Begin every kind of self channeling using self muscle testing (with pendulum or fingers or weights) to know whether one is free of spirit attachments and space is free of spirits other than one or ones being channeled.   Precise wording is a must when muscle testing! 

[How to self-muscle test: 10/14/07 Teleseminar & See How To Use Pendulum in Treasure Chest on website.]

ALL channeling comes through the ‘transceiver’ level of the subconscious mind, which is the ‘medium’ for all communications of mind/body and spirit. 

Note:  When using pendulum, it is the subconscious mind of the one holding the pendulum that moves the pendulum to indicate the response given by whatever/whomever is being channeled.

It is the part of the subconscious mind that controls the body/brain of the channel that is the medium through which the one(s) being channeled speak or write. 

Dr. Hugh’s favorite axiom regarding channeling:  To channel one must get one’s bloated nothingness out of the way.  This does not refer to ego per se; i.e. one’s sense of self-identity, but to one’s own beliefs/thoughts/expectations.

Note:  There are many spirits eager to be channeled, including ‘wannabe’ spirit guides; i.e. spirits that want to be helpful, but are not because they do not know or even realize the importance of a soul’s higher good.

‘True’ spirit guides are a part of or ‘serve’ the guidance of a soul’s Higher Self. 

 Channel must be aware there are four main levels of self: 

1.      Conscious Self. 

2.      Subconscious Self. (Emotional Levels/Emotional Programming.

3.      Physical Self.  (Body/Brain/Cells/Programming)

4.      Higher Self.  (Spiritual level/guidance level.)


When channeling ‘self’ must state specifically which level of self you want.


Conscious self can interfere in all types of channeling.  Conscious self must remain passive in channeling – a ‘silent’ witness without interjecting thoughts, opinions, analysis,


If the conscious and subconscious selves can remain ‘passive’ (observe/listen without interjecting their own thoughts) they can be ‘present’ for channeling Higher and other spirits.  If conscious and subconscious self cannot keep from interjecting their own thoughts the channel must learn to enter into an ‘unconscious state’ in which the conscious and subconscious selves are no longer ‘present’.     


It is important to note that unconscious states are not a guarantee of good channeling as one can get entities (spirits/beings) that are misleading or are themselves misled.  Thinking one is enlightened does not enlightenment make.  Nor is conscious ‘intention’ alone sufficient for drawing in that which one wants/desires/ intends as the subconscious want/desire/intention can be quite different.  Thus the importance of having a clear communication with Higher Self.


[Pamela Note:  Following this teleseminar in a channeling session – Dr. Hugh channel – with Higher Spirit we received this guidance:  “They really, really, really do not understand what you mean by Higher Self.  You must help them to understand.”    We therefore began describing Higher Self in different ways in each following teleseminar to help build this understanding leading to a teleseminar we will devote entirely to Higher Self.]

Methods for Communicating With Higher Self:

·        NMR  (When done with you by a professional trained in NMR)

·        Self-Muscle Testing.  (Carefully and precisely done.  See Teleseminar of 10/14/07)

·        Intuition.

·        Dreams.  (Figuring out the symbolic meanings or testing these meanings with muscle testing or NMR.)

·        Journaling

·        Automatic Writing.  (See Teleseminar of 10/28/07).

·        Programmed Signals.   

·        Paying Attention When One Asks To Ways Answer Comes



Ann Muller:  Programmed ears to ‘ring’ to indicate forthcoming Higher Self Message.

Elizabeth Pye:  Keeping a ‘Hit” Journal to keep track of ‘psychic hits’ and sensations/signals accompanying these.  Has noted she has a brushing sensation on her third eye when receiving Higher Self message.

Erika Parsons:  Asking for avenues to investigate for adding more income as a professional makeup artist in Hollywood then walking onto a set where Bob Barker was sitting and hearing him say to someone else:  “If I were a professional make up artist today I would look into Television Soap Operas.”  

Eve Remer:  Visiting Palm Springs with no intention of living there, but standing on a street corner and hearing a voice she recognized as her inner guidance guiding her to move to Palm Springs – which she did.

 Teresa of Scotland:  Became ill, unable to work for 5 years, asked self what to do next.  Only thought that kept coming to her was:  “Do what you love.”  What she loved was poetry, could not imagine how to make money with that but began connecting with other poets, including via internet, to share this love of poetry.  Ultimately lead to an opportunity to have her own boarding house in Brighton Scotland, where poets and others come for rest and inspiration.

Lower Self – the part of the soul that is in the physical body; thus affected by – and affects – the body/brain/emotions, environmental factors and other physical influences. 

