Lighting of The Earth

Pamela and Dr. Hugh Discuss:  Internet Super Information Highway filled with information and misinformation.  Both secular and spiritual.    As to channeling:  Quote From Book I, Odyssey of The Soul, Apocatastasis:   “Channeling, like religion, suffers from the company it sometimes keeps.”

Channel can have agenda or be a false channel or the channel can be honest and that which is being channeled can have an agenda or be misinformed.  Examples: 

From Abraham-Hicks Channeling:    There are no choices that are really a detour that will take you far from where you're wanting to be -- because your Inner Being is always guiding you to the next, and the next, and the next.  All is well.”

Pamela & Dr. Hugh Discussion:   Misinformed or deceitful.  Indeed the Inner Being - as the Higher Self might be called - is always guiding one, however, one does not always listen to that guidance.  It is possible to make choices that detour one from where one wants to be, which could be a good detour (to one’s highest good and purpose for being) or not a good detour (contrary to one’s highest good and purpose for being). 

 Also From Abraham-Hicks Channeling:     “You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you can learn to relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the universe present you with all that you have asked for." 

 Discussion Dr. Hugh and Pamela:    Yes, always good to relax and let it all in, however – what you ask for may not be so wonderful and, yes, the world is broken; i.e. out of balance and in chaos and many are here to help right that ‘problem’.  This channeled message so untrue it bring the question:  “Who IS being channeled and what is the agenda behind it?”     How is one to know who’s message / what message is truth and what is deceit or misinformed.  Ask one’s Higher Self which is the level of discernment.  Thus the importance of learning how to get this discernment from Higher Self.  One way is self muscle testing with pendulum or fingers.  Discussion of importance of focusing in the mental level of the mind; without expectation or emotion. 

 Channeled Message From Steve of Planet Light Worker:

People of Earth:  Message From A Pregnant Planet:

In the 12 years I have been channeling the group, I have never heard the group give us any type of warning. That changed when this message came through on September 29, 2007. They gave us a stern warning that time is running out for us to embrace our connection to the Earth. They said the Earth was evolving faster than she could handle. Pollution and the pollution machinery we have built since the industrial revolution has caused the Earth to be on a direct course of disaster.


Discussion of question of WHY it took so long to get this message from the group he channels????

This message – the importance of ending pollution – has been being given by Light and Higher Spirit to us (Pamela and Dr. Hugh) since 1990.  Following message was given in 1993: 

Proclamation To The People of The Earth From Higher Spirit.

Spoken Through Dr. Hugh Harmon, Trance Channel, in 1993

and posted at on that date.

To The Peoples of The Earth From Higher Spirit

"You must learn to embrace your wonderful power and abilities.   And avoid the defeatism and idea your responsibility is nil or nothing.  You ALL are responsible.

Many peoples are choosing to leave the earth.  For they have no faith. We give you faith.  We provide you with power.   You who take no advantage of this power are sorely disappointing to us.   We need your power with our power.  We need all to spread this message to any gathering where there are ears to listen, minds to think, bodies to take action to carry this message forward.

And this is how it will work to save this planet earth.   Earth is a very important link in the chain of development of the Universe.  Your scientists are recognizing with their Quantum Theory,  a truth your Spiritual Masters have long taught - thoughts affect Matter.  

We tell you that your thoughts affect more than matter, your thoughts affect EVERYTHING.  We tell you that there is present now an imbalance of energies in the earth.  This is due to the focus of many on the negative aspects of your experiences in this plane of existence.  This focus can be, must be, changed.  It is possible with the use of the vibrations of Light.

How can we tell you more of the energy and the power you have with Light?  Is not laser surgery a powerful demonstration of what Light can do when it is focused and concentrated?  And you have minds to use to focus and concentrate this energy.

Such energy can raise the vibrations of this planet and of every life form upon it.  If all on planet earth want to live a happy and healthy life and if planet earth is to remain hospitable to human life, Focus On The Light.  It is so simple and it is so powerful.

Do NOT imagine what you wish the Light to do.  Do NOT focus it on the evil or the darkness.  SIMPLY FOCUS ON THE LIGHT.

Let the Light’s healing vibrations lift the planet, and the life forms upon it, to their proper balance.


Discussion of importance of focusing on the desired outcome, NOT the problem. 

Example:  When one sends light for healing or for fixing a problem the temptation is to think of that which one wants healed or fixed.  Which gives creator energy to the illness/disease/condition/problem one wants corrected, not to the desired outcome.   Thus when sending light – think of the desired outcome or better yet, just send light which knows the outcome that is to the highest good:

Discussion of Message Channeled through Michael Smith August 27, 2007
”There are events planned . . .to celebrate the occasion and the arrival of the galactic consciousness in its purest form.   There is a line of dwellings near the pacific ocean and near Bombay and near Lima, that should serve as portals and homes to our new friends who are here to help us at this time and place.  The news of the arrival of these beings will bring about mass ascension and operate like a worm hole, in that the galaxies of thought and information would be QUICK in their manner of distribution, for the good of man and the whole.    The world you see now is the world that will go the ways of the bygone era.  You can wish upon those stars, and those STAR-peoples will help you move the things out in a matter that is so fast it would not be believed by any of you. “

Discussion of the danger of this, that humans can help themselves, do not need to be taken by the hand like children, told all will be well and then be controlled by others.  Again:  THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCERNMENT. 

From Light’s Book:   Odyssey of the Soul, Light:  The Act of Creation (copyrighted). 

LIGHT:  “Humans are very, very important.  Not all levels of spirit realize this and many non-earth beings would deny this.” 

Pamela:  “Is non-earth beings a kinder term for aliens?”

LIGHT:  “More accurate.  After all, to beings on other planets humans are the aliens.” 

