2/03/08  Riches & Spirituality Teleseminar

 Dr. Hugh:   Surround Self w/ Gold Light.  Funnel White Light In Through Top of Head.  Light Earth.  Light Loved Ones.  Light All Light Channels.

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 LIGHT CHANNELS:  Those who Light Self, The Earth, Others Daily.  We have an Odyssey Discussion Group @ Yahoo.com  One of the members, Teresa, wrote she has been feeling despondent and low since Christmas.  We suggested everyone in the group send light to Teresa at The Haven in Montrose Scotland.  A few days later Teresa received the following email from Wolfgang in Germany:  “Hi Teresa,   Just received the call to send light to you (which I am doing), and at the same time received from somebody else an email with St. Thersa's prayer. Coincidence ? Hard to believe.”  Here is the prayer Wolfgang sent her.  Of course, as is true of any prayer, use the term for God that is most acceptable and comfortable for you:  

St. Theresa's Prayer:    May today there be peace within.   May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.  May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.  May you be content knowing you are a child of God.  Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.  It is there for each and every one of us.  Greetings, Wolfgang 

May be where you are meant to be, but if not where you WANT to be, need to pay attention to what in your mind has brought you there.  Mind provides limitations for souls in order for souls to learn.  Light writes God, (by whatever name one uses for the Source) is learning about Creator Aspects of Self through Spirit.  Only way spirit, which as part of Light is omnipresent and without limitation, can learn is through limitation and focus.  Mind provides this.  ‘Forgetting’ past lives is merely a shift in conscious focus – like learning a new language.  You immerse yourself in the new language, not shifting back and forth, in order to become fluent in the new language.  If you want to know about your past lives, you do so in an altered state;  i.e. shifting from the conscious focus on the present to a conscious focus on the past.  Once you learn from this life, that learning goes into the whole soul (Higher Self), which remembers and learns from ALL the lives.    Point of regression therapy is to find the choices one made in the past that have lead to the present circumstances of one’s life.  In doing so, one can consciously make a different choice, thereby consciously altering one’s pattern of thinking.  One can then stop and say, “Oh wait a minute, that is how I would have thought, felt, reacted before because of the choices I made before.  I’ve made different choices now so I choose a different way of feeling, thinking, reacting now.” 

 Eight Rules Of The Mind.   Introducing and explaining briefly one a week.  Will be devoting a seminar to deeper discussion of these Rules. To Review The First Three:

Rule #1:  Every Thought Or Idea Causes A Physical Reaction.  

Rule # 2:  What Is Expected Tends To Be Realized. 

Rule #3:  Imagination Is More Powerful Than Reason When Dealing With The Mind.” 

Ended last week with an invitation for listeners to give their thoughts on the meaning of two Biblical Quotes:  "Poverty is next to godliness" and "Blessed are the poor for they will inherit the earth"    

 FROM WOLFGANG IN GERMANY:  Poverty is next to godliness.  “ Possibly translation error: poverty could actually stand for simplicity, and then the meaning would be that the ones who strives for simplicity will inherit the earth. So, just stay simple and true to yourself and you will become rich :-)  Another aspect to consider: in the past (and even today) the churches have (mis)used this quote to keep the people poor and to become rich themselves.  By the way: it was a wonderful teleseminar !  GREAT picture/image about the house with three floors - the Higher Self, the conscious Self and the subconscious Self.   I love it !   And another thing: the word "homework" triggers a few negative feelings for me (and maybe for others). It is associated with duty, and I don't like it so much. In the future, whenever I read "homework", I will replace it with "home training", which means: opportunity to train and learn.”

 ARNOUT OF THE NETHERLANDS:  The poor are blessed because their poverty teaches them to appreciate what they have - and that they do not need much materially to find happiness. The kingdom of heaven is inherited by being aware of the value of all that you have, enjoying it and being thankful for having it. So being able to gain happiness from everything, small or large, earth becomes like heaven.  But it should be noted that you need not be poor to have that appreciation, it's just that poverty can work like an eye-opener, a way to teach that appreciation.” 

ANN MULLER, Palm Desert,USA:    Interesting that you should put this out for interpretation. I recently read "Living Gnosis:  A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity". My Higher Self picked it for me. There were 7 or 8 books, so I asked my HS which one I should read. I closed my eyes and ran my finger along the books. It stopped at this one.  Blessed Are The Poor… In spiritual terms, this is not really about material poverty or wealth. It is about the internal state of our mind, heart, and life. 'Poor' refers to 'poor in spirit.'  Attaining the Kingdom of Heaven refers to looking inward and experiencing our light-presence or creator energy. If we live only in the surface consciousness, completely identified with name, form, and personal history we are filled with all kinds of preconceptions, preconditions and expectations. As long as we remain in this state, we cannot really recognize who and what we truly are. So, to look and see, we must become 'empty’.  Often the wealthy are so busy acquiring 'things' they neglect to look within to find their true selves. Since this is what is required to enter the kingdom of heaven, they have about as much chance as the camel.”  Ann adds:  This is not to say, of course, that it's not possible to be wealthy and spiritual. It seems to me, wealth AND spirituality is the ideal situation.”

Wolfgang also commented on:  Bible quote:  "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God"  First of all this is a translation or reading error: it is not about a camel but  about a rope to pass through the eye of a needle.  So, it is almost impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.  Did Jesus actually say this ? I don't know. What could be the meaning of this ?  Many rich people tend to set priority to material possessions only and then do not see the eternal values of the spirit. At the end of their life they realize that they cannot take those riches to the afterlife.  So the subconscious (or conscious) programming to check out would be:  are you confident to handle material possessions without being trapped by them !?”

