LIGHT:  God Communication.  (Or whatever term you wish to use for The Source and The Creator.)  LIGHT is the consciousness of GOD and thus the aspect of GOD through which God communicates. 

HIGHER SPIRIT: Highest level of spirit guidance, second only to God’s Light.

SOUL:  Spirit that is or has been embodied in physical form.

SOUL RECORDS:  Universal Records of every soul (embodied spirit)  & the physical events of the physical realms. 

 Information for these seminars are from:  1) LIGHT.  2) Higher Spirit   3) Higher Selves, Subconscious Selves, Physical Cells and Subconscious Mind of Dr. Hugh, Pamela and the clients they have worked with in 50 (Dr. Hugh) and 17 (Pamela) years of private clinical practice.

 Histories in Biblical Times were oral histories – stories told in ways that would stick in people’s memory, which meant they were often embellished to impress the imagination.  There are Biblical Stories that are factual or rooted in fact while many are allegorical and symbolic stories that stories meant to teach through symbolism.  Over hundreds of years all they came to be believed as literal fact, which in many cases they were not.  

 The Apostles borrowed from this tradition of oral histories to add to Jesus’ mystique and possibly as a means of trying to explain the inexplicable – what they could not, themselves, understand.  Each of the Apostles has embodied since those days and are embodied today, still learning, still growing in consciousness so they – like the rest of us – can become like Jesus – a Master Soul finished with physical incarnations.

 Q:  Did an angel announce Jesus’ birth:  – Just as today people get messages in dreams and visions, so did Mary.   Q:  Did a star announce his birth and 3 Wise Men from the East follow it to find Him?  An alignment of several stars that look like one giant bright star.  Has occurred several times in history.  No relation to Jesus’ birth.  Story of wise men was symbolic.  Seekers from many places, including the East, often came to study with and share knowledge with the Essenes.  Some would have come because of messages they get of birth of a highly evolved soul.  Gifts such seekers brought were their own knowledge and teachings.

 Essenes:     A group of Jews who, in general, kept themselves apart from the general population – except to teach or trade - in order to follow their own customs.  Understood vibrations and sought to keep their vibrations high with healthy life style.  Foods pure, bodies strong and pure, thoughts pure.  Music and dance spiritually uplifting.  Highly educated, studied many fields, including the more esoteric mysteries.  Spoke a dialect of Aramaic – many among them learned and taught other languages as well.  Many went out among the general population of Jews to teach as highly respected Rabbi’s. 

 Virgin Birth:  A common practice among the Essenes.  Believed if a worthy man and woman were brought together to conceive in a spiritual manner there was a greater chance of bringing in an evolved soul.  The more worthy, in the Essenes estimation, the man and woman joining together the more the entire group was involved in that the elders would meet together in prayer, the community would play music and sing and dance.  All was meant to raise the spiritual vibrations of the whole community and thus the spiritual vibrations of the couple that were lying together in seclusion.  The man’s penis would be at the opening of the woman’s vagina or slightly in it, but not so much as to penetrate the hymen.  Ideally, the man and the woman would be praying or chanting or listening together to the music and song they could hear from a distance.  The idea was to excite and raise the kundalini – the energy forces of the spirit and move these energies through the charkas – or energy centers – to explode out of the crown chakra, thus joining the man and woman in spiritual ecstasy and propelling the man’s sperm into the female’s body.  The sperm would pass through the hymen without breaking it, thus the woman would conceive and technically remain a virgin.  Jesus was conceived in this way.  So was Mary, mother of Jesus, and others.  

 Great expectation among the Essenes in the joining of Mary and Joseph for Mary had been prepared since her birth for bringing in what the Essenes hoped would be the long awaited Messiah.  Although Joseph was many years older than Mary – he was already an old man by their standards – he was considered the most evolved among the Essenes at the time Mary reached the age for conception (start of menses). 

