Dr. Hugh opens with a moment of Light to Light Self, Earth, Loved Ones, Odyssey Circle of Light

8 Rules of the Mind:  Teaching you one of these rules a week.  Introducing a rule a week.  

 Rule #1:  Every Thought Or Idea Causes A Physical Reaction. 

Rule # 2:  What Is Expected (and believed) Tends To Be Realized. 

Rule #3 Imagination Is More Powerful Than Reason When Dealing With The  Mind.

Rule # 4:  Opposing Ideas Cannot Be Held At One and The Same Time Without Causing Stress.

 New Rule # 5:  An emotionally induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted in long enough.  Patients suffering from ill health and disease have repeated episodes of the symptoms of that disease for some time before organic change will occur and can be found.  A person who is a chronic worrier, or who is often fearful, often will have a nervous stomach that eventually develops ulcers.  Tension headaches, irritable bowels, weak bladders, inflexible joints, angry rashes – all can, over time, lead to organic disease.  Chronic fear of ill health, repeated suggestion for ill health (pissed off, can’t stand it, dim witted, no back bone, no support, gutless, weak knees, pain in the butt, etc.) will in time create the condition.  Positive thoughts and positive emotions create positive organic change.”

Dr. Hugh gave an example of his friend Dr. Jacobs (M.D.) seeing a patient with severe case of hemorrhoids he’d been unable to clear with medications.  After listening intently to the man repeatedly complaining about what a “pain in the ass” his son was, Dr. Jacobs chuckled.  The patient, insulted, demanded, “My hemorrhoids are funny to you?”  “No,” Dr. Jacobs responded, “but I think I’ve found the reason for them.  How often to you speak of and think of having a pain in your ass?”  His patient, startled, laughed too and said, “You may have something there Doc.  I think I’ll stop saying that.”  Three weeks later the hemorrhoids were gone.”

Pamela gave an example of a woman in her 30’s, a client of hers who complained of a leaking bladder.  Pamela pointed out how often she used variations of the terms ‘pissed off’ in her speech.  “You use it in practically every sentence”, Pamela observed.  The woman concurred and after a week of consciously eliminating the term from her talking, the leaking from her bladder stopped.   

TOPIC TODAY:  Money Manifestation. It’s easy and fun to periodically manifest ‘extra’ money.  To manifest wealth requires something ‘extra’ and what that is we will share with you next week in the Wealth Manifestation seminar.  What we do today will help you to believe in the power of your mind to manifest what you desire and can believe in.   Several years ago had a Friday Night Metaphysical Group.  One evening we did a Magnetizing Process for Money Manifestation. It was very successful.

We’re going to tell you what we did and what happened with the group.  Then we’ll lead you through the process.  We instructed everyone in the group to think about an extra amount of money they wanted to get within a week or 10 days or by the end of the month.  We suggested they keep the amount something they believed it possible for them to get.  We said, “Keep it simple to test the process, then as your belief in your mind’s ability to manifest for you grows, you’ll make bigger goals.  So rather then programming you win the Lotto, for example, program an amount of extra money that you want to get within - a week say, or 10 days, or by the end of the month.”  After they wrote down the amount of extra money they wanted and when they wanted it by, we asked those who were willing to share their goal to do so. 

One person said he couldn't imagine any way to get extra money except finding it.  He said he’d found pennies, nickels and dimes over the years and an occasional quarter.  He’d never found paper money though and he felt finding $5 within 24 hours would be believable and convincing to him.    So that was his goal.

Another person, a single mom named Victoria, said it was her birthday in the next week and she was being taken out to dinner.  She had her eyes on a pair of red dress up high heeled shoes, but as a school teacher on a tight budget, she couldn’t justify the $60 they’d cost her.  “$20, I could afford,” she said, “not $60.  So my goal is an extra $40 to get the shoes to wear to my birthday dinner.”

Others shared their goals, too, but these are the two that stick out in our minds – plus another two we’ll share in a moment.  What happened with the man who wanted to find $5 happened that very night.  After the meeting was over and people were walking out to their cars, we heard a whooping in the parking lot and went out to see what the commotion was about.  There he was – waving a $5 bill he found in the parking lot on the way to his car.  Everyone was laughing and clapping.

Victoria wore her new red high heeled shoes to the next meeting.  She said she’d gotten a birthday card in the mail with a picture of red heeled shoes and $40 inside.  The card was signed, From Light and Spirit.  She said, “I know the card is from someone in this group and I want to thank your light and spirit for my shoes.”

Several other people shared their success stories and we asked them and those who had programmed a longer time to reach their goal to write their success stories and send them to us.  Several did and we’d like to share two of those signed testimonials now:

Shary Harrison of Palm Desert, CA.

“At the money seminar when you asked us to write down an amount of extra money to come to us, I wrote down $300.  I also decorated the page with happy signs and words of joy.  Later that week, I went to look at a water purifier I wanted.  But it was $675.   Well, the sales person made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I became a dealer, which saved me $285.  Later that week, I got an unexpected rebate in the mail for $15.  There was my $300!”

From Anita Marlowe, Indio CA.

