12/02/07 Odyssey Teleseminar Synopsis

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 As always, Dr. Hugh begins the seminar with a light moment to light self, the earth, loved ones. 

The #1 program of all human programming is survival.  To a child, the adults that care for it are the key to survival.  Not only do these adults hold the child’s life, quite literally, in their hands, they have demonstrated their ability to survive.  They are full-grown and they are alive.  Therefore, the subconscious of the child begins to model itself after these caretakers. 

If mother is depressed, then the subconscious of the child believes depression must be an important part of surviving as an adult female and therefore a desirable trait in an adult female.  If father is depressed then depression is a desirable trait in an adult male.    If both parents are depressed then depression is – subconsciously - a desirable adult human trait.   Whatever traits one’s parents have when one is a small child become - subconsciously – desirable adult traits in oneself and/or one’s mate. 

Now bring other caretakers in a small child’s life.   If the caretakers have the same traits as one’s parents, these traits become deeply embedded. If they have different traits, or contrary traits, confusion reigns and you have a very cranky child.  A cranky child is a stressed and fearful child.    You can understand how frightening it is to a subconscious that is confused about who to become and what to do to survive.

Children grow.  Frontal lobes begin their maturing process.  The soul of the child needs the frontal lobes to bring in the reasoning ability of the soul.   

No matter how advanced; i.e. enlightened, a soul is the soul’s consciousness is affected by the limitations of the brain, body and programming it enters into in each lifetime.  Thus, even though souls progress – add to their cumulative knowledge and enlightenment through successive incarnations, those successive incarnations may not be progressive.  For example, a person of high intelligence in one life may have a soul that chooses to follow that lifetime with a lifetime of low intelligence.  A being of great enlightenment in one incarnation may have a soul that chooses a later incarnation of greatly diminished enlightenment.   

Souls love challenge and souls love limitation because there is so much to learn through challenge and limitation.  Souls even embrace suffering when there is knowledge or awareness and understanding to be gained through that suffering. 

 Never judge a soul’s enlightenment by its incarnations.  It is what the soul learns that determines its enlightenment.  A life as a Buddhist Monk, or a Magi, or a Dali Lama, or a Pope or a Priestess or a Prophet means little to the soul if the soul learns little from it. 

 Pamela shares story of hearing a Tibetan monk speak at an Edgar Cayce Conference in New York City.   The monk was very intelligent, very learned and very inspiring to listen to.  A person in the audience asked the monk if he thought this was his last incarnation.  The monk laughed and said “Of course not, I have learned how to meditate and gain enlightenment in a secluded community that is most conducive for this.  Now I must see if I can accomplish the same in a life stressed by work, bills, and supporting a family.  That, I believe, would be quite an accomplishment.  I am not certain if I have reached a level in which I can achieve this, but I suspect it will be the challenge of my next incarnation.” 

The brain’s frontal lobes greatly affect the reasoning abilities of a human being and thus the abilities of that human being to heed the enlightenment and guidance of his or her soul.     Which is why it no matter how enlightened a soul is or is not, early childhood programming has a profound effect on human thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  When a child’s frontal lobes begin to develop depends a great deal on the security of that childhood.  A childhood of fear and focus on survival delays the development of the front lobes.  In the average female the frontal lobes mature in the middle to late 30’s.  In the average male the frontal lobes mature in the early 40’s.  The reasoning ability of a child is far less than that of an adult.  Which is why children are so easily manipulated and programmed.  By the time humans begin to reason and think for themselves they have already been subjected to massive amounts of programming.  They begin to push this programming aside in favor of new ideas, new beliefs, new programming.

 However, the childhood programming does not go away.  It becomes subconscious.  It still affects brain chemistry, it still affects the body, it still affects the inner emotions, it still drives behavior, it still draws us to become like and associate with people like the humans who raised us.  It has become embodied as the subconscious self and even when we rebel against this subconscious self, we are at its mercy because it punishes us for rebelling.  It believes in punishment, the subconscious self, because that is how it was raised.  The subconscious self also punishes us for thinking bad thoughts, feeling bad feelings, and doing bad things.  What is bad to the subconscious self?  Whatever it was taught is bad in early childhood.  It is possible to change subconscious programming, however if that change is to remain changed, one must change the thinking of the subconscious self that still believes in that programming. 

To change the thinking of the subconscious self one must a) be in the subconscious levels where the subconscious self is or b) bring the subconscious self forward and c) give the subconscious sound, logical reasons for making those changes. Logic it will accept.  Reasons it will accept.  It must be convinced to change, not made to change.  One can browbeat the subconscious self, but given time and opportunity it will revert to is own way of thinking, feeling and acting.       These teleseminars are for teaching you – through demonstration – how to a) find negative subconscious programs and replace them with positive ones and b) how to address the subconscious self before you do to eliminate resistance to that change. 

 Listeners were cautioned not to drive or engage in activity requiring conscious attention.  Listeners cautioned not too follow process if sleepy and reminded impossible to program self when asleep or when unconscious.  Listeners reminded to remain aware of surroundings while listening to and following guided steps for entering into light self hypnosis for reprogramming following common subconscious programs/beliefs: 

 Convincing of Subconscious consisted of following:  "It is true, when you were a child you were taught many important things. It is also true some of the things you were taught as a child are no longer true for you.  Even the adults who taught you those things may no longer think they are true.  People learn and as they learn they learn to change their minds about what is and isn’t true.  That’s true for you.  You are a person.  You learn.  You’ve learned to change your mind about what is and isn’t true for you.   When you were a child you may have been taught it was your job to make other people happy.  Especially those people who cared for you and the ones you cared for too.  This isn’t true.  No one can make anyone else happy.  Happiness is an inside job.  Everyone has to take care of their own happiness.   Even parents have to take care of their own happiness.  Children can’t do this for their parents.  It’s not your fault if your mother was or is unhappy.  It’s not your fault if your father was or is unhappy.  Of course sometimes what makes someone happy makes other people unhappy.  When this happens, people have to search deeper for their happiness.  If they search deeply enough they’ll find it.  If you make you happy, no one can take this away from you, no matter what they do or say or think or feel.  Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. " 

Listeners are next guided to the “Screen of The Mind”.  This can be a Black Board, A computer Screen, A Video, DVD, Television or Movie Screen.  Those who are not visual are reminded to imagine the screen of the mind and how it would look if they could see it. 

 Listeners are guided through steps to ‘erase, delete, remove’ from the screen the following old programs/beliefs and to replace them with the ‘new’ empowering beliefs/programs.   They are reminded that these actions inform their subconscious minds to remove what they have erased/deleted and replace with what they write on the screen of the mind.   

Old Beliefs: 

I must make my mother happy.  I must make my father happy.

My mother's unhappiness is my fault.  My father's unhappiness is my fault.

It’s bad to upset my mother.  It’s bad to upset my father.  It’s bad to upset people. 

When I am bad I must be punished.         

I am not perfect.  I must be perfect in everything I do.  I punish myself for not being perfect.

 New Empowering Beliefs:

Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.  My happiness is my responsibility.

My father's happiness is his responsibility.  My mother's happiness is her responsibility.

No one else is exactly like me.  I am the perfect me.  There is no one perfect way to do things.  I learn from my mistakes.  That is good.  I am a good person.  I reward myself for being a good person. 


Dr. Hugh then guided listeners into a deeper level of light self-hypnosis to deeper imprint the new programming and imprint powerful, positive suggestions for liking self, loving self, respecting self, loving self. 


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