Higher Spirit 'Reading' of 20 People Today 

Who Were 'There' In Jesus' Life Time

Here is the information to share on all twenty who got 'readings' from their Universal Records (Soul Records) from Higher Spirit.  How intriguing that in a small group of twenty people - all strangers except for the one family group and two couples -  from all around the world there are such close connections with one another. 


Note that of the three Roman soldiers Higher Spirit said helped Jesus during the Crucifixion as they much as they could without being caught by their superiors, all are part of this group!!  Isn't that amazing!  Also two seemed to be in the same life time in Atlantis. There is also the possibility, now that I think about it, that more than 3 Roman Soldiers helped and Higher Spirit was referring to the 3 in this group that helped.  


That's the greatest difficulty when working with channeling.  (Dr. Hugh channeled Higher Spirit for this information.)  Asking the right questions to elicit the right information and then being careful not to misinterpret the answers given.  [An aside here:  This is precisely why I transcribe and share all channeled information word for word - even though the wording can sometimes be arcane, confusing and grammatically incorrect.]


As an example of misinterpretation of answer:  


When I asked a few years ago about Jesus' siblings I asked:  "Did Jesus have brothers?"  The answer was "Yes".    Then I asked.  "How many brothers were there?"  Higher Spirit answered four.  So for the longest time I thought Jesus had four brothers.

Recently I posed the question again:  "How many brothers did Jesus have?"  Higher Spirit answered:  "Three".   Surprised I blurted out:  "Three?  I thought there were four brothers."  "Yes," Higher Spirit responded:  "Four brothers.   Jesus was one of them."  


Arrggghhh!!  It was the way I posed the question the first time and then misinterpreted the answer.  That is what I am trying to be very, very careful about now.  


So later I thought to ask:  "Was Joseph the father of all of Jesus' siblings?"  That's when I got the answer:  "No, Joseph fathered only Jesus."  That's when I found out Jesus' brothers were half brothers and his sister, Judith, was a half sister (Mary, mother of Jesus was also their mother) and also the two cousins raised as siblings with them.  . 


Another example:  About a year ago I asked this question:  "How many incarnation has this person had?"  Higher Spirit answered:  "Three in body and many in spirit."  THAT threw me.  I said, "What do you mean many in spirit?"  Higher Spirit answered, "Several lives in which this person was a spirit observing and many others in which this person was living vicariously through another - what you name a spirit attachment."  


I had never thought to ask when getting readings or doing past life regressions for people if they were the actual person or a spirit attached to that person.  So much more enlightenment comes the more enlightened one becomes!  


What amazes me also is several of those below who were told they were there embodied or observing in Jesus' time asked me were they can find more information Jesus and the Essenes.  My answer:  "First, Look within.  Do a past life regression to your memories and your  knowledge. Practice getting hypnotized until you are really comfortable with it, then have a hypnotist (preferably a clinical hypnotherapist) guide you into the regression.  Then read other things to compare with your perceptions, memories.  Then test these things with your Higher Self knowledge"


One book of interest is the book called The Messengers.  This book is about the past life regressions of Nick Bunick to his life as Paul, The Apostle.  We checked with Higher Spirit and, yes, he was Paul.  However, keep this in mind - he is reporting second hand about Jesus, about what he heard, not what he witnessed.  Opps, unless he witnessed them in spirit.  See, I didn't think to check that yet!! 


 Below are the "mini-readings' of the 20.  Identifying information has been deleted other than gender and age.  (One of the women wrote me to tell I calculated her age wrong by a couple of years. Poor math on my part.  But I don't recall which one. I also thought one of the young people here to be a boy in this life because of the name.  The mother wrote me to say nope, a she.   I re-read what Higher Spirit said and I said during the 'reading' and neither of us mentioned gender today.  I've corrected the gender below and did check with Higher Spirit to be certain the information given was for this young lady.  It was.]


Female.  Age 44. 


Higher Spirit:  “Her name today is close to her name then.  Pronounced then as Aga-Za.  She was a little girl, an Essene.  A contemporary of Mary, mother of Jesus.  Grew up with her.  Died at 12 years old of heart failure, died peacefully.”


Male.  Age 26.  


Higher Spirit:  “He was a soldier in the army of the Romans, but he was very interested in and studied with the Essenes, when he could study with them without being observed.  He was – I think the word you could use is – he was an inveterate student. 


Pamela:  “He still is!”


Higher Spirit:  “He died an old man.  He was 43, an old man in those days.  A natural death.   I find it interesting he is involving himself with your group – again seeking more information from same group – thus he is connecting again with the same group he was involved with in that lifetime. 


