Spirit Attachment, Spirit Possesion, Spirit Walk-In


  LIGHT:  God Communication.  God’s Light.   Spiritual Light.  Creator Light. 

HIGHER SPIRIT: Highest level of spirit guidance, second only to God’s Light.

SOUL:  Spirit that is or has been embodied in physical form.

SPIRIT:  An aspect, an expression, of LIGHT.  Spirit is not itself consciousness and energy.  LIGHT is consciousness and energy.   Spirit is a part of LIGHT’S consciousness and energy.  Therefore Spirit has consciousness (awareness and understanding) and energy (movement). 

Spirit is NOT itself THE LIGHT, but Spirit is a light that is part of THE LIGHT.

Soul:  Spirit that is or has embodied in physical form. 


Four important concepts necessary for understanding the embodiment of a soul:

1)     LIGHT is consciousness and energy.

2)     The essence of spirit is light; i.e. the light that is creator consciousness and creator energy. 

3)     The essence of matter is light; i.e. the part of light that is creator energy

 When a spirit/soul embodies, it surrounds the form it is entering with its light.  When it is ready to do so the spirit/soul projects only a part of its light (thus a part of itself) into the physical form.       

 The vibrations (light frequencies) of spirit are much higher (faster) than the vibrations (light frequencies) of matter.  Vibration affects vibration.  The vibrations of the part of the soul that enters into the body speeds up the vibrations of the body.  The reverse is also true, the vibrations of the body slow down the vibrations of the part of the soul that is in the body.  This is why the part of the soul that is in the physical form of the body is called the Lower Self. 

 The aura or energy of the Lower Self extends outside the body a few inches beyond the energy field of the body and this aura can be seen physically and photographed with special cameras.  This aura has many spectrums of color and the colors change frequently to reflect the thoughts, emotions of the Lower Self. 

 The aura or energy field (or astral body) of the physical body extends slightly outside the body and this can also be physically seen and photographed.  Its appearance is shadowy, often described as gray or grayish white or pearly white or translucent.    (Hold your hand up against a solid background  -a white or black wall works very well – the blue sky works well too – and spread your fingers apart.  Look at your fingers as though you are looking through them and you can see a shadowy, translucent outline of your fingers and hand.  This is the astral body or astral energy field of your hand and fingers. Keep practicing and you may train yourself to see the colors of your Lower Self auras as well although these are far easier to see around the shoulders, neck and head.

 The greater ‘mass’ of the soul and its light remain outside of the body.  Therefore it can keep its vibrations much higher (faster) than the part of itself inside the body.  This is why this part of the soul – the part not in the body – is called the Higher Self.  The aura or energy field of the Higher Self is not physically visible to either the physical eyes or the camera.  It can be perceived mentally.  Its energy field is a few to several feet around the body (depending upon the vibrations; i.e. the consciousness and energy, of its light) and the head.  As with the lower self there are greater concentrations of its light around and especially above the head area of the body.

 The reason the soul projects only part of itself – part of its light – into the physical body is two fold:

1)        Its whole vibration is far too great for physical form to hold. 

2)        To focus only a part of itself on developing (learning) throughout the physical embodiment (incarnation) even as it guides and protects this part of itself through out the incarnation.

 The Higher Self can be thought of as the accumulation of all the wisdom and knowledge a person’s soul has gathered throughout all of its incarnations as well as all of its observations between incarnations.  Within the Higher Self’s Light are all the parts – all the Lower Self aspects – the soul has been in its incarnations. 

 Thus not all Higher Selves are equal in consciousness because not all souls are equal in consciousness.  Souls evolve in different ways, some souls are ‘new’ to this planet and its realms, for example, but have been to many others plants or realms.  Some souls are ‘old’ here – having incarnated in the Earth planes or been in its realms many times – but would be ‘new’ to other planets and realms.  However, the Higher Self is the highest level of personal guidance for the embodied soul.   All true spirit guides serve at the invitation of or under the guidance of or are a part of The Higher Self.

Example:  Marilyn has a Tibetan Monk as a spirit guide. This Tibetan Monk is a past life incarnation of her soul. When her Higher Self wants to speak with her in a manner that feels personal and close to her, it can choose to do so through the guise or image of her Tibetan Monk.

 Often people who speak with or channel ‘ascended masters’ or ‘spirit guides’ or ‘master teachers’ or ‘enlightened beings’ or ‘guardian angels’ or ‘archangels’ are actually speaking with/channeling their own Higher Self or an aspect of it.  It is difficult to realize how truly great and magnificent our own souls are.    Which is why we, as humans, prefer to latch onto ‘other’ beings that we think of as being greater than our own souls.

 True ‘Ascended Masters’ have ascended beyond incarnating into the material planes and no longer communicate as the personalities they were.   They become part of and one with Higher Spirit.  Their knowledge becomes part of the ‘public record’ or the Universal Records many call The Soul Records.  And this knowledge is open to all, although the level of consciousness of the spirit level or soul that accesses this knowledge affects the understanding of it.

