1/13/08 Teleseminar Synopsis

More Money Programming

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 8 Rules of the Mind:  These Rules of The Mind are what have been observed by generations of hypnotists working directly with the mind.  They are taught in most, possibly all, legitimate schools of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.    We will be teaching you these rules over the next several weeks.

 Review:  Rule #1:  Every Thought Or Idea Causes A Physical Reaction.  A physical reaction in one’s brain, body, and the energy fields in which one lives.  Fleeting thoughts, momentary thoughts, thoughts in which one does not invest much energy have fleeting, momentary, lesser effect.  Thoughts in which one invests energy, time, focus have greater effect. 

New Discussion:  Rule # 2:  What Is Expected Tends To Be Realized. 

Expected:  That which one believes in.  Belief is energy and has focus.  Emotions have great energy; e-motion= energy in motion. 

[Rule #6 An emotionally induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted in long enough.]

 What we think about often (repetition) we picture (image). As this image takes shape in our subconscious, the subconscious mind - which directs its energies to achieving the goals we give it – thinks we want what we have imaged.  What the subconscious believes we want and believes we can have, it gets for us.  What we think about often, whether it be a worry or a wish, and believe we can achieve we will achieve.     

Example:  Biblical Job:  “That which I have feared has come upon me.”  Job brought upon himself his worries and fears. 

 “Money is the root of all evil.”    Origin of word evil:  Comes from Aramaic – meant un-ripened fruit (thus fruit not to eat as does not digest, upsets stomach).

 Correct Quote Is:  Timothy 6:  10  For the love of money is the root of all evil:

 Discussion of how children perceive and what is imprinted into subconscious:

Child hears and believes:  Money is root of all evil.  Not love of money, which is meaningless to a child.  This idea/thought/belief becomes imprinted as fixed idea/thought/belief; i.e. subconscious programming. 

 When a later realization/idea/thought/belief is embraced, it does not take the place of the old one, which is already imprinted.  It becomes an additional belief, so:

    1st belief:  Money is the root of evil = Money is evil.

+ 2nd belief:  The love of money is the root of all evil

 = Opposing beliefs.

 [Rule #4:  Opposing ideas held at one and the same time cause inner conflict and stress.]

 When one thinks about money all linked ideas to money become triggered.

The conflict between the opposing thoughts/ideas trigger conflict and stress.

 It is this reason +the tendency of the subconscious to carry out early programming first that it is important to remove the programming one no longer wants.

 Seeing/Imaging/Thinking of a negative thought/program on the screen of the mind to erase it does not imprint it if you don’t not have it already.  Must BELIEVE a thought/idea to imprint it. 

 The reason for going into the subconscious levels; i.e. being in a state of inwardly focused concentration (hypnosis) to do it is:   

LIGHT:   “The level of consciousness that creates a thought or idea is the level of consciousness that must uncreate it.”

 When people are children, when people are in emotionalized states they are IN the subconscious levels and programming. Thus to change programming created when in subconscious level of consciousness must be addressed in the subconscious level.

 CHILD THINKING:  Young children do not qualify or quantify.   

Child hears/sees/perceives adults thinking of/speaking of, and acting in upsetting ways about money.

Child does not think:  “Money upsets some people. 

Child thinks:  “Money upsets people.” Which to the child thinking and in the subconscious programming means ALL people. 

So in child thinking/imprinting the progression is:

“Money upsets people.  I am a people.  Money upsets me.”


We don’t have money = I don’t have money.

There is not enough money = I don’t have enough money.

There will never be enough money = I will never have enough money.

Daddy (Mommy) works hard for money = Money is hard to get= Money is hard for me to get.

Daddy (Mommy) can’t be with me because of money = I don’t like money.

Working makes (daddy/mommy) sad/mad = I don’t like work. 

Making money is hard work=I don’t like money.

Money is the root of evil = evil is bad = money is bad = I don’t want money.

 Prior to these teleseminars we send the Odyssey Subscribers the programs we are removing and programs we are imprinting.  If you do self muscle testing with fingers or pendulum (and if you don't, why not?  It's SO helpful to test and see which ones you do and do not have.  Read How To Use A Pendulum, no matter what kind of self muscle testing you do, in Treasure Chest on our Website, as well as How To Do Self Muscle Testing and How To Do Self NMR).    When funds allow will make video to demonstrate Self Muscle Testing.

Guide Listeners Into Self Hypnosis For Pamela and Dr. Hugh to talk to subconscious prior to removing negative programming and imprinting positive programming.


“There is not enough money.”   “I have no money.”  “I always lose money.”

“Money is hard to get.”  “I have to work hard to get money.”

 “Lucky at money, unlucky at love.”   "Lucky at love, unlucky at money."

“Money is evil.”   


"I have money."  "I get more money all the time."  "I find money and gain money all the time."    "Money is easy to get."  "Money is drawn to me."  "Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways."  "I am lucky."  "I am lucky at money and love."  "Money is good."

Brief discussion about Dyslexia - It’s not just about reading difficulties.   Dyslexia can be difficulty with reading, and/or difficulty with numbers, and/or difficulty with directions, and/or spatial difficulties, and/or difficulty with speaking/thinking, and possibly, the inability to visualize accurately.


We have posted the information presented and more on the Treasure Chest of our Website. 

See Dyslexia in Health Treasures in Treasure Chest.


Next Week:  Wealth and Riches


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