Higher Spirit:  He was one of the Roman soldiers at the crucifixion.  Very disturbed, trying to make things comfortable as possible – if that would be a word you could use at a crucifixion.  He would have lost his life if they had discovered he was associating with the Essenes.  That was not allowed.  He tried for the family’s sake to keep them back so they wouldn’t suffer.  He didn’t understand that the power of Jesus was eliminating the pain.  He knew it was a terrible kind of death and that’s why they did that to people.  So he was trying to protect the family from the pain he knew they would see.   His name was Romana.


Pamela Note:   Pronunciation was :  ‘Ro’ ( with a long o like row or road).  ‘man (with a soft a).   a (soft a)


Female, Age 62  


Higher Spirit:  No, she has come later.  Before she was an Atlantean and was a long time before she came back into the body again.  Came back in still seeking, but very angry and disturbed by the Atlantean debacle that was caused by the people in control of that particular land mass. 


Pamela:  “What was her name then?


Higher Spirit:  (Chuckling)  “You can’t even approximate it.  Language then very different.  She was a woman.  Oh, hmmm, she knew in that time the soul who later became Jesus' first son.  He was also a worker in that time in Atlantis when the system failed.  She was a working person as was he.  She did not make the land mass across the Iberian peninsula when many escaped from Atlantis.  She died in the destruction of Atlantis."


Pamela:  “How many times has she embodied?

Higher Spirit:  “Eight times.” 



Male.  Age 60 


Higher Spirit:  “He was not embodied at that time.   Was a spirit observing.  He was very cautious about being embodied.  He observed those were not good times to have a body.”


Female, Age 65.  


Higher Spirit:  “Was not a good time.  (Pamela note:  Where and when she was born in this life.)  Was not a good time when Jesus was dying either.  She was there.  She was one of the inner family – a cousin to Mary who was the mother of Jesus and was part of the extended family and was with them most of the time.  She was a mothering, nurturing person.  Was with the family group watching him hang on the cross.   Name was Sari or Sara as you might call it.  (Pamela note:  Was pronounced Sar ah) She died of old age and very sad all of her life after that experienced.  She was uplifted for awhile and then fell into hard times and as the persecution of her people became more and more intense, she withdrew and died of starvation.:


Pamela:  “She has a new granddaughter today that she feels she’s known before.”

Higher Spirit:  “She knew the grand-daughter in what was, in your calendar times, the 1800’s.


Male.  Age 59.


Higher Spirit:  “Was known as Yos-ul  (Pamela note:  I wrote this phonetically.)  That would be translated as Joseph today.  Interesting, isn’t it.  A male.  One of the Essenes.  It was a teacher, not one of the Council, but a teacher very well known in that time.  He was a contemporary of Joseph, father of Jesus.  He taught the history of the Essenes and the work they were to do to bring the ascendant master back.  It was their belief that he (the ascendant master) had been there before and would be back.


Pamela:  “Had he?”


Higher Spirit:  “If you mean Jesus, no, but there had been other masters.  Remember you were informed this was the 14th time that Jesus incarnated?  That gives you quite a span, doesn’t it?”


Pamela:  “Does this mean one of Jesus’ prior lives was with the Essene group?” 


Higher Spirit:  “No, you asked what they were studying, I was describing they were trying to correlate the past with their present at that time.”


Pamela:  “Did he die of old age?”


Higher Spirit:  “Yes, he died of a heart condition.  It seemed to be one of the weaknesses of that group.  There was lots of inbreeding among the Essenes.  They didn’t know anything about not inbreeding.”


Female.  Age 37


Higher Spirit:   “In turmoil then as she is today.  This is a repeat of that life.  You might want to help the young lady understand that.  She has many challenges from that life, where she was a young girl, wanting to be more involved, but fearful.  Did not complete her life lesson then, is redoing that life lesson today.  Was an Essene, born about the time of Jesus’ son, but not in that family, but not of that group.  There were many extended families in the Essenes as you probably know.”



Female  Age 38



Higher Spirit:  “She was a spirit in those years, for many, many years was a spirit observing and making a decision about coming into embodiment to learn embodiment lessons.”


Pamela:  “Today she is a channel.”


Higher Spirit:  “Yes, she learned a great deal about communication.  Her life time today is learning more about how to get in touch with the Higher Self.”


Pamela:  “How is she doing on that?”


Higher Spirit:  “Working well on that.  There’s no judgment here.”


Pamela:    “Is there advice on how to get more in touch with Higher Self?”


Higher Spirit:  “Separating the Higher Self’s information from the Lower Self’s expectation and participation.  Separation is the difficulty for most spirits involved in the human body, isn’t it?” 