 Note:  Not said in this seminar is one can interact with the energy imprints (see Soul Records Teleseminar) of ascended beings – like Jesus and others – as they were in the past, thus confusing one into thinking they are still present.   Time is confusing to many seekers who have been taught ‘there is no time’ that ‘time is a concept we – spirit - have made up’.  If you change the words ‘made up’ into created it will be easier to accept spirit has indeed created time and time is a reality created by spirit for spirit to provide limitations in the physical realms.  There are non-physical dimensions of the past; i.e. The Universal Records or Soul Records of Spirit.   Light’s Book, coming out in Jan. 2008 explains all of this at length.  

 When the body dies, we often say the soul returns to The Light.  We are speaking, metaphorically, of The Light as a place we sometimes also call ‘heaven’ or ‘paradise’ and we think of it being ‘up there’ – in the highest planes or vibrations of spirit.  Actually, all the levels and vibrations of spirit – including the physical planes – are a part of and in THE LIGHT.  There are many levels of The Light.  More levels, writes Light, than even our computers can count.  Another way to think of levels of the Light is Levels of Spirit and another way to think of Levels of Spirit is levels of vibration; thus, levels of spirit consciousness and spirit energy.

 When we speak of a spirit or soul going into “The Light”, our actual meaning is the spirit or soul moving into a higher vibration of spirit (a higher level of consciousness and energy) than they are presently in.

 When a person dies that person’s soul moves out of the physical planes.  Ideally the soul moves into the spiritual planes where the Lower Self reviews the life it has just left and if it is willing to do so resolves what it left unresolved by becoming aware of the lessons unlearned and opening to an understanding of those lessons.  The Higher Self helps the Lower Self with this – if the Lower Self is open to this help.  Once this review period is over the Lower Self merges into the Higher Self and the soul can only learn the lessons unlearned by incarnating again – as a different Lower Self (different person and personality) but with the same lesson to repeat. (Past life therapy is another way of resolving the unlearned lessons of a past life.  Once those unlearned lessons are resolved, the person is free of those and can live a life of Joy!)

 When the lower self merges again with the Higher Self the Lower Self is not ‘lost’.  It becomes a part of – a personality aspect – of the Whole Self or Whole Soul.  Just as you can recall yourself at an earlier age and even speak with that earlier age in alter states like dreams, hypnosis, and out of body experiences – so too does the whole soul know its various personalities and can and does commune with them.  

 Sometimes when a person dies the Lower Self is not willing to move away from the physical planes.  The reasons are many:  It can’t lift its vibrations (consciousness and energy) because of emotions – sadness, anger, depression, guilt, fear, or frustration.  Or it does not want to move on because he/she wants to remain tied to the physical.  May not want to leave loved one or loved ones or friends.  May not want to leave the physical pleasures or sensations it likes, loves, or even is addicted to.  May not be able to think clearly, because of low vibrations, and he/she ‘forgets’ it is spirit, ‘forgets’ about the light or how to move into the light, or is afraid of the light.  Believes what was taught about heaven/hell and fearful of being judged.  Once the lower self leaves the physical body the subconscious beliefs and emotions have the greater effect on the vibrations.  Thus even people who learned not to believe in judgment or a heaven/hell still do and this can affect their vibrations as they leave the body and they stay in the astral levels where they see symbolic images they and others create from their ‘Lower Self’ levels of beliefs. 

 Example:   A woman on Art Bell radio show reported she went ‘to Hell’ during an out of body experience so she knows Hell exists.  She stated she is a church going person and a good person so cannot understand why she went to Hell.   We do understand what happened.   On the ‘other side’ ; i.e. in spirit - thought manifests instantly, but it is the subconscious thoughts that are manifested.  This woman obviously had some childhood (subconscious) fears of Hell and those are the thoughts/images that manifested during her near death experience.  The subconscious part of her feared Hell and that fear took her right to what she feared – which makes sense during a near death experience.  The time is not right for death (or it would not be a near death experience) so her Lower Self would have been confused and scared and that fear could easily – and obviously did – take her into old childhood fears.

 The same thing happens in dreams and out of body experiences.  One sees images of what one is subconsciously focused on.  To get out of ‘dark, low, hellish, terrorizing’ vibrations one need only think of thoughts, images, sounds, names  that will lift one into a higher vibration.   

 A Lower Self; i.e. a person not willing to leave the physical planes becomes ‘stuck’ in the astral realms - the realms in between the physical planes and the spiritual planes, where he or she retains the level of thinking as well as the identity (gender, age, name, personality) and unresolved emotions he/she had had in the body.     

 While remaining in the astral planes such people can be ‘free floating’ souls like the spirits we call ghosts.

  Poltergeist:  Means noisy ghost that likes to make its presence known.  Uses physical energies of willing humans (consciously willing or more often subconsciously) to make physical sounds, move physical objects, make ‘physical’ appearances. 

