11/25/07  Negative Subconscious Birth Programs

 Today's teleseminar was for helping listeners reprogram negative birth experiences that cause subconscious programs that can continue to interfere with behavior and action today.    

We changed subconscious imprints such as "I can't do it", "I'm stuck", and "I can't breathe" that occur when the mother is given chemicals during the birthing process that infiltrate the embryo's system through the umbilical cord. 

"I can't breathe" can become 'fixed' during the birth process because of a diminishing of oxygen through the cord due to the chemicals or kinks in the cord during the birthing process.  We find many people who are hooked on stimulants (such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and high risk behavior have an imprinted or fixed subconscious mind set of "I can't breathe" and/or or "I can't feel anything" that originated at birth.   This can also happen in other traumatic experiences when the oxygen supply is cut off or diminished sufficiently for the body/subconscious to feel as though it has 'died'.  It is a condition that psychology sometimes referred to as a "zombie syndrome". 

"I'm stuck" is a subconscious imprint and mindset that can happen when the baby has trouble getting out of the birth canal, particularly when the baby must be helped out of the birth canal by the physician or whomever is delivering the baby.  Such an experience can cause the subconscious to keep "I'm stuck" as a 'fall back' or 'easy' mindset to revert to when things become difficult throughout life. 

Being born is almost one's first major goal in life.  When the accomplishment of that goal is taken out of the baby's hands it sets up mind sets; i.e. subconscious imprints, that can be a major influence in achieving goals throughout one's life.  People born by caesarean section often are procrastinators because of this - they just can't finish things because their first 'imprint' is 'things will be taken out of their hands at the last minute anyway, so why bother".   This also happens frequently with babies with managed births in which mother is given chemicals so the baby will be born on a day of the parents'/doctor's choosing.  People born by caesarean section also often have a fear of falling.  When they are lifted out of the womb their bodies are filled with drugs which causes them to not feel the doctors hands lifting them.  As far as they are concerned - they are being lifted into the air by mysterious forces and there is nothing there to keep them from falling.  Not incidentally, sonograms/ultra sounds are very disturbing to the embryo/fetus and can have a negative effect on their neurological systems. 

How do we know?  Birth regressions, womb regressions - you'd be amazed how far back people can remember when they by-pass the limitations of conscious recall.   Is there proof what they remember is true?  There is certainly empirical proof in many instances.  Here's one among hundreds in our case files alone:  A man in his 40's discovered during a regression to his conception that his father was not the man who had impregnated his mother.  He spoke about what his mother was wearing and how the man who raped her looked and what he said.  He spoke of her horror and her resolve never to tell anyone and how she hurried to consummate her relationship with his father after she discovered her pregnancy.  He spoke of how they married and how she manipulated everyone to believe he was his father's son.    When he spoke to his mother later about this discovery (his father had died years before) she blanched and vehemently denied it.  Until he described everything he'd remembered/experienced in his regression.  Weeping, she verified it all including her constant fear throughout his life that something would happen and his and his father's blood would be tested and found to be not father and son.   

Things happen in life.  People imprint thoughts/beliefs/programming/mindsets from these things.  The good news is it is possible to change imprinted thoughts/beliefs/programming/mindsets.  Some people think it is bad news to be told subconscious imprints/thoughts/beliefs/programming/mindsets can only be changed when one is in the subconscious levels; i.e. an altered state.  It's not bad news to those who have experienced altered states in which one is consciously aware of all that is happening now and then.  It's quite an experience to remember. 

Subconscious Programs we helped people change during the teleseminar were: 'generic ones', meaning they are common for many people. These are not the only negative subconscious programs a person can have, of course, and those with 'special circumstances' such as Cesarean Births, ultra-sounds, programmed time of arrival, and birth trauma will have negative programs specific to them.   

The 'Erase & Replace" process we use is successful in many instances for many programs, particularly as we talk to the subconscious before using it to convince the subconscious of the desire/need to change.  However, in some instances with some programs regression therapy with a professional clinical hypnotherapist or a psychotherapist who uses regression therapy accessed through hypnosis or EMDR is needed.  

    Erased                                Replaced With

Iím not ready.                        I am ready.

I canít do it.                           I can do it.

I canít feel anything.               I feel alive. 

I canít finish what I start.        I always finish what I start when itís important to me.

Iím stuck                              When I feel stuck I know what to do to get myself unstuck.

I canít breathe.                      I breathe easily and comfortably.      

I donít want to be here.         I belong here.  I want to be here.

No one wants me.                 I want me.

No one cares about me.        I care about me.

Iím lonely.                             My soul is always with me.  My light is always with me.

Following this process was imprinting of a positive birth for self-empowerment. 

For those who missed today's program, we have recording playbacks of it that can be accessed by telephone or computer by subscribing to the Odyssey Subscription Series: 

 Next Week:  Reprogramming Self-Punishment Programs For Upsetting Parents.

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