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10/21/07 Teleseminar Synopsis

Self Muscle Testing:  In last week’s teleseminar we discussed using self-muscle testing for finding spirit presences.  This week we are discussing how to use self-muscle testing for working with spirit presences.  To learn how to use Self-Muscle Testing with Greater Accuracy Read Also on our Site:

 A.W. of Alabama reported that after last week’s teleseminar she used her pendulum to check for spirit attachments.  To her surprise she had two.  Further testing revealed she had with her a male and a female, both adults, both strangers to her, at least consciously.  But probably not subconsciously as they had been with her for a year!  She discovered also, with more pendulum testing, they had attached to her when she visited her Aunt in a Nursing Home.  She was happy to report she was able to move them on – as verified with her pendulum.  She found subsequently that some of the answers she’d received previously with her pendulum were now different – an indication they had been interfering with her testing. 

 W.Z of Germany asks why spirits could not move a pendulum when poltergeists are able to move physical objects.  Answer is they can, but are unlikely to do so.  Spirits must have the use of physical energy to move physical objects.  Poltergeists use the physical energy of several people or the energy of a fewer number of highly emotionally charged people, or person.  A ‘normal’ person is unlikely to have the amount of physical energy needed for a spirit or spirits to move a pendulum.  In addition, it takes a great deal of concentrated focus on the part of a spirit to move physical objects and even more concentrated focus to move an object such as a pendulum in specific directions for a sustained amount of time.   So much easier for a spirit to respond mentally to the subconscious and let the subconscious do the moving. 

 Can use pendulum and other self-muscle techniques to mentally communicate with spirits and with babies, other people, animals, Higher Self, One’s Own Body.   

 Using Self Muscle Testing To Ask About Future:  Energy imprints (images) of what is has been and is presently being created in the future are in the future dimensions of time.  Must keep in mind that the future is always in flux so it can change and does change as people change their thoughts, emotions, and actions.  To test for future preface your statements with presently in the future:

 Example:  “My Higher Self knows presently in the future _____________,”    Or, “My Higher Self knows presently I have a new job within three months.”    Using this ‘presently in the future’ phrasing is a good reminder to you that the future is flexible – it can change.  If you don’t like an answer you get regarding your personal future, investigate with your testing the steps you need to take to create the change you want.  Then check to see if you have subconscious beliefs blocks or resistance to those steps.  We’ll do a class on that shortly. 

 Helping Spirits Move On: 

Chronic presence of one or more of these symptoms can be an indicator you are not alone, that you have one or more spirit attachments with you:  Irritability.  Frustration.  Indecisiveness.  Headaches/Body Aches.  Fatigue.  Allergy Symptoms.  Inflammatory Diseases and Disorders.  Auto-Immune System Disorders.  Nervous Disorders.  Neurological Disorders. 

 When you find a spirit or spirits with you test – with self-muscle testing – to see how many, what kind and who: 

If ‘non-human’ – aliens like The Visitors:  Remove them with light.  Ask for God’s Light, Allah’s Light, or your light.  Tell light to remove them from you and your ‘personal space’.  They have to go when you tell them to.     

 If human – their right to be here in these realms is equal to yours.  If you had/have a personal relationship with this person – or persons – you will want to share your thoughts, care, and love or friendship with them before you help them move on.   Think how to alleviate their worries and concerns.  Tell them you miss their physical presence but you are happy for them - that they are free of all the limitations of being embodied. 

 You can use self-muscle testing to converse with the spirit(s) to find out why he/she or they haven’t moved onto The Light already.  (Sometimes they think they have and they didn’t like it.  Tell them if they didn’t have a Life Review they did not go far enough into The Light.) 

 When you find out their concerns or fears you can help them address these. Below are some of the concerns we have found with the MANY we have worked who have not wanted to leave or not known how to leave:

Punishment:  Talk to them about how relieved people are to get to The Light and realize there is no punishment in The Light.

Fearful of What Is There: Reassure them they will find love, safety, security, and much to interest them in The Light. 

Not Wanting To Leave Loved Ones:  Reassure them that they will be aware of those they are leaving behind and can be of GREAT help and comfort to them from The Light.    More help than they are able to give being ‘stuck’ between the physical and the spiritual levels of The Light.

Didn’t Do All They Wanted To Do:  Tell them if they feel they are unsatisfied or unfinished with the life they lived they can discuss this with those in The Light who can help them know what can be done about that.  They can experience in certain levels of The Light anything they want to experience.

