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Individual Consciousness/Will/Future

1/17/09 Odyssey Seminar Outline

Individual Will and Consciousness:  A soul embodied in a human form has two levels:  The Higher Self and the Lower Self.  Higher and Lower refers to vibrations and levels of consciousness, not value or worth.

 The higher – meaning faster – the vibration of consciousness, the greater its awareness and understanding.  The lower –meaning the slower – the vibration of consciousness, the lesser its awareness and understanding. 

The Lower Self level of the soul is embodied IN the body.  The vibrations of the physical body and physical form slow down the vibrations of the Lower Self, thus narrowing its consciousness. 

 The Higher Self level of the soul surrounds the energy field of the body.  Its vibrations are not affected by physical form and it remains free of the influences that affect the Lower Self.      

The Higher Self remains aware of the purpose for embodying and can – if the Lower Self is open to it – guide the Lower Self throughout its incarnation in making the choices that will fulfill the purpose; i.e. life lessons for embodying.  Will give examples of life lessons in next seminar. 


“Physical embodiment in precisely the conditions, circumstances and form a soul desires is not as easy as many presume.  Souls choosing to enter into human form, for example, do not create the circumstances, conditions, or bodies they enter; they choose the circumstances, conditions, and bodies available to them that will provide the best opportunity – in the soul’s estimation - to fulfill what the soul is seeking.  Human conditions and circumstances shift continuously, thus altering the degree of difficulty or even the possibility of a soul fulfilling its plans and purpose, or destiny if you prefer that word, in a given lifetime.” 


The realities or ‘rules of the game’ agreed upon by all spirits entering into Creation and by all souls before entering into specific incarnations, like the human condition. 

Spirit has free will, thus an individual spirit can at any time choose not to abide by the laws of the reality it has entered.  But there are consequences to these choices. 

“I shall compare the collective will and consciousness of humans to a river and individual will and consciousness to fish swimming in the river.  Fish change directions much more readily and far more often than do rivers.  Which makes it much easier to make predictions about the future flows of a river than it is to make predictions about what will happen to the fish in it.  In like manner, it is easier to predict the events of collective human consciousness and will than how individuals will react to them.”

“What would be an example of an event of collective human will and consciousness?”

Major wars and conflicts that involve many, although these can be avoided if enough humans desire it and act accordingly.


LIGHT:  The future is foreseeable, but it is also mutable.  It can remain steady for a time or it can change in the twinkling of an eye.”


Zits Cartoon:  Friend of Jeremy’s:  “Look Jeremy, The ancient Mayan Calendar is about the reset itself to zero.”  Jeremy:  “And that means?”  Friend:  “Chaos!  Destruction!  Maybe the end of civilization as we know it!”  Jeremy:  “Or maybe not.”  Friend:  What do you always have to be so negative.”

 THE PROBLEM:  Fearing and worrying about a prediction/prophecy and wanting a prediction/prophecy to be proven right focuses thought and energy on it thus giving it power for manifesting. 

 LIGHT: “You are heavy with your growing awareness of the future.  A future which you have yourselves created and a future you can yourselves uncreate.  What is there to be heavy about with this? . . . ."You will see, as you've witnessed before, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest.  It WILL manifest.”


1.  How far can I go against mass thought?  If most folks believe that a certain thing will happen, but I don’t, how does that play out?   Listen to recording for answer.

2.  If a person shifts up in vibration does it cause certain negative events to disappear that are not in harmony with it?      Answer will be given in next week's seminar.

3.  What are we to believe about the Earth shifting in polarity?

LIGHT:  "It does make modifications slightly, but not end for end.  That would be total destruction."

 4.  What will sending light to the earth really do to directly help the earth?

 LIGHT:  "Restores the balance of vibration.  It is becoming more and more imbalanced on this earth plane by actions of humans thereof in the main so want to reverse that restore balance. "

Pamela:  "Does sending the Light for restoring the balance help humans too? "

LIGHT:  "It does, puts them back in receptive state instead of closed, feared closeted state so many exist in." 

Pamela:  "Economic Situation Dire for very, very many people."

LIGHT:  "You are going to ask me the obvious and that doesn’t need to be answered by me.  When things are thrown out of balance they remain that way until they are brought back into balance."

(Which answers the question asked: How long is the global recession going to last?)


5.     Other than send light to the earth and remain positive, is there anything else we can do to help people in this economy?


Think globally, act locally.  Who in your vicinity needs help – give what you can how you can.  Know your local representatives – city, state, federal – and how they vote.  Only way a voting democracy can work.  Recycle.  Take public transportation or walk or bike more often.  Pick up litter when you see it.  Be a source of joy not doom and gloom.  Proclaim the good news:   

DR. HUGH’S HIGHER SELF:  “If they want to realize the light, if they want to embrace the light, if they want to experience the light, they have to participate with light.  And take the book and the message – to deliver it to others – and the more sharing this with others they will have greater rewards.  The rewards will be related to the amount of information they take to others. 




6.  I would be interested in knowing about President Obama, is he just another puppet or is he really trying to do something to help this country? 

LIGHT:  He’s doing the best job he can with what he has to work with.”  (SEE or LISTEN To Odyssey TeleSeminar of 4/6/08) 

In Honor of This Week's U.S.A. Inauguration - Words To Heed Today.   We have added words in [brackets.]

 John F. Kennedy:  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land [Earth] we love…knowing here on Earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

 Abraham Lincoln:  We are not enemies, but friends.  We must not be enemies.  Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.  With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God [Inner light/Higher self] gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nations’ [world’s] wounds.”


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