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Note:  This was a teleseminar that truly, truly has to be listened to.   So much more came out in the ‘live’ seminar than we planned.  So unless someone wants to volunteer to do an actual transcript of this recording, this synopsis leaves out much of what came through.  This seminar alone is worth far more than the $25 you pay for a month’s subscription.  You can subscribe, listen to this seminar plus all of the seminars for August, October and November, and then unsubscribe at the end of a month - if you still want to.  

2nd Note:  While each teleseminar ‘stands alone’ it may be difficult to grasp some of the new knowledge given without having read or listened to the previous teleseminars.   Additionally, reading the material on this website, most particularly Book I, Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis aids tremendously in the understanding of unfolding enlightenment.

We have noticed in all our years of giving seminars that the Higher Self is a subject that does not draw people.  We think the two main reasons are:  A) Many people in the ‘general public’ have never heard the term Higher Self or if they have they haven’t any idea what it means.  B) People who do study or are interested in metaphysics, ‘new age’ or ‘esoteric’ knowledge think they know all about the Higher Self, although they may call it a different name.  And among the latter most think of the Higher Self as little more than a higher more spiritually aware level of themselves.

It is more.  Much more.  You are spirit.  Your spirit came from The Light and it will return to The Light.  Spirit is an expression of The Light and as a spirit embodied in physical form your spirit is a soul.  A soul is a unique expression of The Light.  There is no other soul exactly like yours.   When your soul returns again to The Light to be One with All Spirit, your soul will still be unique. 

Often the concept of the ‘transcendent soul’ is one of letting go of  ‘ego’ in the sense of letting go of Self Identity.  This is not true.  The ‘transcendent’ soul lets go of its sense of separateness, but it does not ever lose its identity of Self within the Oneness.  Further, within your Soul each part will retain its unique sense of self as well.  You will remain aware your self as part of a greater whole, even as that greater whole – your soul –remains aware of itself and its many unique parts with the greater whole beyond it. 

Your soul is unique.  You are a unique part of your soul.   You are an important part of your soul.  You are not your whole soul.  

To illustrate:  Within you are many parts of you.  There is the baby you.  The child you.  The teenager you.  You know more as an adult than you knew as a baby, child, or teenager.  You think differently, feel differently, and act differently because of what you know.  But the baby you, child you, teenage you – every age you have been in this life is an important part of you.  They are not gone or forgotten.  They still exist as soul imprints within your soul.   

 We talked about energy imprints in the Soul Records Teleseminar.  We said the every physical event is imprinted as energy in non-physical levels of spirit.  This is true.  To repeat:  These energy imprints are like hologram images you can enter into and experience.  Think about what this means.    If there are energy imprints – hologram images – of every physical event that has ever existed then there must be energy imprints of every physical being they happened to.

Which means there are energy imprints in the Records of your soul, too.  There are energy imprints of you.  There are energy imprints of you in the womb, you being born, energy imprints of every age you have been and thought, emotion, and experience you’ve had. 

Once again:  The Soul Records are energy imprints and these imprints are not physical. 

These energy imprints – or holographic images if you prefer to think of them in this way – can be accessed telepathically – in your mind – or you go there in your astral body, which is the energy body or energy form of your embodied spirit.   

Dreams, visions, regressions and other altered state experiences can be a telepathic accessing of the Soul Records; i.e. energy imprints of souls, or an astral experience of them.  Spirits in the spirit state also access these Records.   

The hologram images of the Soul Records are activated by consciousness.  Anyone can activate the images of the Records of any soul.  When the images are activated they can be observed or experienced.  This means anyone can activate the energy imprints – the hologram images – of you to observe or experience how you looked, what you saw, thought, felt, did and what happened to you, however no one can but you can experience BEING YOU.

This is because only you experience the events of your life through your consciousness.  Everyone else is experiencing these events through their consciousness.  That is, they are reacting to and processing what happened to you through their own consciousness.  They are experiencing your life – or lives – as them, not you.  This is a very important and crucial difference. 