Interesting to note that translations vary even today!  In Wolfgang’s Bible in German the quote is about a rope passing through the eye of a needle.  In our English King James Bible the quote is a camel passing through the eye of a needle!
Addendum by Wolfgang: in most german bibles you also find the notion of a camel. The translation error actually comes from the original ancient greek text. You can read about it here: Eye of a needle

 We asked Light today about these three quotes, whether they were actually said by Jesus in Bible.  Response from Light was:  “Religions have long been negative about letting in the light of spirituality.  You have a cloud cover over your Valley today, but all above the clouds it is sparkling with light.  Would you prefer to focus on the cloud cover) or on the millions of miles of light above that?”  The cloud cover representing, of course, a negative focus.  Light did add that, “No, the quotes asked about were not said by Jesus.” 

 We discussed in the teleseminar reading scriptures and other spiritual works – that it shows a desire to learn, to know truth.  Higher Guidance (Higher Spirit) pays attention to this desire and will provide higher truth if you ask for it.  Therefore, ponder what you read, then ask for Higher Guidance about it.  Pay attention to the messages that then come to you.  This is true of all that you see and hear – in news, politics, anything.  Ponder, reflect, then ask for higher guidance. 

 Why does all of this matter?  Because the key to changing old programs and beliefs is the subconscious self.  The conscious self is important, for it gives the directions.  But if the subconscious self is not willing to follow the directions given by the conscious self, the brain and body follow the subconscious self.  

Subconscious self beliefs can be changed but once the subconscious self has accepted a belief, it fiercely holds onto that belief unless or until it there is evidence that proves it wrong.  Which is why it is difficult to alter religious and spiritual beliefs taught in early childhood. There is not much evidence in matters of faith with which to convince the subconscious self to change its thinking.  So how does one do so?

 Fortunately:  Imagination is more powerful than reason when dealing with the subconscious self.  So mental images can be accepted as real evidence by the subconscious self if those images have substance to them.  Meaning the subconscious self must experience them, not just see them.  This calls for a state of focused concentration and heightened awareness; i.e. hypnosis.  

 We’re going to do self hypnosis together right now to alter some generic subconscious beliefs about riches and wealth and god wanting people to be poor.  By generic we mean beliefs that we have found are common to many people.  If you haven’t done this before, we will go slowly.  We are going to use something called the screen of the mind.  Choose now if you will imagine a blackboard for your screen of the mind, or a computer screen, cinema or video screen, even a hologram screen.

 Find a safe, comfortable place where you can close your eyes and relax without falling over.  If you are doing something that needs concentration, turn this off and listen to the recording later when you have the time to relax.  If you are sleepy, do the same or tell yourself you will not fall asleep and your subconscious will alert you if you start to.  Put on earphones or turn on speakers to your computer or use a speaker phone or arrange phone in way you can hear it without holding onto it.   Pause a moment to listen to your breathing.  Exhale.  Inhale.  Close your eyes.  Raise eyes beneath the lids.  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.  Listen carefully.   There are many, many good people who are rich.  You know this to be true.  Imagine now a very good, very rich person who has died.  Imagine this person arriving in The Light.  You have seen this Light before.  It is very bright and very loving.  You know this.  You have experienced this.  You know judgment is not very loving.  You know there is no judgment in this Light.  As you watch on the borders of this Light you see people who have died being welcomed into it.  Everyone is welcomed into the Light.  The good, the bad, the poor, the rich, the wealthy.  Everyone.  The very rich person you were watching is welcomed in The Light too.  The Light welcomes everyone.  Everyone is welcome into the Kingdom of Heaven.    You know now some of the things you were taught are no longer true for you.  You are grown up now and you can think for yourself.  You’ve changed your mind about so many things, it’s time to inform your subconscious mind now wants true and what isn’t true for you.    We are going to go now to the Screen of Your Mind.  What you erase from the Screen of Your mind is removed from your subconscious mind and what you write is imprinted into it.

Erase:  Poverty is next to godliness.  God wants me to be poor.

Write:  God wants me to be what I want to be.

Erase:  Rich people can’t get into heaven.  Write:  Heaven welcomes everyone.

On Your Screen is written;  Rich people are greedy, stingy, snobs. 

Write the word SOME in front of rich so what is your subconscious programming is:  Some rich people are greedy, stingy snobs.  Lots of rich people are kind, good, nice people, like me. 

Erase:  Rich people have too many problems.  Write:  Riches help solve problems.

Erase:  God wants me to give my money to the poor.   God wants me to give my money to the church (or mosque or synagogue.) 

Write:  God wants me to use my money wisely and for good.

Erase:  Being rich is bad, being poor is good.  Write:  Being rich is good.

Erase:  I don’t want to be rich, I want to be poor. 

Write:  I want to be rich.  I use my wealth to help myself and others.

Erase:  Wealth blocks spirituality.  I can’t be wealthy and spiritual.

Write:  I am spiritual.  I am growing my wealth.  I choose to be wealthy and spiritual.  I am good.

Next Week:  POWER and Wealth.  If have programs against this power, you will block wealth because wealth brings power. 

Synopsis Addendum:  Pamela and Dr. Hugh shared personal stories not in this synopsis.  To hear those stories, sign up for teleseminars at:  https://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/subscription.html

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