How To Slow Down, Stop, or Reverse Aging 5/25/08  

Part 2 

 To Stop / Reverse Aging: 

Good Health Matters Good Digestion, Good Immune System Matter  (See or better yet Listen to Teleseminars  4/27/08 Body Matters, 5/4/08 Digestion Matters, 5/11/08 Immune System Matters.)

Exercise Matters.  Exercise can be mental as Dr. Guang Yue Proved (See Mind Magic in Treasure Chest) but must spend same amount of time exercising mentally as physically.  Note:  THINKING burns a great deal of calories.  Erase from programming the belief only physical exercise burns calories; a belief built by cultural suggestion/programming.

 Emotions Matter.   See/Listen To Upcoming Seminar on Body Talk - Emotions.  Rising above emotions closes off communication with physical/emotional self.  Not good.  We explain why.  

Purpose and Joy Matter.   (See/Listen to Seminar of 5/18/08 Stopping/Reversing Aging Part 1Joy is not looking for “Happy, happy, happy.”  Joy is satisfaction in living.  Joy is Liking Self.  Respecting Self.  Loving Self.  Appreciation of Self.  Accepting Self.  Self-Reliance Matters.  In today’s world of escalating challenges your spiritual light matters and knowing how to cope with adversity matters.  Keep on your bookshelf a copy of:  “When Technology Fails:  A Manual For Self Reliance and Planetary Survival” By  Matthew Stein.  

Attitude Matters. (People always remember how you made them feel!)    Dr. Hugh tells how he experimented with this in the A.M.  Spending several minutes thinking depressive / oppressive thoughts, telling self, "What's the use?"  "No hope."  "Give up."  Blood pressure increased, affected heart beat, breathing, skin temperature, felt very depressed.  Then gave self uplifting thoughts, confident thoughts, and body and feelings returned to normal.

In the February, 2007 issue of Psychological Science, Ellen Langer, Ph.D.  and colleague Alia Crum, Ph.D. reported that they took 84 hotel workers and told one group that “the work they do (cleaning hotel rooms) is good exercise and satisfies the Surgeon General’s recommendations for an active lifestyle."   Examples of how their work was exercise were provided.   Langer and Crum told the control group nothing. 

Four weeks later, Langer and Crum returned to find some measurements of both groups: the control group hadn’t changed physically, but the test group had decreased all of the following: weight, blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index.

Belief Matters

1979 Research Study at Harvard University by Ellen Langer, Ph.D.

Subjects of 75 years of age or older were given a battery of tests to measure posture, physical strength, manual dexterity, perceptional cognition, I.Q., short term memory, hearing, sight, taste and finger length  (Fingers get shorter as a person ages; measurement of finger length of skeletons one way to determine age at death.)

CONTROL GROUP.  Put in a resort for ten days, with normal resort activities.  TEST GROUP: Put in a resort for ten days.  Everything in resort set up to be 20 years earlier.  Television shows from 1959, magazines and newspapers from 1959, movies from 1959.  Men wore resort clothes from 1959.  They were told to converse as though it was 1959, discussing the events of the day as though they were back in 1959. AFTER TEN DAYS:  People picked randomly were shown pictures taken of the men before their ten days at the resort and after 10 days at the resort.  People guessed before and after ages of Control Group as the same.  They judged the after pictures of the Test Group as three years younger.  In addition, the battery of tests given before the resort stay were repeated:  CONTROL GROUP:  Some improvement in some areas though ˝ declined in I.Q tests. Finger length remained the same.   TEST GROUP:  Significant improvement in all areas, including I.Q. (Which was a surprise as before this it was thought I.Q. could not increase after adulthood).  Biggest surprise of all:  Their fingers lengthened!!!!!!  In only ten days!!!!!! Scientific Proof that it IS possible to prevent and/or reverse the physiological effects of aging.

Discussion of whether one really wants to stop/reverse aging.  How to choose the physiological age one desires to be/keep.  Did not discuss how this affects death, will discuss in Part 3

Requires DAILY suggestion.  Put picture or affirmation or suggestion or direction of the age you desire somewhere where you will see it daily and think/say it daily.

 Example of Hugh and his disbelief in hair reversing color. 

What Does One Have To Do To Stay Young or Restore Youthful Body?

Anne “Ninon” de l’Enclos

Owner of a 17th Century Paris Salon famous throughout Europe. Renown for her accomplishments in music, literature, love making, and influential friends.  Became more renown for her ability to avoid aging. When she was age 70, two young noblemen fought a duel for her favors.  When she died at age 85, all of Paris was shocked to discover her skin, sans makeup, was as young and unwrinkled as a young woman’s.  Her house-keeper and maids were grilled mercilessly in trying to discover her secret.  The most that could be ascertained was that Ninon spent time everyday sequestered alone in her room where she would “exercise her face and her youth”. She had often remarked she did not believe in aging and vowed she would not, and indeed, she did not, as verified in numerous public and church documents on file in Paris.


We are going to ask Higher Spirit to check her Soul Records and find out.  We invite you to ask too.   Ask Higher Spirit or ask your Higher Self to ask Higher Spirit the records of:  Anne de l’Enclos, lived 17th Century, Paris, France.  Then ask what she did everyday alone in her room to keep herself young."  Ask that you be shown or told the answer.  Or ask that the answer (or knowing) come to you in a way that you can recognize it.  It may come in a dream.  May come as a vision.  May come as a thought.  May come in meditation, while walking, showering - whenever you are relaxed and open to receiving mental messages.

Jennifer McVey's Higher Self Channeling:  We are sharing this channeling as it relates to ALL goals, including stopping/reversing aging.

Jennifer:  I’ve had the thought that few who have worked with themselves, worked with what Pamela and Hugh teach are not wealthy

Higher Self of Jennifer:  Pamela and Hugh teach tools.  It’s up to those individuals to use those tools to create their lives. 

Jennifer: Many are terrified about money.

 Higher Self:  Money is not terrifying the fear is not being able to create what they need.

Jennifer: How do we change that? 

Higher Self.  Remember you are spirit.  It’s about consciousness and money  is a physical extension of thoughts about the world.  Change your thoughts and your life will follow.  Many are waiting for something to happen that keeps their thoughts/vibrations high. It is not something that does it; it is you – in each moment.  It is the choice every moment to believe, to be positive, to trust … to let it be easy.  To let it come.   

Jennifer:  I’m afraid if I let go too much, I won’t be being realistic.  That I’m fooling myself. 

Higher Self: You are afraid that you are ignoring or denying your situation.  Pretending there is not a problem and making a conscious choice to change your thoughts are two completely different things.   

Jennifer: Sometimes I feel like its too late, there’s too much.

Higher Self:  You are not alone.  You are looking for a human solution to a spiritual problem.

Jennifer:  So what should people do now?

 Higher Self:  Focus on spirit.  …Embrace the power of having spiritual help.  Life is not a struggle you have to do by yourself . ..  that are many ways that help and support can come.  It is time for you to learn to trust.   Remember how simple it can be.  Once blocks are cleared, Picture what you want. Write it down. Visualize it.  Feel the joy and excitement of spirit in the physical manifestation of thoughts.

Next Week:  Part 3 (Final I think) of Stopping/Reversing Aging


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