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All muscle testing works on this proven premise:  When you make a statement your subconscious mind (the part of the mind that controls the body) believes to be true – there is a ‘yes’ response from the subconscious – the muscles of the body become momentarily stronger.  When you make a statement your subconscious mind believes is not true – that is there is a ‘no’ response from the subconscious - the muscles of the body become momentarily weaker.  Using this premise it is possible to pick one muscle of the body to use for testing ‘yes’ (strong) and ‘no’ (weak) responses of the subconscious.

 One must always apply the same amount of pressure to the muscle.  The amount of pressure to use is one in which the muscle is strong enough to resist the pressure being applied when you think/say ‘yes’ and not strong enough to resist the same pressure when you think/say ‘no’.

 Very important:  If what you say is not the same as what you are thinking the response will be to what you are thinking, not what you are saying.  Keep your mind focused on what you are saying. If you are visual, imagine you are reading what you are saying.  If you are auditory, listen to what you are saying.  Make statements – not questions and state the statement as though it is true.  The muscle test will tell you whether the subconscious believes it is true or not true.  This is what you want!  You want to know what your subconscious believes. 

 Self Muscle Testing With Weights:  Weight can be a dumbbell or weight that is possible to lift comfortably with one arm.  Or can be a galleon jar of water or juice.  Does not matter which arm is used.

 Self-Muscle Testing w/ Finger Responses:

 Method 1: 

 Method 2: 

Method 3:

Method 4: 


Method 5:  Self-Muscle Testing w/ A Pendulum

Read How To Use A Pendulum on the website .  Follow these instructions for ALL forms of Self-Muscle Testing, including the methods outlined above.


 SELF-Muscle Testing is not reliable for testing matters that require a therapist’s care.  SELF-Muscle Testing is not reliable when one is negatively or positively emotionally excited.  It is best done when one is calm and as free as possible of a strong desire for a particular response.    SELF-Muscle Testing is strongly affected by an expected outcome.  Keep a neutral attitude.  SELF-Muscle Testing requires patience, practice, and proper wording.  Read How To Use A Pendulum   

 CAUTION:  Must keep your mind FREE of ALL expectation of what the answer will be while you are doing the testing!   Your mind must be focused on what you are thinking/saying.  If you let your mind wander you will not get the right answer to your statement.  Using statements instead of questions is very important as is testing to see one is free of spirit attachments.  READ HOW TO USE PENDULUM for guidance on this and the written synopsis for the Teleseminar Using Pendulum & Other Self-Muscle Testing To Find Spirit Presences.  


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