Higher Self – the greater whole of the soul that is not in the physical body itself, but remains with the Lower Self – surrounds the body with its energy field.

Lower Self is inclusive of Conscious and Subconscious Self.

Higher Self:  Does not know everything – is on a journey of learning through lower self-incarnations. 

When Higher Self does not know the answer to what it is being asked it can – when it thinks to do so and/or when  Lower Self asks for this – access higher levels of guidance:  Higher Spirit (highest level of spirit guidance) and God.

Meditation good way to establish contact with Higher Self, learn to focus and train subconscious mind to silence busy thoughts of Lower self.

Difference Between A Channel and A Medium:

A channel channels the mental thoughts of spirit(s); i.e. uses mental telepathy (mind to mind communication) to channel the thoughts of spirit/spirits being channeled.  Can speak these thoughts directly or indirectly (example of indirect:  “I hear the spirit saying she is your mother.”

A medium is a channel that allows the spirit(s) being channeled to enter into his/her body/energy fields.  Thus a medium is channeling the vibrational frequencies (at least some) of the spirit or spirits being channeled..

Channeling the mental thoughts of spirit(s).  Their vibrations do not enter the body of the channel.

Mediumship – Channeling the energies as well as the messages of a spirit(s).

Better for self and body  to channel via mental telepathy rather than through mediumship with some exceptions:  Training.  Permission of body.  Strong/healthy body.  Tight tune in with Higher Self. Assistance of another, responsible embodied human.  Programmed subconscious signals. 

 Quickening’ is not the same as channeling.  ‘Quickening’ is the increasing of one’s vibration, which in turn increases the vibrations of one’s body to higher (faster) vibrational levels.  (The body will shake, sway or vibrate slightly or greatly.)  THE RAISING OR QUICKENING OF VIBRATIONS SHOULD NEVER BE SUGGESTED. (The suggestion for channeling should be that the energies of the one being channeled align to the one doing the channeling, not the other way around. If a ‘quickening’ of the channel’s body occurs spontaneously during channeling the one guiding the channeling should again direct the one(s) being channeled to align his/her/itself with the channel.  If this does not end the quickening or shaking of the channel’s body the one(s) being channeled should be directed to ‘step out of the body and the energy field’ of the channel.  If this direction is ignored the channeling should be ended and careful, precise NMR by a CERTIFIED NMR Practitioner should be used to determine with the Higher Self of the channel whether the ‘quickening’ of vibrations is natural to and safe for the channel.  If the answer is ‘yes’, guidelines for this quickening for the safety of the physical/emotional being should be established with the Higher Self and an agreement with the Higher Self to oversee the ‘quickening’ established.

 Note:  If access to a certified NMR practitioner is not available, very careful muscle testing (also called applied kinesiology) can be used or Higher Self can be asked via Higher Self Channeling if this has proven trustworthy in the past.

Visions and Dreams:  Images can be literal or symbolic.  Must know which they are and if symbolic what they represent.  Example:  Woman wrote to share her vision of seeing Jesus and Jesus telling her to go out and heal in his name.  She has been doing this and has recently written to us asking for Validation from Light of her vision. 

Light’s Message To Her: 

 “Message was from her Higher Self, not Jesus.  Higher Self used the image of Jesus to remind her she that she [her soul] was there when Jesus taught his followers about his inner light and their light.  Her Higher Self wanted to remind her she, too, is a light like Jesus – just as he taught all that followed him.  Her Higher Self wanted to remind her of this so she would teach others about their light. 

But she has emotional aspects that cause her to doubt herself and deny her glory, you might say.  To claim Jesus as her own personal guide makes her feel special and important.  She is special and she is important.  But as long as she makes Jesus more special and more important she will not realize this.  She now heals and teaches in the name of Jesus.  As long as she does this she will not attain the spiritual mastery her soul seeks.  Nor will she be helping others to attain the spiritual mastery their souls seek. She is being guided by her Higher Self to speak to others of their inner light and to use their own inner light to heal.”


Channeling Healing Energies  

All disease, illness and dysfunction have a cause or causes, which can be: 

1.       Physical.  (Environment, lack of nutrition, etc.)

2.       Conscious Thinking.

3.       Subconscious Beliefs.

4.       Spiritual Lesson (Learning or teaching)

 If one heals another without helping that other to discover the cause(s) one is doing a disservice to that one and to self.  Healing without knowing the cause(s) can drive the condition deeper into the cells, making it more difficult to heal next time.  Healer shares the responsibility for this.


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