 Joseph remained with Mary after the birth of Jesus for what Higher Spirit called 8 – 10 years in today’s calculations of time.  They lived – as was the Essene custom – with an extended family group.  As was also the custom all in the family group helped to raise the children in the group.  Jesus had cousins raised along with him and two of these cousins were raised as siblings of Jesus and his 2 brothers and 1 sister.   The name of one of these cousins was Lucius.  Forgot to get the name of the other cousin!  We’ll ask later.

 When Joseph became enfeebled due to his age he left the family group to be taken care of by caretakers among the Essenes.  Joseph had a very high ranking in the Essenes – he was one of the leaders and a highly respected teacher (Rabbi).  After Joseph left Mary she had three more biological children with an Essene named Amos.  These children – half siblings of Jesus – were two sons and one daughter. First son – after Jesus – was John (who became John the Apostle).  Matthew.  (Not the apostle) and the youngest was the daughter:  Judith. 

 Higher Spirit and LIGHT say Judith was the female counterpart of Jesus, but without his ability to teach outside the Essene Community - women were not accepted as teachers (Rabbis) on the ‘outside’.  Essenes had female teachers (Rabbis) and leaders.  After death of Jesus, Judith became a leader of Essenes who followed Jesus. 

 Names:   Higher Spirit has pointed out names from Biblical times sound quite different today than they did in those days.  The Essenes spoke mainly Aramaic, but of a different dialect.  They also studied and spoke other languages.  The way Jesus’ name and many other names were pronounced in those days is very different from today and very difficult for modern day mouths and tongues to pronounce. [We played a recording of Higher Spirit pronouncing Jesus’ name.]

 Jesus was not born a Master Soul nor was he the embodiment of God or the only son of God.  That, too, is symbolism and myth.  Whether these stories were perpetuated by the Apostles or later retelling of their stories and writings or by translators we have not yet asked Higher Spirit or Light, but probably a combination of all of these.  Jesus did become a Master Soul – with knowledge far beyond what he taught to the populace.  He represents human potential – the full enlightenment of a soul.  Jesus spent 13 prior life times in physical embodiment (Jesus was his 14th incarnation) and he spent many years traveling to other lands to teach and learn from master teachers there.  Correction:  Light recently informed us the life as Jesus of Nazareth was the 10th (not the 14th) physical incarnation for Jesus. Higher Spirit had included four other life times in which Jesus's spirit would frequently enter into the bodies of other spiritual masters to teach and learn or would incarnate at various times in an astral state.

 Physical Appearance:  The Essenes were in Higher Spirit’s words, “rather tall, fairly muscular”.  Lighter complexion than most of the other tribes of Jews.  Many had blue eyes and fair skin.  Jesus had blue eyes, reddish brown hair and light colored skin, which became very tanned from the sun.  

 Interesting note not given in the seminar:  Higher Spirit also said the air quality in those days was worse than today because of pollution in the air from ancient and more recent (to those days) volcanic activity around the globe as well as long lasting ‘fall out’ from the impact of meteorites.   

 Jesus Married Mary Magdalene:  Not a civil marriage – not registered with Romans.  Sanctified in the Essene community.  They had a son (closest approximation to the name is what we would pronounce as Jeshuwa) - the name our modern day Jessie comes from.  Their son was kept and taught within the Essene Community while Jesus went outside the community – usually accompanied by Mary – to teach.  The family group, and in particular Judith, raised him.  Mary Madalene, wife of Jesus, was pregnant with a second son when Jesus was crucified.  Closest approximation to that son’s name is what we would pronounce as Issak. 

 Jesus’ Mission:  To teach people they were spirit, they had greater powers than they knew, if they would search within they would find spiritual truth and guidance and know their spirits would transcend the death of the physical body.