Female.  Age 66 


Higher Spirit:   “A seeker today as she was then.  Was a male.  Would have been about the same age as Judith, and Judith was the sister of Jesus, as you recall.  She would have been a contemporary of Judith, a male, seeking more information than most people were interested in.  He was very studious and interested person in all the history of the Essenes, and studied that avidly.  He wanted to be an elder, a teacher, a Rabbi as they called it.   Became one later, much later. Was killed by Romans leading people into the forbidden area was put down by the ruling party of the Jews and the Romans put him to death.” 


Male.  Age 56


Pamela Note:  This was confusing.  First Higher Spirit said,  “Another seeker.  A female in the time of the Jesus group, a family.   Then Higher Spirit said:  “Was actually, very interesting, hmmm, he was a Roman who left the Roman army surreptitiously and infiltrated among the Essenes.  They hid him from the outside world as he became part of the Essene community.”


Pamela:  “Oh, I forgotten to ask some people’s names!


Higher Spirit:  “The names are nebulous.  They don’t have much meaning today.  Because they are so difficult to identify with the language and pronunciations today.”


Pamela Note:  I apologize I did not have my wits about me to ask why you were identified first as a female and then as a Roman.  Possibilities:  A Roman female serving in the Roman army?  Highly unlikely I think.  A male with female energy?  Possibly.  Another possibility is had a life as a female with Jesus’ family either then or earlier and came back later (or during Jesus’ life) as a Roman and connected again with the Essenes.  


Female.  Age 69 


Higher Spirit:  “Interesting.  We have again a spirit from the Atlantean era – lived there two lifetimes.  Was involved in some of their work of moving energy as a scientist there.  Male.  Became disenchanted with them and removed herself from future lives for many years.  Yes, she’s back embodied in Jesus’ life.  Hmm, in two bodies.  She died at birth in the Essene community, came back in as another little girl.  (Pamela:  Higher Spirit gave a name here, Rosai is how I would spell it.  Higher Spirit pronounced it as Ro-zai.   Long O and Long A.  Sounds like Like Row-zay.) The little girl Rosai died and she (your spirit) went into the body as the spirit left it.   (Pamela:  A walk-in!)  And the body survived and she lived to be 17.  Mary’s friend gave birth to the first girl – the baby that died at birth.  Her (your) spirit was very determined to stay so as the spirit of Rosai – who only wanted to experience the birthing process – left the body her (your) spirit entered into the body and took it forward for another 17 years.”


Male  Age 71


Higher Spirit:  “During that time period was a spirit investigating events in the European area.” 



Female  Age 37 


Higher Spirit:  “Only record of her being there was as an observer.  Was a spirit from another place – another space in the universe. She was a spirit observing.  You might say she was testing the waters to see if she wanted to try incarnation in the human body.”


Pamela:  “When was her first embodiment in the human body?”


Higher Spirit:  “1800’s.  Second embodiment in the 1900’s, but not for long.  Short period of time as a little boy.  This embodiment is her third.” 


Pamela:  “When you speak of her being from another place in the Universe, does this mean another planet?”


Higher Spirit:  “Not planet, but – there are spirits that don’t have planets you might say.  She was seeing if she wanted to process through the learning of the human body.” 


Male  Age 53


Higher Spirit:  “His life at that time is an interesting life.  He was a teacher but a doubter.  He was always testing.  Was an Essene Male.  Would have been older, not as old as Jesus’ father, but older than Jesus.  He was a researcher, if you would.  Yes, he was a Historian and they constantly delved into history and tried to create lines of information from the spirit world. And he was very involved in researching that area as a scholar and researcher of the spirit world as it involved itself with the human form.”


Pamela:  Do you mean communicating with spirit?”


Higher Spirit:  “Yes.”


Pamela:  “Just as he’s continuing to research that now with us.”


Higher Spirit:  “Yes.”



Female,  Age 57


Higher Spirit:  “Came into this world for many centuries as a spirit observing and was an observer of those times.”


Pamela:  “She is one that is communicating with what she names Ascended Masters.”


Higher Spirit:  “That is what she was doing while in the spirit state.  Now embodied is still using the concept that she had as spirit in the spirit state.  If her meaning of Ascended Masters is those spirits that no longer incarnate she must know within her own inner knowledge such spirits are not available for communication with spirit in physical form.  She can, through her own Higher Self, access the information they found while embodied.  And so her challenge would be if she wants to be the pure spirit connection she would have to ascend this physical form and talk in the spirit levels, but if she wants to remain in the body and open up the Higher Self then she has to be realistic about what’s spirit and for spirits in the spirit state and what’s form of body and for spirits in the body.”


