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Today’s Topic:  Riches and Wealth.    We are, in this Reprogramming Series of Seminars, teaching you the 8 Rules of the Mind at the rate of a rule a week.  These rules are the principles of mind that have been observed by generations of professionals, particularly hypnotists, who work IN the mind not just with the mind.

We are not introducing a new rule this week because we have more to say this week - and next week - about  Rule # 3.     

Review:  Rule #1:  Every Thought Or Idea Causes A Physical Reaction. ( For the enlightening explanation of this and discussion about it, listen to or read 1/06/08 Seminar:  Early Childhood Money Programs)

Rule # 2:  What Is Expected Tends To Be Realized.  ( The oh SO enlightening explanation/discussion, see/listen to 1/13/08  More Money Programming Seminar)

Rule #3:  Imagination Is More Powerful Than Reason When Dealing With The Mind.” As we discussed last week, imagination refers to the mental images built in the sub conscious mind.  The SUB conscious Self, in the SUB conscious level of the mind sees these images and because it sees them, it believes in them.  And what the SUBconscious self believes in affects the brain, body and behavior. 

Example:  Describe, in detail, an image of standing on the edge of a precipice to people fearful of heights.  They know they are not on a precipice, yet their hearts beat faster, their palms get clammy, sweat beads on the brow, trickles down the temples.  They feel dizzy, woozy, and fearful.  Reason tells them they are not standing on a precipice.   Yet, the subconscious self believes they are despite all physical evidence to the contrary.  Why?  Because the subconscious self is seeing the described image.  The subconscious self believes it is standing on that precipice because it sees itself there.  Imagination is more powerful than reason when dealing with the mind.  And by simple observation we can see which self directly affects the body and the brain.  Not the conscious self, clearly.

Panic attacks are governed by this principle, and P.T.S.D. – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Consciously a person can know she or he is safe in familiar surroundings, but if something triggers images in the subconscious of a time and place when that person was not safe - panic ensues.  The subconscious self is there.  Images of a past trauma puts the subconscious self smack into the middle of that trauma.  The subconscious self is there.  And the brain and body respond.  Imagination – what is imaged in the subconscious – is more powerful than reason when dealing with the mind.  And the brain.  And the body.  And the behavior.

Now what does all of this have to do with riches and wealth? 

Last week we talked about the differences in wishful thinking, belief, faith and positive thought.   To summarize:

Wishful thinking:  Thought that lacks physical action because of lack of faith or belief in what one is thinking. 

Belief:  Conviction something or someone is true or truthful, especially when based on an examination of evidence.   

Faith:  Belief in something or someone when there is seemingly no proof.

We gave examples of each of these.  See/listen to the 1/20/08 seminar.

Positive Thinking:  We defined this as focusing what one says and thinks on what one wants to have happen.  Not the best definition as this could be said of wishful thinking as well.  So let us refine the definition as focused thought on what one has faith in and believes. 

When one believes in something one imagines – images – it as possible. 

The subconscious self physically reacts to images the conscious self believes possible, which is what separates positive thinking from wishful thinking.

Conscious self desire, faith and belief do not trigger physical responses in the brain, the body or the behavior.  It is SUBconscious desire, faith and belief that trigger physical responses in the brain, body and the behavior

Which is the reason for Dr. Hugh’s famous quip:  “Positive thought at the conscious level alone is like riding half an ass, it won’t get you where you want to go.”

We said we would give another example this week of positive thought, which is:  Consciously, you want to be wealthy, but in your childhood you heard or saw things about rich, wealthy people that convinced you riches and wealth involved being or doing something you did not want to do or be.  Like:  “He is very rich, but he has to work very, very hard for it.”  “I would hate to trade places with them (the family you know to be wealthy), they have so many problems.”  “She (whom you know to be wealthy) is such a snob.  I wouldn’t want to be her.”  “Rich people are so stingy, that’s how they get rich.”   “I could be rich too if I were as greedy as  (him, her, them).” 

It is likely you have changed your conscious self thinking and your subconscious self thinking since because you have seen images – in person possibly and certainly on T.V., the Movies, and in newspapers and magazines of rich, wealthy people who do not have to work hard, are not snobby, are not stingy, are not greedy.

So if the subconscious self has changed its thinking, what’s the problem?