To Illustrate:  Certain lifetimes are fascinating to many. Which is why many souls and many spirits visit the Records of those life times.  Which is why many people ‘remember being’ Cleopatra or Caesar, for example.  Actually, they have experienced what it would have been like to be Cleopatra or Caesar as THEM, but not what it was like to be Cleopatra as the soul who was Cleopatra or what it was like for the soul who was Caesar to be Caesar.

Souls love to learn.  Spirit loves to learn.  Observing or experiencing the Soul Records (energy imprints) of ‘other’ souls is a valid, valuable and fascinating way to learn. 

How does one know if one was who one thinks one was, believes one was, is told one was, had a regression to being, remembers being?  The answer is careful, precisely worded, focused muscle testing, or some form of it like applied kinesiology or NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response). 

The level of the soul that knows who one was and who one was not is the Higher Self.  It is the Higher Self one needs to ‘ask’ with the muscle testing.

To return to the energy imprints of you soul:  The energy imprints of your soul in The Records are hologram images of a soul.  The hologram images – energy imprints of your soul, for example – are in the Records, but your soul is not in these imprints.   

There are also energy imprints within each soul.  Unlike the energy imprints of the Soul Records, the energy imprints within the soul have the consciousness and energy of the soul.  So we shall call them soul imprints. 

Within your soul are soul imprints of the five year old you, for example.  Only the soul imprint of the five year old does not have the consciousness of you – the adult – in it.  The consciousness of the five year old you is in the soul imprint of the five year old you.  The same is true of the 13 year old you.  Who you were at 13 years old is imprinted in your soul with the consciousness and energy of the 13 year old you. 

Every person your soul has been in previous lives is also a soul imprint within your soul.  Those people are not you.  They have a different consciousness, different personality, and different character than you.  But they and you are all a part of your soul and all exist as part of your soul.

So if all parts of your soul exist –not existed – exist within your soul, where are they and what are they doing?

Ideally, they are ‘doing their own thing’.  Ideally, they are as unconscious of you as you are of them.  Ideally, they are in a different dimension – a different level of vibrations – of your soul than you are. 

Think of the body as ‘center stage’.  You, right now, are on ‘center stage’.  This is your time.  All the ages you have been before in this life and past lives are ‘in the wings’ or ‘behind the scenes’ of center stage.  But any one of them can come forward onto center stage with you when triggered to do so by an emotional level of you or invited to do so by your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your soul.  Your Higher Self has never itself embodied although it has embodied parts of itself.  You are an embodied part of your Higher Self, which is your soul   Who you have been before – on this planet and others – all of these are also parts of your Higher Self, which is your soul.  Your Higher Self – that is to say your soul – is aware of all parts of itself and has the accumulated knowledge of all the parts.

In other words, each part of the soul has only the knowledge and consciousness (awareness and understanding) of that part, but the soul – the Higher Self – has the knowledge and consciousness of ALL the parts.

Where are all these parts now?  They are in the energy field of your soul.  This energy field is much bigger than your body.  How big is it?  It’s not physical so thinking of the energy field of the soul or the soul itself in terms of physical size does not work.  You must think of your soul and its energy fields in terms of dimensions.  (Each level of consciousness of the soul is a dimension of the soul.)

You might ask how many dimensions are there of my soul?  To answer that you would have to know how many life times your soul has had, how many years there were in each life time, how many incarnations your soul has had on other planets, dimensions and realms, where your soul has been between incarnations, and what your soul was before it became a soul. 

Now you can begin to grasp the enormity of the dimensions of your soul – of every soul.

You are unconscious of all the other parts of your soul.  Your Higher Self is not.  Your Higher Self IS Your Soul.  It is much more than just you.  It is aware of every part of your soul – including you. 

You are a part of your soul.  You are very, very important to your Higher Self.   Your Higher Self watches over you.  It protects you from experiences your soul does not need or want.

Choices made from the soul level; i.e. the Higher Self level, are different from the choices we make as people.  As people we do not want hardship, we don’t want diseases, injuries, illness, difficulties, poverty, death.  But as souls we do.  Souls want to LEARN.  Souls embrace the opportunity to experience challenges and work ones way out of those challenges – or not.  Above all, souls embrace learning.

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