12/30/07 Teleseminar Synopsis

Today’s Topic: I Must Be Perfect (And punish myself when I am not).

 Began teleseminar Lighting Self, Earth, Loved Ones, Odyssey Circle of Light


The Source:  That from which flows all that is, all that has ever been, all that will ever be; i.e.  God, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah etc. 

 The Light:  The aspect of The Source that is consciousness (awareness and understanding) and energy (movement).

 Spirit:  An expression of The Light.  Spirit is not itself consciousness and energy, but as a part of The Light, spirit has consciousness and energy.

Soul:  Spirit that is or has embodied in physical levels of form.

The light of spirit is creator light; i.e. creator consciousness and creator energy.  Spirit creates using the creator light that is its essence. 

Creator light as creator energy is universal energy, prime energy, the energy from which and with which ALL other energies, all matter, all form are created.   

 Spirit directs what is to be created through thought; i.e. images what is to be created.  Mind uses the omnipresent creator energy of creator light to create; i.e. to manifest the thought.

 Superconscious Mind:  Level of mind through which an individual soul uses thought to determine the realities it will enter and experience.  

Conscious Mind:  Level of mind through which the physically embodied aspect of a soul uses thought to direct its own realities within the bigger realities it has entered into. 

 Subconscious Mind:  Level of mind that stores the thoughts; i.e. the directives of the embodied soul, and carries out those directives to create individual realities.

 Which directive does the subconscious mind to carry out when there is conflict in the directives it is given to carry out?  Examples:  



PRIOR PROGRAMMING; i.e. OLD DIRECTIVES take precedence – Why?

 So much imprinting in the early ages.  So much emotion (energy) given to them, repeated often.

 University of Iowa Study 25 years ago sent out Psychology Students to monitor 2 year olds for 24 hours to tally the number of negative messages the 2 year olds were given in ratio to the number of positive messages they were given.  Result:  Ratio was 826 Negative Messages for every 1 Positive Message. 

How Subconscious Is Programmed Is Why Old Directives Have Stronger Influence: 

  1. Authority Figures.  (Very strident authority figures are ever prominent in a child’s life, beginning with Parents, Care Takers, Teachers.)
  2. Emotions     (Small children highly emotional, might even say they ‘live’ in their emotions.
  3. Repetition.  (Authority figures repeat FREQUENTLY to children.)
  4. Exaggeration.  (Like:  Spanking, Shouting, Triggering Emotions, Triggering Imagination.)
  5. Hypnosis; i.e. a focused state of concentration.  (When a child is focused elsewhere, like playing with a toy, and instructions/directives given to child – they go right to subconscious.)

 Next week we begin working with Money, Riches, Wealth Programming.  The emotional programming we have been addressing/changing in the past two months of teleseminars ‘clear the way’ for working with Money Programming. 

 We have been teaching you, by guiding you through them, the steps for finding, addressing, and changing subconscious programs; i.e. prior directives, that interfere with and/or block your present thinking/directives.

 Self Awareness. 

   Think about the direct and indirect messages you received in your impressionable 

    years, particularly early childhood, about:     You.  Life.  Parents.  Marriage.  Males.  Females.  Siblings.  Relationships.  Sex.  Work.  Play.  Fun.  Success. Failure.  Money.  Wealth.  Health.     The list is long.

 Self Determination.

     On a regular basis, sit down and work your way through your list.

1.       Each time, pick an area of concern/interest to you and write down the direct/indirect messages you know or suspect you received in your impressionable years about this.  Write these messages down as beliefs.  Example:  I must be perfect.  When I am not perfect, I am punished.

2.       Pick one or some of these beliefs to work with; in the beginning you will work with 1 – 5 beliefs at a time, as you become more practiced you may find you can do more.  (It is helpful to do self-muscle testing to determine if you actually do have these beliefs set in your subconscious.  If you cannot or will not self muscle test, just work with every belief you know/suspect you have.  Read How To Self Muscle Test, Self NMR, and How To Use A Pendulum in Treasure Chest and Seminar Synopsis Pages of www.odysseyofthesoul.org.)

3.       As you look at the beliefs you’ve chosen to work with, think about why you might have accepted these beliefs; example:  you were young, you thought everything your parents told you was truth, in your younger years you believed it.

4.       Write out what your adult self today would tell that younger you now about those beliefs – why the younger you believed it and why you know now it isn’t true.   Writing this out is very, very, very effective but it IS your subconscious that is doing the writing, so you are already setting up the subconscious to change its thinking.   

5.       Write out the new beliefs to take the place of the old ones you want changed.

6.       Read what you have written.  Close your eyes and focus yourself by counting down from 5 – 1, in a slow, relaxed manner. 

7.       Talk to your younger self aloud or mentally.  Speak about what you have written.  Be earnest, be sincere, be convincing. 

8.       Imagine a ‘Screen of your Mind.’  This can be a blackboard, computer screen, video or movie screen, anything you want it to be.  Experiment with this, be as creative as you want, but choose only one each time until you decide upon the one that works best for you.

9.       Imagine yourself physically erasing, or deleting, or removing, or wiping out the old beliefs, then imagine yourself physically writing in the ones you want to take their place.  You can do this one at a time – erasing each old belief then writing in each new one.  Or you can erase all the old ones and then write in all the new ones.  

10.   Open your eyes and draw a line through or delete from your computer the old beliefs/programming and say or think, ‘This is not true for me.”  Then underline or circle or bold the new beliefs/programming and say or think, “This is true for me.” 

If you do self-muscle testing each time you sit down to do this process you can test to see if the prior changes ‘held’.  If they have not, think about why not, what part of you might be resisting this change and why.  Read Subscription Pages for guidelines about this and guidelines about what to do if you feel distressed after a particular session. 

Guided Listeners Into Self Hypnosis to:

 Erase:  I must be perfect.  I'm not perfect.  If I'm not perfect, I am worthless.  I must punish myself for not being perfect.  I must be controlled.  I allow others to control me.   I'm powerless. I am at the mercy of others.       

Replace:  I am the perfect person for my soul. I am a worthy person. My soul is powerful.  I am powerful.  I am in control of myself.  I am in control of my life.  My soul guides me.  I follow my soul's guidance.  

 Ended Seminar Lighting Self, Earth, Loved Ones, Circle of Light, Personal Goals.

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