 Pamela:  “Is there an alien - excuse me, I mean a non-earth being – presence on the Earth?”

LIGHT:  “You know there is.  Non-Earth beings or what many call extra-terrestrials have been observing the Earth – both from a distance and closely – since its beginnings.  Humans are of particular interest. ”

Pamela:  “Why?”

“Humans are a unique collaboration of Nature and souls.  The human story is fascinating and complex.  I will devote a chapter to this.  . . .  Nor is it the number of humans that has upset the balance of nature but the failure of humans to keep themselves and their activities in balance with nature. 

“There is more to pay attention to when developing or settling an area than the desire to live, work or play on it.  Adhering to the numbers the land can support and keeping alive the natural ecosystem provided by Nature in a given area is imperative to the balance of the whole.

“The well being of all of the species of the Earth, including but not limited to human beings, must be taken into account.  When it is not, the balance is disrupted and Nature will always set about restoring the balance.” 

Pamela:  “So when we overcrowd ourselves or deplete our natural resources in a given area Nature acts to diminish our numbers in that area?” 

LIGHT:  “Yes, and Nature has many means for doing so, including ‘natural’ disasters, germs, viruses, bacteria, even turning human nature against itself.” 

Pamela:  “I recall you warned us several years ago many species of nature are turning against humans for they sense humans are the source of the disruption to the natural balance.  The warning was even species with a long history of being tolerant of humans, such as turtles, whales and dolphins, will turn against us.” 

LIGHT:  “This has already begun.  If humans continue to indulge in massive harm of these beings and the habitat in which they feed they will join in a united assault against humans.”

Pamela:  “Yet many argue the unusual severity and frequency of hurricanes, tornados, floods, abnormal temperatures and the like in recent years as well as global warming are part of natural earth cycles and will not result in vast global destruction, let alone a catastrophic diminishing or demise of humans.”

LIGHT:  “These changes have indeed happened before and in that sense one could certainly say they are part of a natural cycle.   It would be wise to question the degree to which a natural cycle is being perpetuated by and added to by unnatural forces. 

“Humans are an unnatural force when they do not live in balance with Nature.  A natural cycle is Nature restoring the balance and when the imbalance is global in nature the result is global upheaval by Nature.

“Nature does not have an agenda against humans.  Nature supports and sustains humans.  But Nature always does what must be done to restore the balance,

Pamela:  “So will Nature determine the fate of humans?”

LIGHT:  “No, humans will determine their own fate by the choices they make and the manner in which they act upon those choices.  The balance of the entire planet has been disrupted, thus Nature is taking action to restore that balance, resulting in cataclysmic upheaval.  It is Nature’s desire that humans survive this upheaval or better yet avert it or lessen it to whatever degree is possible.   But desire and will are not the same.   Desire is want.  Will is choice.  It is Nature’s desire that humans survive and thrive.  It is Nature’s will to restore and keep the balance.  If humans continue to refuse to cooperate with Nature’s will, humans will not survive.”

Pamela:  “There are many embodied and many in spirit who argue even if all of this is true, speaking or writing of it does more harm than good because fear generates negative thinking and harmful behaviors in humans.”

LIGHT:  “When a cancer is present on a body it does little good to pretend the cancer is not present.  To do so is to invite the cancer to spread its destruction throughout the entire organism on which it thrives.  What is needed is an awareness, acknowledgement, and understanding of the presence of the cancer so the aberrant cells can be coaxed to return to normal if they will do so or removed if they refuse.

 “The same is true on a planetary scale.  It does little good to pretend humans are not spreading destruction throughout the planetary organism on which they and other life forms thrive.  To pollute the air they must breathe, the water they must drink, the food they must eat and the very bodies in which they must live is mass genocide of the human race – not by Nature but by humans themselves. 

“What is needed to heal this cancerous condition of the Earth is the awareness, acknowledgement, and understanding of humans they are the cause of it so they can be coaxed into restoring conditions to normal if they will so or removed if they refuse.

Pamela:  “Higher Spirit says this has happened before, that humans have been nearly extinct twelve times and says if it happens again it will be the last time.  What does that mean?”   

LIGHT:  “When Nature becomes convinced an organism is unable or unwilling to adhere to the laws that sustain the balance, Nature destroys that organism or allows other organisms to mutate it until it becomes a completely different organism.”

“It is the way of Nature.  As I have already written, there are those who think the Earth is an insignificant planet in the vastness of the Cosmos and those who think humans are inferior beings.  Those who think this are mistaken. 

“All master artisans desire to create a masterpiece that demonstrates their mastery.  Earth is Nature’s masterpiece.  Humans are the personification of that masterpiece.   It is not Nature’s will that humans   be destroyed, enslaved or mutate into something else.   If any of these happen it will be the result of human choice.”

Pamela:  “I was going to ask what we might mutate into, but enslaved is even more alarming.”

LIGHT:  “There are many possibilities for mutation, but that shall be Nature’s creative process.  As to enslavement, there are non earth beings that desire dominion over the Earth, and as has happened many times in the past such beings are seeking to sway human will to that end.”

Pamela:  “Why do they need to sway human will?  If they are here they must have superior technology to humans.  Why not just take over the planet?”

LIGHT:  “Thus far human will has prevented it.  By human will I am referring to the collective human will.” 

Pamela:  “You mean as in the majority rules?” 

LIGHT:  “Simply put, but that is correct.  Humans have dominion over the Earth as long as they desire to keep it, although that right has responsibilities attached to it.  This dominion cannot be taken from them, but it can be given away by them.” 

 Pamela and Dr. Hugh announce they will post a recording each or together or both perhaps

for lighting the Earth for Earth Day.

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