“At your money and the mind seminar, I asked for twelve thousand dollars to come to me in two weeks.  I was testing this process and WOW did the process pass with super, vivid, flying colors!  The first week following the seminar I received a telephone call from a friend I had not heard from in over five years.  He wanted to repay me the balance of a loan I had made to him several years prior and within days, I received two thousand dollars from him!  The second week I earned $100 on a fun job I had not expected to get. I was disappointed no more money came in, but I was grateful for the $2100 I did get.  The third week I got a stocks and bonds financial assessment from my broker.  The envelope was postmarked the week before.  The interest total was a complete surprise.  It was $9949.98.  Your teaching became a reality for me.  Thank you again and again   I am blessed by your wisdom.”

Pamela received this letter from her niece Kehau, on the Big Island of Hawaii:    “You know that thing you taught us about getting money?  I wrote down I would get $1000 by May 31st.    I got $50 from an aunt, $150 from another aunt, and $200 my friend has owed me for a long time.  Then the next week my friend gave me the rest of what she owed me.  $600.  It all added up to $1000 by May 31st!  Awesome.”

Dr. Hugh shares his story of giving a manifestation class for extra money and receiving within the week via mail a check for $2,000 from a former client whom he’d seen several years ago on a promise he would be pain when the man was able to do so. 

Pamela shares her story:  Several years ago when I was myself a single mother raising two children I found myself short on the rent.  I paid the rent, saying I would send the remaining $160 the next week.  Two weeks later, I still did not have it and the next month’s rent was fast approaching.  I did not want to ask my father for help – again.  So I got down on my knees and prayed.  I pointed out to God, with absolute conviction, I had done everything possible to make the rent.  I was working 4 jobs, had sold off all but the bare essentials, and I was sleeping on a fold out couch in the living room so I could rent the third bedroom in the house.  “So,” I said to God, “it’s up to you now.  Unless you want us out of this house, I need $160 and I need it within the next two days.”  The next afternoon, I took the kids to the mini-mall in Kaimuki where my son was receiving a good citizen award for turning into the bank money he’d found in the bank’s tele-machine.  As we left the bank, I saw what looked like a green slightly pyramid shaped pile of money in the walk way ahead of us.   “It couldn’t be money”  I thought, “or that gaggle of giggling teenage girls never would have walked right by it.”   Other people were walking by it too so I knew it couldn’t be money.  But it was.  It was a neat pile of brand new $20 bills.  Eight of them.  $160.  My rent.   The children and I waited an hour for someone to come looking for the money, even though I knew the money had been freshly minted just for us.  Before we left, I told the security office I’d found money and left my phone number.  I said if anyone called they’d need to tell me the exact amount.  Then I went home and I paid the rent.  No one ever called.”

Pamela shares a second story of receiving a gift of a single pen from a bank in Groshansdorf, Germany.  The name of the bank and Groshansdorf, Deutschland was engraved on the pen.  It became her favorite pen and she guarded it jealously, using it only at her desk at home.   One day the pen was missing and Pamela ‘marched’ into the living room, saying to her son, daughter and ‘hanai’ (unofficially adopted) daughter, “I don’t know who took my pen from Germany, but it will be back on my desk by the end of this day or – you don’t even want to know the consequences.”  When she sat at her desk that evening, after everyone had gone to bed, Pamela stared at the desk, then rubbed her eyes, then got up and went to get a drink of water and clear her head.  When she walked back to her desk again, there they were:  Three pens lined up neatly on her desk.  Each one engraved with the bank’s name and Groshansdorft, Deutschland!

Let’s do the steps now for Material Manifestation.  If you don’t want to use money you can pick another goal.  It works the same.

1.      Write down the amount of extra money you want and when you expect to get it.  (Rule of the Mind #2:  What is expected and believed tends to be realized.)  You can write the date or within a week, or three days, or ten days, or the end of the month – whatever you choose. 

2.      Circle what you have written and as you do so mentally encircle yourself with a golden light.  Think of the magnetic attracting quality of gold and imagine this gold light magnetically attracting your goal to you.  (Rule # 3 – Imagination is more powerful than reason when dealing with the subconscious mind.) 

3.      Mentally fill yourself with white light.  This is the creator energy your mind will use to materialize your goal.  (Rule #1:  Every thought or idea causes a physical reaction.)

4.      Say your goal out loud to yourself three times.  Example:  “I have $____ by ____”

5.      At least one daily, surround yourself with gold light, fill yourself with white light, channel this white light through your third eye to light the Earth, then light people, pets, and places important to you, then light yourself again and imagine yourself physically receiving your goal.  Imagine how it feels physically to have the tangible results in your hands.  Imagine how it feels emotionally to have received it and demonstrated the power of your mind.  Imagine thanking your mind for bringing you your goal. 

Let’s do that last step together now.  Close your eyes.  Mentally count down 5-4-3-2-1.  Breathe in and let a wave of relaxation flow from your head to your toes.  Now mentally surround yourself with a gold light.  Think of the metallic attracting quality of gold and imagine that gold light drawing to you the goal you wrote down and circled.   Imagine now a white light funneling in through the top of your head, lighting you.  Now channel that white creator light to a mental image of the earth to light the earth.  Now mentally image or think of and light the people, pets, and places important to you.  

Think of your goal again and imagine you have it.  Make this sense of having it tangible to you.  Sense it.  Feel it.  Celebrate it.  Hear yourself telling others about it and writing Pamela and Dr. Hugh about it to share with the Odyssey Circle.  Hear yourself thanking your subconscious mind and feeling awed at its power.    

Do this quickly, in a light hearted manner.  Not heavy and ponderous, but with joyful eagerness of a child exclaiming:  “I want to do that” and having every expectation of doing so.   

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