Female,  Age 85 


Higher Spirit:  “Also a spirit observing the physical for many, many, many generations, but not at the time of Jesus.  The lifetime today is her 3rd incarnation in the physical.” 


Male,  Age 50  


Higher Spirit:  “Ah, he is an observer then.  He touched in and out of the form of Joseph, father of Jesus.  He was in and out of that form.   He was like what you would call today a spirit attachment.  He lived vicariously through the physical form of  Joseph – trying to learn and trying to understand what it was like to embody in physical form before he made that decision.”     


Male, Age 32.  


Higher Spirit:  “Interesting young man in this lifetime and the past.  He lived in ancient Egypt.  He crossed that peninsula of the land mass you called Atlantis.  When it went into the deep of the water, he made the transition (traveled) across the bridge of the Iberian Peninsula and into North Africa (Egypt), which was much different than it is today.  He became a priest there – a leader of the group.  There were thousands of them that entered into that area.  He became a leader of that group.  He was also in the time of the Jesus family.  He was an Essene that was much older.  An instructor of Joseph the father of Jesus.  Died an old, old man.  He lived much longer than they usually live there.   He was also an observer because after his death he came back as a spirit to observe the young boy Jesus as he grew into a man and carried out his life.”   


Female, Age 27 


Higher Spirit:  “Hmmm, interesting.  A sidenote:  The one who I speak through his grandfather’s name was Elisha.  A term often used in Biblical times.  This Elisha was a Roman soldier.  One of the soldiers, interestingly enough, who was castigated – booed - by the crowd as he helped with the cross as it was carried around the edge of the town up to the mount.  He was one of those who felt sorrow and ashamed they were treating Jesus in this manner and helped Jesus.  He lived out his life until he was killed as a Roman soldier.  He was not a warlike person; it just was his life of learning.  He learned the discipline of the soldiering and the discipline of his own spirit.  Yes, it was a good learning experience. "


Male Age 38 


Higher Spirit:  “Again, very interesting.  He was of Roman descent.  In the army there at the time of that crucifixion and was very helpful to Jesus.  He was admiring.  He was learning, learning.  Yes, he was.  I can see he was learning all about the discipline of mind over matter.  He was learning about the discipline that the mind can exert over the physical form and he used that the rest of his life until he died.  After he left the army he died in his sleep, floated up out of the body and was quite peaceful.”


Pamela:  “How was he helpful to Jesus?” 


Higher Spirit:  “As they were mocking him he helped carry the cross.  He helped manage Jesus' burdens as he was moved about.  He was one of about three that did much service in an unobtrusive way.  They couldn’t be too obtuse about it or they would have been castigated and punished by their superior officers.” 


Pamela:  “Did he have a name we would recognize?”


Higher Spirit:  “Lucius.”    



Female.  Age 22.  


Higher Spirit:  “Hmmm.  She was an attachment.  Interesting.  She was there observing and then in and out of many different females.  She was interested in the female activity of Jesus’ family and she – like many spirits – made attachments, if you like that word, and became involved in the energy field of the person to feel what the person was feeling as she was testing to see what it would be like to be in a female body, to see what it would be like to experience that female experience. But she had been embodied as a male for some years prior to that, in that same area, one of the Jewish tribes there, she’d been a male, lived a normal life at that time, but was always curious about the female, so she was testing the female energy, in and out of those that were around that clan (the Essenes). 


Pamela:  “What was her first female incarnation after that?”


 Higher Spirit:  “It wasn’t long after that, that she became embodied in one of the Celtic tribes up in Northern England.”


Pamela:  “I would like to speak with Light now about her experience recently.  The experience I read aloud before we began this session. 


Light:  "If she would just use her Higher Self and allow that information that comes through and not try to give it a configuration she would serve herself and many others well to teach of the light and what the light is that you’re teaching through your works and many others are and that’s a part of her job.  It seems to be the focus of embodied spirits to try to create a vehicle that they can identify with instead of just being open to the information that flows through them.  She has that ability to be open to the information of light that is given all the time.”


Pamela:  “So the light being that says it is channeling through her, is that a projection of her own mind?” 


Light:  “Isn’t that what I just said?”


Pamela:  “I thought so, but it could have been another spirit claiming to be a light being.”


Light:  “It’s her own identification.   She is identified with that and believes it’s the only way she can bring forward information in a way people will appreciate.” 


Pamela: “And the woman who approached her in the coffee shop.”


Light:  “I’m looking now at the woman who identified herself as a messenger.  She’s a light worker.  She also knows that the light’s important to people and if people are to move ahead and transcend the trials and tribulations that that have been a challenge to the physical human being.  When she sees people with a certain aura around them – a light aura – she will go to that person and say what she said.”



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