12/09/07 Tele-Seminar

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This synopsis is not word for word and misses much of the interplay and personal stories Pamela and Dr. Hugh share with the audience.  Nor will you be in hypnosis for the reprogramming, but it does give a general outline for 'doing it yourself'.  If you want a more detailed outline, email Pamela.

Dr. Hugh opens seminar with lighting Self, Earth, Loved Ones.

Discussion of Book II of Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation out by Valentine’s Day, 2008:  A gift of love from Light for the Peoples of The Earth. 

Pamela:  “Still hard to imagine, isn’t it?  A book written by Light.  We have aliens writing books, and dead people writing books, but Light?  Reading it though, Light does make a good case for believing it is Light that is writing it.”

It seems like a good time – in this season of light - to take a moment to talk about how to talk about lighting the Earth.  There are people all over the globe who are dedicating their lives, risking their lives and sacrificing their lives to help find ways to solve the world’s problems.  To say one is sending light to the Earth to restore the balance by reversing global warming and uplifting human consciousness sounds, well, light weight at best. 

 It’s not a role to brag about.  It won’t win headlines or Nobel prizes.   Yet, Light, Itself, has called it the way humans can heal the planet while saving themselves.  Not saved as in salvation.  Humans don’t need to be rescued.  Any beings, domestic or alien, spirit or carnal, that offer to rescue human beings are not enlightened and do not have the best interests of humans in mind.   Human beings are spiritual beings.  Human beings are powerful beings.  We need only to claim our rights as the chosen caretakers of this extraordinary planet – a planet Light calls Nature’s Masterpiece.   

Light writes that Nature is the level of spirit consciousness that has been given the task of maintaining the physical balance of Creation.  Which is why Nature is reclaiming the planet.  Not out of vengeance.  Not to punish.  Not to rid the Earth of humans.  Humans, too, are a masterpiece of Nature although Nature is not the only level of spirit responsible for the creation of humans.  And of course all spirit, including Nature, uses light to create.  So humans are as much a creation of Light’s as they are of Nature and Spirit.

 Light wrote in Book II:  “Humans delight and amuse me greatly, and though, as Light, I am not to have preferences I do, which amuses that which created me.”  Which may be why Light has given humans a way out of the path of Nature’s destruction.  Nature is not destroying the planet, Nature is rebuilding it and the process of rebuilding a planet is highly destructive to many life forms, including humans.   

Nature’s power is a physical power and there is only one power in all of Creation that is more powerful than Nature’s power.  Spiritual Power.  Everyone has heard evidence of this or seen it for themselves.  Miracles happen.  Miracles are no more and no less than spiritual power working in ways that are not yet understand in the physical planes.   Sending light to the Earth is participating in a miracle.  It is using spiritual power to rebuild the planet in a way Nature cannot.  The more the Earth is rebuilt with spiritual power the less Nature will have to destroy to rebuild it. 

 So the quest facing each of us is how to engage more people in the most effective use of their spiritual power.  

People who are religious and/or spiritual are easy.  You just call it God’s Light, which it is, or Allah’s Light, which it is, or Krishna’s Light, which it is, or Christ Light, or Jehovah’s Light or Yahweh’s Light, which it is, or The Light of Abraham, which it is, or The Creator Light, which it is, or Spiritual Light, which it is.   Most religious people have been taught the highest form of prayer is:  Not my will, but thine be done.”  So a daily wordless prayer or thought of God, Allah, Kirshna, Christ, Yahweh or The Creator infusing the Earth with Light makes sense to them. Adding no words to their prayer/thought says:  “Not my will, but thine be done.”   This makes sense to religious people and spiritual people. 

 You don’t have to talk about shinning the light through their crown chakra or third eye.  This is what happens naturally when people light someone or something without words.  You don’t have to talk about white light either, really, expect to say if you feel guided to something like:  If you visualize the light, I know you know white light is the highest form of light since it has all the other colors of the light spectrums in it.”  

 People who worship Nature are easy too.  Just call it Nature’s Light and say sending light to Nature’s Earth without words is acknowledging Nature knows best what to do with that light.  Again add, “If you visualize the light, I know you know white light is the highest form of light since it has all the other colors of the light spectrums in it.”    

New Age people are, oddly enough, more difficult because they really want to add their images and words.  They might feel the heart chakra is the more loving one to send light through or they get into different colors of lights.  Don’t oppose or argue with them.   Just suggest they add a moment of wordlessly sending white light through their third eye to light the Earth to join the million and more that are doing that daily.  The power of numbers makes sense to them.  Remind them sending a wordless thought, prayer or visualization joins people of many faiths and beliefs, rather than dividing them with words.  This makes sense too.  Adding, if you choose, the recognition  white light has within it all the color frequencies so all they send light to will use the colors needed by it or them, and within the white light is the intelligence that knows what is best for the Earth at each given moment in time..