The problem is the subconscious self and the subconscious mind are not the same.

Nor are the conscious mind and the conscious self the same.

Analogy:  Imagine your mind as a house.  Imagine there are three floors in your house:  A top floor, a main floor and a basement.  Imagine three people live in this house and each person has a floor of his or her own.  Imagine the top floor person being as involved or uninvolved in the affairs of the house and the others in it as he or she is invited to be.  Imagine the main floor person has heard there are other floors in the house and maybe even visits them.  But the main floor person likes to think he or she is living alone in the house so he or she mostly stays on the main floors and has trained himself or herself to ignore any noises or glimpses of people that could prove otherwise.  Now the basement person lives in the basement, but must accompany the main floor person everywhere and remain invisible when doing so, because the basement person knows the main floor person likes to pretend the basement person does not exist.  The only time the basement person really has to him or herself is when the main floor person is sleeping.  The basement in the house is where all the machinery is kept that keeps everything in the house working.  Naturally the person who lives in the basement is the one that has control over the machinery.  The basement person is supposed to set the machinery to do what the middle floor person wants it to do, but only does so when supervised directly by the middle floor person and as the middle floor person rarely goes into the basement and likes to pretend the basement person doesn’t even exist, the basement person usually has complete control over the machinery.  It’s a pretty well known fact that basement people hate to make changes, even desirable ones that would benefit them.  So once a basement person has set a machine to do something, it usually stays that way unless or until the middle floor person insists on the change.

Your mind is your house.  The top level of your house is your superconscious mind.  That’s the vibrational energy field where your superconscious self, or Higher Self, is focused.  The middle level of your house is your conscious mind, the vibrational energy field in which your conscious self or middle self, let us say, is focused.  The basement of your house is your subconscious mind.  That’s where your subconscious self  - or what the old Hawaiians would call the Lower Self – is focused.  It is your subconscious self that runs the subconscious mind, but your subconscious self hates change and will only change the subconscious mind programming when the conscious self or Higher Self insist on it.

Which is why it is necessary to go into the basement – into the level of the subconscious mind – and direct the subconscious self to change old subconscious mind programming.  

BUT – both the conscious and the subconscious self must change their thinking and keep their thinking changed in order for the new subconscious mind programming to stick.  Such is the complication of the mind and the self.

A lot of the programming people pick up in childhood about being rich and wealthy is easy to change.  Just go into hypnosis; i.e. into the subconscious mind, and direct the subconscious self erase the old programming and replace it with the new. 

A much bigger problem is changing the subconscious thinking when the subconscious self has seen no evidence for changing its thinking. 

Example:  “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven.”  “Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.”  “Poverty is next to Godliness” which to the subconscious self means:  God wants me to be poor, to be close to God I must be poor.”

Having seen no evidence to the contrary – it is difficult for the subconscious self to give up this belief.  Therefore it will resist efforts to change subconscious programs about being rich and wealthy.  So what can convince the subconscious self to change this thinking?

First one must convince the conscious self.  There are verses and parables in the scriptures of possibly all religious about the virtues of being rich and the virtues of being poor.  Does one cancel out the other or is it possible Holy Words can be misquoted, mis-translated and often symbolic rather than literal?  

Example:  It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven.    1st Possibility:  Jesus never said it.  2nd:  Jesus was misquoted.  3rd Quote translated incorrectly.  4th:  Meaning is people can’t take anything into heaven with them other than their own spirits so people are neither rich, nor poor, nor solidly middle class in heaven. 

Poverty is next to godliness.  Blessed are the poor.  What could these mean?  

Your challenge is to think of what these could mean symbolically – or literally if you choose – this week.  Ask your Higher Self and if your Higher Self doesn’t know, go higher.  If you are willing, email us your thoughts or messages.  We’ll share ours next week. 

Also next week:  How to change subconscious self thinking about things not evidenced and we’ll do hypnosis on the air to help you change I don’t want to be rich, wealth is bad and god wants me to be poor programming.  

We End Sending Light Once Again

Addendum:  A spirited discussion during the seminar of the power of old Kahunas of Hawaii over the conscious and subconscious self  - why it worked then and does not work with the general population today.  (For more about this see article in Treasure Chest on this website.)

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