time growing shorter.”

 Pamela:  “You said once, to achieve demonstration, to ask you as though you were directly there, believing it.”

 Higher Spirit:  “Doubt, that insidious nay-sayer who creeps into everyone's positive, powerful good to limit them. But that’s what the learning process is all about.  And that's what your teaching is all about.”

 After this session, several past life regressions were done with Hugh to a time in the 1400’s when, as a Catholic Padre, he wanted to bring to the populace the message that spirit and God were accessible directly by all.  Though he was closely aligned with Isabelle, the Queen of Spain, she was unable to protect him from being tortured to death by the Inquisition for this heresy.


Pamela:  “Our NMR indicated it would be best not to have any channeling at the seminars, but to share messages that have come forth in that manner [through channeling].  Correct?

LIGHT:  “That appears to be the best course of action at this time.  Trust that through their involvement they [those who attend the seminars] will become more active in teaching what they have learned even at the expense of incorrectness in many areas.  You must trust that they will become excited, that they will become interested in bringing others the knowledge that you impart to them.  Do not fear their incorrectness.  One can never find the perfect student when one thinks they become the perfect teacher. “ 


Higher Spirit:  First the Philosophers, then the Thinkers, now comes the Scientists, who while agreeing with the nature of spirit, yield to the barons of industry who have always controlled governing entities. 

 Pamela:  “What can people do to prevent this?”

 Higher Spirit:  “Your nation was founded on idea of individuals participating through representatives they have elected and to take a personal interest in their lives.  The people are not and will not take responsibility for this at this time.  They must.” 

 Pamela:  “What group or movement can we support that is best to resist those who would dominate?”

 Higher Spirit:  “You are to do this.  Your teaching and preparing populace of the world that they must be taking responsibility for self.  Learning about self and levels of mind necessary before they can know the higher levels and its impresses.  You have been chosen because you know how to do this.  If you do not accomplish this, the world will experience cataclysmic destruction and civilization as you know it now will be absent from the earth planes for many generations.”   



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