 People who are ‘lost’ (confused), traumatized or who do not want to move on or do not know how to move like to feel they are still in a body so they attach themselves to a person who is embodied or to that person’s body by merging themselves – their spirit  (the Lower Self part) – with the energy fields of the body or person they’ve chosen.

 Example:  If a dead relative of yours wanted to stay with you, he or she would merge or attach his/her energy field to your energy field.   This is what is called a spirit attachment.  Sometimes spirit attachments attach to the energy field of a place – like a house for example.  (Or a bar.  Or a movie theatre.  Or a church.  Or graveyard.  Or hospitals.  Sometimes they will stay where they ‘died’ unless or until they figure out how to or choose to attach to a person.) 

 If a spirit knows how to ‘find’ his or her friends, family or loved ones he/she will often attach to one of them.  If able to move from one to another can do so, but often they prefer to pick one and remain there.  (They become ‘stuck ‘ in their thinking and forget how to leave and/or they get settled into their comfort zone and don’t want to leave it, just like in the body.)   

 Spirit Attachment:  Has no direct control over the body of the soul that ‘owns’ the body (was born into it).  Does affect the body however.  Vibration affects vibration.  Thus spirit attachments emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energy imprints (like disease, illness, injuries) do affect the body they are attached to.   Plus their presence is stressful to the body.  We all know how many ways stress can affect the body.  Often the immune system attacks the spirit attachment in the same manner it attacks viruses and germs, causing inflammation and other ‘auto-immune’ diseases and dysfunctions.  Spirit attachments can influence the person they are attached to as well if that person allows that influence.  (Which many do subconsciously.)  Permission to attach is given subconsciously; usually with instruction the spirit attachment has no control over the body.  (Even with this, the presence of a spirit attachment DOES affect the body, even though the spirit attachment means it no harm and in fact has great love for the person he/she attached to.) 

 Spirit Possession:  A spirit that tries to ‘take over’ the body.  Permission for this attempt is given overtly or covertly by the one who ‘owns’ the body (the one born into it).  Overt permission is given through suicidal thoughts and attempts.  Covert permission is leaving the body open to possession by abdicating one’s responsibility to that body, such as taking drugs, drink enough to pass out – leaving the body unprotected by those actions.  The owner of the body remains in the body with spirit possessions, sometimes sharing the body with the possessing spirit and sometimes pushed aside as a passive – probably very unhappy - observer   

 Walk-Ins:  When one soul leaves before the life span of the body has ended and another soul takes over the body by assuming the identity and personal history/memories of the soul that left.  This is an arrangement that cannot happen until/unless agreed upon by Higher Selves of both souls AND higher levels of spirit that oversee incarnations of souls.

 Cleansing ceremonies, burning sage, energy workers, exorcisms, light can easily remove spirit energies and the energy imprints left behind by spirits that have moved on.   However they often do not remove spirit presences (except for ones that have been taught, when embodied, to be fearful of and obey the specific rite, ritual, words being used - but even they can refuse to do so).  

  If a spirit does not want to leave a person or a person’s space it does not have to if that person gives permission (even subconsciously) for the spirit to stay.

 Most people do not want to ‘push’ a loved one, friend, family member, child, or frightened or upset spirit out.   (Few people want alien spirits with them so they are much easier to remove – asking light to take them away does.  However, The Visitors are an alien presence that are very wide spread and very persistent about taking over humans in exchange for their help with global warming and ending global warring.  Which is why it is important to both reinforce one’s light field (shield) daily with golden light while removing all entities other than self from one’s body – then light the earth with white light.  If this is done by enough humans on a steady basis for as many days, months, years as is needed humans will not need ‘alien’ intervention.  Alien information and guidance are welcome.  Intervention is not.  If intervention – direct involvement in human affairs – is accepted the human being and human will no longer will be sovereign on this planet.   As much as many humans disrespect animal beings (and human consciousness is evolving quickly into higher respect) most, if not all, ‘alien’ beings hold animals – including the human animal – in even lower esteem, whether they admit to it or not.  

 Sometimes spirit attachments /possessions don’t even realize they are dead!  Those that do and can be reasoned with can be helped into the Light by finding out who they are and what their concerns are.  (Otherwise, you are just pushing them onto someone else or someplace else.)  Children, for example, don’t want to go by themselves.  They need a ‘light worker’ (can be you) to help them and need to be guided to adult caretakers on ‘the other side’; i.e. into The Light.  Teenagers will often relate to being told they will find other teenagers in The Light.  Many times the spirit attachment needs to be heard and counseled (especially when attached to someone they have ‘issues’ with).  If they are too earthbound (low in vibration) they cannot even perceive a light worker or light guide even if you ask for one to come help them.  The key is to help them understand what is in The Light - help for what they want to have and where they want to be, including being helped to find a body of their own for re-incarnating back on the Earth.

 Read in chapter 7, Book I, Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis the true story of how we helped move to the Light an angry, resistant spirit possession who had already driven one person to suicide and when that didn’t work – he didn’t ‘get’ the body, it died – was intent on trying it again with someone else.  We also helped the young man’s soul he pushed to suicide.   

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