How To Slow Down, Stop, or Reverse Aging  6/1/08


Mentally ask your Higher Self to Surround You With A Protective Gold Light to Keep All Spirit Entities other Than Yourself Out of your Energy Fields.

Mentally imagine white creator light funneling in through the crown chakra at the top of your head brining that light into all levels of yourself and into the cells of your body and brain. 

Beam the creator light through your third eye to the earth:  Lighting the atmosphere, surface, mantles, magma and core of the earth with Creator Light. 

Odyssey of the Soul Seminar Topic today is:  Slowing Down, Stopping, Reversing Aging , Part 3

Asked Higher Spirit, can aging be reversed? 

Higher Spirit:  Temporarily, but eventually the cell structure wears out and the body dies.  The human body is designed  to live to be 130 to 150 years of age if everything is in optimum condition. 

Pamela:  But at some point, there is a rapid process of the body breaking down?

Higher Spirit:  Not necessarily breaking down, there are groups and people who have lived on this earth and some still exist that live to be 120 to 130 years of age dying peacefully dying in their sleep who have been active up until the time their body heart stopped beating.  

Pamela:  And I assume joy, purpose, nutrition, stress have a lot to do with this.

Higher Spirit:  You know that is true.   

Pamela:  Is the life span of a life time a soul chooses before conception known before entering? 

Higher Spirit.  Seldom unless it is a part of the lesson they are here to learn.

Pamela:  So if they are choosing to live shortly, they would be aware of that?

Higher Spirit:  That would be an awareness before entering into the physical form, but not after the physical form has been entered and producing other cells.

Pamela:  So the soul would have an idea at the time of choosing to enter as to whether the physical form would live to middle age, old age or not reach middle age?

Higher Spirit:  At the time of the choosing yes, but once its in the human form things are variable aren’t they?

From Soul Records of Anne “Ninon” d’Enclos:  What She  Did Behind Closed Doors To Live to Age 85 (VERY unusual for 17th century Europe) with body/skin/face looking age 25.

Higher Spirit:  She had a routine of creating a young cell structure in her physical form, excluding any emotions from others who would try to influence her.  So others who came into contact with her would have no power over her mentally or physically or emotionally.   Her routine varied.  She did a meditative form of visualizing her body staying young.  She started this at a very young age as well as excluding from a very young age other people having any emotional influence over her because she saw how detrimental that was.  She discounted any influence or power over her.  She was an entity onto herself. A person who was not vulnerable to other people’s desires, wants, emotions, needs, anger, love, frustration.  She inured (trained) herself to being her own person without outside influence affecting her.  She started practicing this at a very young age.  When she realized how negative some emotions are she sought to build a wall around herself to avoid that. 


Two people responded via email to what they got when asking what Anne d’Enclos did to keep herself young.  One person saw her sitting in front of a mirror smiling at her own image.  This was indeed a glimpse into her life time as she often did this.  Another person received messages of Anne touching her hair, skin, body lovingly, singing to herself for herself.  Brushing her hair lovingly.  Putting on cream lovingly.  All of which Anne did do.         

Now that we know what Anne did to keep herself young, what can be done to make oneself young again?

Ann resolved young to keep herself free of the influence of others’ emotions, needs, desires, beliefs.  She would sequester herself daily to meditate and lift herself above worldly vibrations.  Would cleanse herself mentally and emotionally of the expectations of others.  

Ann started this very young.  To remove from oneself now the influences of the past that are still present subconsciously or consciously, the screen of the mind erase and replace tool is very effective.  Would want to erase images and beliefs about aging process. We’ll give suggestion about that later. 

Then there is the question of what to do about wrinkles that are already present. 

Jessica Kane wrote about being a concert pianist, and always traveling with long elbow length white leather gloves with which to perform.  One morning, she realized she had only soiled gloves with nowhere to buy more and no time for professional dry cleaning.  In desperation she tried washing a pair, which was a disaster.  The gloves turned yellow, but worse, she writes, was the gloves curled up into hundreds of folds and creases.  The gloves were useless.  Her husband advised her to try smoothing them out.  She dampened the gloves with water and then with great persistence and a VERY light touch, what she called ‘pianissimo  (very, very gently) stroked over each fold, groove, and line smoothing them out.  It took time, she said, but that evening she strode on the stage wearing white yellow smooth leather gloves.  Since leather is skin, she began to wonder if the skin on the face would respond just as the gloves had to consistent, methodical smoothing.   She began leaning back, stroking her face ‘pianissimo’ for 30 minutes a day with remarkable results.  Once the wrinkles disappeared, she found she could lower time needed for any wrinkle that began to make an appearance.  Thus was born her Face-o-Metrics for smoothing and lifting sagging, wrinkled skin.  She wrote two best sellers about it and appeared on Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas shows talking about them. 

Her books:  ”How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out of Your Face”   “How To Use Your Hands To Save Your Face”  Out of print, used copies on major online bookstores and several smaller ones like:,   Google her name and you will find other stores that sell them.

Called her techniques of stroking away wrinkles and toning facial muscles:  Fac-O-Metrics, main points of which are:

1.  Whenever you touch your face, whether to put on make up, wash, or stroke, use pads of fingers only and “use a ‘pianissimo” touch meaning very soft, like gossamer butterfly’s wings lighting brushing your face.  Think of the gentle touch of the softest velvet brush, just skimming the surface of your face.

2. Keeping face in a relaxed repose, think of smiling and muscles beneath the skin will move for a smile, hold for count of five.  Repeat with various facial expressions:  Frowning.  Concern.  Surprise.  Open Face.  Closed Face. 

3.  Keeping face in a relaxed repose mentally talk to the facial muscles telling them to move up, move down, push out, pull in.  Lightly place finger pads on muscles and tell muscles to push against them, while keeping face in relaxed calm repose. 

Same principle as locking your eyelids closed by talking to the subconscious / muscles of the eyelids.    

Did Eye Lid Locking w/ Listeners.

IMPORTANT:  Never stop or reverse aging of your brain, only the body.  Your brain has developed along with your consciousness, you need this development to support your consciousness.  Statement / visualizations to use are you have a young body with a perfect brain. 

Use erase/replace beliefs on the screen of your mind techniques to remove old programming/influences about aging.   Pamela will be making two hypnosis recordings this week for those who want to be guided in the erase/replace process, smooth out wrinkles, mentally exercising muscles of face and body.  

Did erasing/replacing of some common beliefs with listeners. 

Next Week:  The Laws Of Suggestion And How They Rule Your Life.

Asked Light number of people lightening the Earth daily.  Decreased to Slightly over two million. Led to discussion of importance of focus and keeping faith in face of tragedies, challenges. 

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