 The most difficult are people whose beliefs – or non-beliefs – you don’t know:  acquaintances, co-workers, casual friends, and strangers.   But many opportunities do come up with such people.  When people talk about their frustrations with the world:  Global Warming, Disasters, Wars, Economic Woes, Poverty – it’s a great opportunity to say things like:  “I’m so grateful for the people who are working to solve the world’s problems.  I wish I had the time, money and fame to do more.  What I AM doing is using the power of thought daily.  I believe in the power of thought and I know everything is, ultimately, energy.  Light is the most powerful physical and spiritual energy I can think of and since I know all spectrums of light are in white light once a day, at least, I think of a white light infusing the Earth.  I like to think this is providing energy to the people working to solve our problems, as well as providing them energy to work with; I know I feel energized when I do it.  As well as more hopeful and less stressed.”

Very few people will find anything in that to object to and it will get many people thinking it is something they can do too.        

 The old programming we are erasing and replacing today is “Being Bad.”  By now, you know the drill:   Find a place to sit down or lie down comfortably.  Have on headphones or place the telephone or your speakers in a position that you can hear comfortably.  If you have a speakerphone, push the speaker button.   If you are lying down, arrange yourself so you don’t fall off the bed or couch or chair.  If you are sleepy, go to bed or go take a nap and play the recording of this later.  You can’t reprogram your subconscious when you are sleepy or unconscious.  So when you do this keep yourself in a subconscious state of conscious awareness; i.e. a light level of self-hypnosis:  Close eyes.  Raise eyes.  Count down.  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – Mentally think:  Light Hypnosis Now.  Body Relax.  Mind Relax.   Mentally think to yourself if you start to fall asleep or become unconscious your subconscious will awake you and alert you to remain consciously aware of yourself, your surroundings and my voice. 

Now mentally agree with the following to inform your subconscious this is your thinking too:

“When I was a child, I believed I was bad because I made mistakes, had bad thoughts, did bad things, had bad feelings and sometimes got called bad names.  I know now that none of those things make me bad.  Only I can make me bad and I choose to make me good.  I am a good person.  I care about others and I care about me.  I don’t like to hurt people and I don’t like to hurt myself.  I like to help people and I like to help me.  I don’t think I’m bad any more.  I think I’m good.   I care about improving myself and improving the world.  I am a good person.”      

Note for synopsis:  Screen of your mind can be a mental image of a black board, a computer screen, a video or DVD or movie or television screen, or a note book, or even sand on the beach.  If you are not visual, think of the black you see as the screen of your mind.  You can mentally imagine erasing a chalkboard with an eraser or sponge, deleting from a screen with a keyboard or deleting it mentally.  You can mentally imagine writing with chalk, pen, ink, keyboard or mentally.  When you think the positive, what you think is written as fast as you think it.


Erase:  When I make mistakes, I am bad.  I punish myself for making mistakes.

Write:  It is good to learn from mistakes.   I learn from my mistakes.   I am good.

 Erase:  When I make bad choices, I am bad.  I punish myself for making bad choices.

Write:   It is good to learn from bad choices.  I learn from my bad choices.  I am good.

 Erase:  When I do bad things I am bad.  I punish myself for doing bad things. 

Replace:  When I do bad things I learn to do better.  Learning to do better is good.  I am good.

 Erase:  When I think bad thoughts I am bad.  Bad thoughts make me bad.  I punish myself for bad thoughts.

Erase:  When I feel bad emotions I am bad.  Bad emotions make me bad.  I punish myself for feeling bad.

Write:  When I have bad thoughts and bad feelings I know my emotional self needs my help.  When I have bad thoughts and bad feelings I take the time to figure out why so I can help myself.  I talk to myself or write to myself and help myself feel better and think better thoughts.  

Erase:  I am a bad person.  I must punish myself for being bad.

Write:  I am helping myself.  I am a good person.  I reward myself for being a good person.  

 DR. HUGH gives positive self-empowering thoughts for liking self, loving self, respecting self, feeling good about self. Next week will do subconscious programming for perfect cardio-vascular system. 

Pamela ends Seminar with group using light to light selves, Earth, loved ones, important goals.

 Next Week:  Reprogramming ‘Bad’ Emotions







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