 Purpose of Crucifixion:  Jesus became discouraged that the people were not grasping what he wanted to teach them.  They paid more attention to the healings (which he used to demonstrate his teaching) than what he was teaching them and they insisted on placing him above themselves, which he did not want.  It was part of the higher plan for his life to leave physical embodiment when he had reached full mastery and had taught the people all they were willing or able to learn during his time on Earth.  Jesus chose his manner of death to demonstrate it is possible to keep the body from suffering even the most horrendous of tortures.  The people of his time were terrified of torture – a very real fear since so many of them were being tortured.  Jesus also wanted to leave behind him the most important of his messages - that the spiritual self (Higher Self) is the true self and when the lessons and missions of physical embodiment are completed, union with the spiritual self is a reward more desirable than life itself.    Jesus did not suffer on the cross.  He was calm and peaceful until his death.  Numbing the body was not so much a feat as being able to leave his loved ones without regret, grief or fear for he knew the trials they would face, yet he also understood – profoundly – these trials were their opportunity to grow spiritually.

 Note from Light’s Book:  Jesus’ son ‘Jeshuwa’ pushed through the crowds to get close to the cross and cried out in anguish to his Father (Jesus):  Father, why hast thou deserted me?”   People farther away from the cross thought it was Jesus calling out to ‘his father’ God.   

 Resurrection:  Jesus’ soul used its spiritual mastery to raise the vibrations of his dead body to such a level that he converted it back into light energy.  (Higher Spirit says the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus and the shadow on it is the image of Jesus caused when Jesus converted his body into light energy.)  Jesus then used the light energy generated by this to infuse his astral body with a dense enough energy that it looked and felt solid.  It was not; it was an astral body – an astral energy body shaped in the image of his physical body.  Jesus did not want his astral body to appear faint or shadowy for “shades”  - as spirits were called in those days - frightened the people and made them think the dead gradually faded into “nothingness”.   He wanted his astral body to look and feel as vital and as alive as a physical body, to reassure the people of the life of the spirit after the death of the body.  

 Misinformation about Jesus’ life from Records and Past Life Regressions:  In the Soul Records teleseminar, we spoke of the dangers of perception – what people perceive or believe to be true versus what is really true.  Perception and misconception affects channeling, past life regressions and observation and experiencing of the energy imprints (images) in the records. 

 There was, for example, a brisk trade after Jesus’ death in the sale of his body.  Many followers wanted to hide his body away from desecration or to give validity to Jesus’ claim he would raise his body after death so many bought what they thought was his wrapped body from crooks (who did a brisk business selling ‘the body of Jesus’) and reburied it or kept it elsewhere. (Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilot, was one of these.  A secret follower of Jesus and a practitioner of occult rituals she kept Jesus’ corpse (she thought) in a marble sarcophagus in a private place. 

 All of this misconceptions and false beliefs would be recorded in the Records – as well as what really happened.  Thus the importance of being able to separate misperceptions in the Records from what is truth.  Thus also, the reason why many people will have ‘past life memories’ of re-burying or hiding Jesus’ body.   

 Jesus was the last physical incarnation of his soul.  His soul has moved beyond the vibrations of physical embodiment and the astral realms and he does not personally appear or talk to or teach people any longer.  HOWEVER, his knowledge and the imprints of his image and consciousness are in The Records and can be accessed and interacted with by anyone knowledgeable enough to do so.

Often, as well, when people have visions of Jesus or communications with him (or other Master Souls who have moved on) it is it is a symbolic image or vision being presented to them by their minds to remind them of what these Master Souls taught.  Jesus taught many people embodied today and their own Higher Self or Subconscious will project energy imprints – images – of Jesus to remind them of this. 

 Mary, mother of Jesus, had one more physical incarnation and has now herself moved beyond physical embodiment. 

 LIGHT:  “All souls are equal.  It is the level of awareness, understanding and misunderstanding of souls that is not equal, although it is the destiny of all souls to reach full enlightenment.  None of the apostles and very few, relatively speaking, of Jesus’ followers, including his sons and Mary Magdalene, truly understood what Jesus taught, which is they have continued to embody in the human realm.  

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