Addictions:  Addictions are rooted in the mind, not the brain.  When the soul is embodied what is in the mind affects the brain chemistry so – yes – the brain and its chemistry are affected both by the emotions/thoughts driving the addiction and the substance or behavior to which a person is addicted.  The mind is part of the spirit so when a person dies they still have that same mind they had when embodied, and until they move to The Light people still have the same emotions and beliefs they died with so yes, people who were addicted in the body can find themselves still with the addiction after death until they move into The Light.  Tell those who are addicted they have three options:  1.  They can lift themselves to The Light where they will be helped to be free of their uncomfortable emotions and thoughts and addiction.  2.  They can go to The Light and ask to have a body again so they can be physically in their addiction again – if they want.  3)  They can go someplace else but they can’t stay with you.  You don’t need them sending you ‘over the edge’ in your addiction.

They’ve Been To The Light & Didn’t Like It: They may think they’ve been to The Light but if they did not have a life review and did not experience the love and euphoria there they have not been there.  If they still insist they have, tell them okay, you still think they are mistaken, but they can’t stay with you.  If you mean it subconsciously they have to do.  Now that you have informed them there is a much better place to go there is no reason to feel sorry for them and let them stay with you.

They Feel Unworthy of Going There:  Tell them that’s an emotional belief, it isn’t true even if they think it is true, and there are people (be sure to use the term people) in The Light that can help them.

They Are Still Too Emotionally Upset:  Calm them.  Talk to them lovingly.  Tell them they need healing help and there are people in The Light that will help them.  Tell them how beautiful it is in The Light.  Tell them there is a part of them that remembers The Light.  Tell them you can help them go to The Light.

They Are Teenagers and Don’t Want To Leave:  Assure them there are other teenagers – just like them – in The Light and if they close their eyes and think of a bright, bright light and that they want to find teenagers like themselves in that Light they will.  (It’s true.)  (All of this is true.)

They are Children:  Part of the reason you want to find out right away how old the spirit attachment with you is to know if he or she is a child.  You don’t want to go into a long-winded talk with children, adolescents or teenagers.  Tell young children you are going to take them to kind people with other children – if they would like that - who will take care of them and help them talk to their parents – if they want to, but they don’t have to.  Then tell the child:  “Take my hand.  Let’s go there together.”  Then mentally imagine lifting this child with you into the level of The Light where ‘Greeters” wait to help those crossing over.  Mentally say to the child:  “You are in The Light now where you will be loved and taken care of.”  Then mentally return to your body.  Did you go to The Light?  We believe some part of your spirit did go to where Greeters wait.  That has been our experience.

They Don’t Know How To Get There:  You will help them get there. 

Important points:  Tell them to mentally imagine the brightest light they have ever seen.  Much brighter than the sun, but it does not hurt to look at it, it feels wonderful to look at it.  When they focus mentally on this light, it will appear.  Tell them to let themselves be drawn to the light.  You might mention they might find a bridge to cross or a tunnel to pass through or they might go past these so quickly they don’t even notice them.  Tell them to let go and go into The Light and there will be greeters there who will help them.   

TEST AFTERWARDS to discover if she/he or they have left.  If you have addressed their concerns they are likely to have left.  If they have not, you must be firm.  Say you can go anywhere you want, you can go to The Light – I have shown you the way – but you cannot stay here.

After doing everything you can to reassure and be of help to the person or persons with you and knowing they really DO have a much, much, MUCH better place to go – you can now be firm and make them go.  You will now be clear of subconscious guilt, grief, concerns that they can attach to and remain. 

 Our great friend Professor Earl Pye died in April of this year (2007).  As expected – he came to us to talk.  Professor Pye was, when embodied, a Professor Emeritus of Physical Sciences. Perhaps he still is.  He taught Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Analysis, Nuclear Chemistry, Corrosion Chemistry , Physical Chemistry, among other courses. Perhaps he still does.   He was also fascinated by metaphysics and took classes from us.  We know he is really involved in metaphysical classes now.  Professor Pye and his wife Elizabeth made a movie before he died called Choices.  We are still hopeful it will be coming out.  Prof. Pye also was in the processes of writing a book and he is hopeful his wife Elizabeth and he will finish it.  Professor Pye came to visit us a few weeks after his death.      

We asked about his death experience.  He said:  “Leaving the body is not the same as every says or suspects” but added it was easier than he'd thought it would be.  Said he was going in and out of the body and at one point thought, “Why get back in?  It's old and weak and not feeling good at all so I'll just stay out and that was it.”  We asked if he was aware now of all his past lives and his response was:  Yes, but it is like when embodied - you aren't aware of everything all at once, only what you are focused on.   We asked what he thought Light was now that he was in spirit, as we knew he had always had doubts about whether Light was really writing the book.  He laughed and said:  "I can't doubt that from here.  No, I don't think I can doubt that at all now."  He added he thought the problem was everyone thinks of Light as a person, or a being, or an image of some sort but that Light is not that – Light has no shape or image.  Is omnipresent and cannot be described.  “At least I can't describe it”, he added, “nor would I ask anyone else to, it can't be done."

 Note:  We always begin and end the teleseminars by taking a Light Moment to Light Each of Us Gathered, The Earth, and Loved Ones. 


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